The Best Devotional for Moms: The Encouragement You Need Postpartum

Reading a devotional for moms is something that has been key to my healing and encouragement postpartum. It’s easy to look to others or look to what the world is doing, but ultimately there isn’t a one size fits all approach. One thing I’ve learned during my postpartum season is that while I can connect with other mamas and share things we have in common, it doesn’t mean I have to do what they do and it doesn’t mean they have to do what I do.

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The reason I love devotionals is because they provide encouragement that can be applied to our specific situation. That is also the beauty in God and God’s word. He purposely made us different so we could lean on him in our own respective lives, but his word remains as a foundation that can be applied to all. Let’s get into 9 best devotional for moms that provide that encouragement you need.

The Best Devotional for Moms: The Encouragement You Need Postpartum
The Best Devotional for Moms: The Encouragement You Need Postpartum

The Best Devotional for Moms

  • Soul Care Part 1: Reviving Your Soul
  • Water-Walking Faith
  • Risen Motherhood
  • A Confident Mom
  • Hope for the Postpartum Mom
  • She Is… Mom!
  • Six Truths of Motherhood
  • Lies Moms Believe (& How The Gospel Refutes Them)
  • Kept in Love: Lullabies for the Both of Us

Each of these devotionals can be found on the You Version Bible app. There is always so many varieties that speak to the different seasons you may be experiencing. Some of these really stood out to me, outside from reading them myself because they each had a level of honesty and truth that only allows for you to be honest with yourself.

The best devotional for moms are ones that aren’t dismissing your experience, but aren’t going to let you stay down about what you may be going through. Filling your cup doesn’t only look like external experiences though yes we love those the most. I love going to dinner, getting dressed up and going on on adventure with my husband and little one, going to the mall or doing my makeup, but the internal is where the work happens.

We have to remember that the internal work isn’t just for us, it’s for our children and those we interact with too. Children learn from us as we all know, they haven’t done this thing called life here before. As I’m writing this, my son is currently a 1 year old, so regulating my emotions, being flexible, but also showing him that it’s okay to cry are just a few things that I’ve picked up from these devotionals.

Another reason why I deem this 9 the best devotional for moms is because they each remind me that every time I feel like I’m doing this alone, God is right there with me. He is right there with us, in the thick of the mess, anxious thoughts, tending to and constantly cleaning. God and his word remind me that everything I do is for a reason, a purpose and it’s ultimately to glorify him. Our calling doesn’t have to be motherhood in order for us to realize that our actions round out to make each of us the perfect fit to be the mother to our children.

In fact you might be like me and know that motherhood isn’t your calling in the sense of that is THE THING that God wants for me. I of course believe it’s a part of my journey and it is something that I definitely desired, but desiring it doesn’t have to make it your calling.

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Wherever you are on your journey in motherhod, I hope the devotional for moms encourage you and remind you that you are not alone. This is your reminder that you don’t have to be the perfect mom, you don’t have to do all of the things that you think you need to do to prove anything to anyone, you need to be a better you, prioritize you, yes consider your actions and words, things of that nature, but the rest will honestly fall into place.

Drop some of your favorite devotionals or readings that have helped you in this season of motherhood.

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