The Best of Luxury Lingerie: CUUP Bra Review

The CUUP Bra; the aesthetic sheer bras everyone is curious about. I first saw CUUP by way of an aesthetic photo on Pinterest. It was a sheer black plunge bra hanging over a railing in a bathroom; it looked sexy, it looked chic, it was black and minimal and I remember pinning it to my Pinterest board thinking, I want bras just like that.

It wasn’t until 2020 when I bought my first 3 CUUP bras that I realized not only did they have my size, but they bras just looked good. As someone who was measured incorrectly at Victorias Secret years ago, to being properly measured at Nordstrom years later, finding my dream bras has been quite a mission. This is my CUUP bra review and why I think CUUP is one of the best for luxury lingerie.

The Best of Luxury Lingerie: CUUP Bra Review
The Best of Luxury Lingerie: CUUP Bra Review

Price of CUUP Bras

As someone a part of the large bust club; Paying anywhere north of $68 was average pricing. Shopping at Nordstrom prior, Wacoal, Natori and Chantelle range from $65-$88 so to find a bra that I not only loved in silhouette and size, a solid $68 felt like the right median price.

Additionally, if you’ve never shopped any of the CUUP sales you’re really missing out. During their sales, bras range from $28-$36 and that is when it’s a great time to stock up.

Variety of Styles, Sizes and the CUUP Bra I Swear By

The CUUP bra comes in sizes up to 32-44, A-H. I’m a 32 G and feel so supported and so confident when I wear them.

CUUP bras come in 5 styles.

  • The Plunge
  • The Balconette
  • The Scoop
  • The Demi
  • The Wireless Plunge

There are sheer styles, which are the Plunge, Balconette, and the Demi. The non sheer styles are the Scoop and Wireless Plunge. There is something about the sheer styles that I absolutely love and that will always keep me coming back for more. I’ve tried the Plunge, the Scoop and the Balconette and for my size personally, I love the Plunge, but definitely prefer the balconette.

The balconette, to me, provides coverage without feeling like I’m spilling out and it feels the most comfortable overall for the type of things I wear. CUUP doesn’t make maternity bras, but I wore them all during my pregnancy and all during my breastfeeding journey. Depending on your size some people say that CUUP isn’t their favorite or didn’t feel as supportive as they had hoped. (Shop CUUP Lingerie here)

The Best of Luxury Lingerie: CUUP Bra Review
The Best of Luxury Lingerie: CUUP Bra Review

Variety of CUUP Bra Colors and Limited Edition Prints

Another reason why I’ve been a fan of CUUP bras since I’ve overhauled my entire drawer is the great variety of colors they put out. From seasonal colors to limited edition prints, you can never go wrong with the color stories they create.

Of course there are neutrals, but they also put out really rich jewel tones and vibrant brights that are extremely fun to add to your collection. Some of my favorites have been their two tone neutrals, salt and sand, sand and black, a citron yellow, bubblegum pink and a beautiful rich red.

Additionally, as of late they have been putting out fun prints that shake things up. All of their bras come in the curated color stories so everyone has a chance to get their favorite styles in a color that they actually want which is really great.

CUUP Panties

Maybe the bras aren’t for you, depending on the size of your bust, but don’t sleep on CUUP panties. Super comfy with a variety of styles, they create the same color ways as the bras so you can mix and match or shop bundles of their signature styles.

They make sheer and non sheer panties and both to me are great and so comfortable. Their bundles come in packs of 3 or 5 and you can buy solid colors or assorted colors.

Swimwear, Sleepwear and Loungwear

If you think that’s all they have, CUUP has since evolved from bras and panties to swimwear, sleepwear, and loungewear. As someone who prefers a bra style top when it comes to bikinis, it’s really clutch that CUUP makes swimwear. Most brands make the cups entirely too small and unreal for the average person, but you’re in safe hands with CUUP.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I’m a CUUP bra girl for life. I don’t see a need to shop anywhere else, most other places or brands that I have tried, have not fit me properly no matter if they carry my size or show models that fit their largest sizes. CUUP has been the one brand that has lasted me prior to pregnancy, while pregnant and postpartum. The range of colors shades and styles and other products will keep me coming back.

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Have you tried a CUUP bra and do you think it lives up to the hype?

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