The Best of Luxury Skincare: Chanel La Mousse Cleanser Review

Chanel La Mousse cleanser; do you really need it or is it another high priced face wash that people purchase just to say they use Chanel?

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You’ll have to decide for yourself by way of a sample or purchase, but for me, it’s definitely a cream to foam cleansing wash that I personally plan to keep in my routine. Additionally, as one of my most recent and most popular pins on Pinterest (join me on Pinterest here), it seems like you all want to know the truth about this cleanser so let’s get into the best of luxury skincare with a Chanel La Mousse review.

The Best of Luxury Skincare: Chanel La Mousse Cleanser Review
The Best of Luxury Skincare: Chanel La Mousse Cleanser Review

Chanel La Mousse Cleanser Review

What is Chanel La Mousse?

Chanel La Mousse is an anti-pollution cream to foam facial cleanser that is great for all skin types. I first tried it as a sample when I purchased my Le Coton pads from them and loved how it felt on my skin as well as how it foamed up (Shop La Mousse and Le Coton pads here).

What does La Mousse do?

It removes traces of makeup, sunscreen and pollutants to leave skin soft and purified. This is actually one of the reasons I fell for it because as someone who has oily skin and does occasionally wear a full face of makeup, my skin always felt extremely clean after use.

$$$ Price Range of La Mousse?

It looks like bags weren’t the only things that experienced a price increase when it comes to Chanel. When I purchased Chanel La Mousse a few months ago it was $55; it now retails for $58 and in the true essence of a little goes a long way, you’ll get your money’s worth even with use twice daily because it spreads beautifully and foams and lathers so well. I would still personal purchase it at this price point because it lasts a long time.

Is it practical for the every day person, that is something that you’ll have to decide based on your skin care preferences and what you’re trying to achieve. My goal in particular as of late was to simplify my skincare and use products that made my skin feel clean so I could focus on and address other issues like dark spots and hyperpigmentation (Shop La Mousse and Le Coton pads here).

Fragrance or Fragrance Free?

La Mousse is fragrance free which is great. I don’t really have a preference when it comes to fragrances, but of course those things can affect how they work or any skin sensitivities one may have.

Longevity of Chanel La Mousse?

I purchased my first tube on January 13 of 2024. 2 months later I have plenty left and again can see it lasting me well into if not beyond the 6 month mark. To me it has already paid for itself, but by then it will definitely have paid for itself based on how much remains which I really believe will still be a great amount.

Other Chanel Beauty Products I Use?

Outside of the Le Coton pads that I’ve been using for about 2 years now, I also use the Chanel Le Lait Cleansing Milk (Shop Le Coton and Le Lait Cleansing Milk Here).

The Best of Luxury Skincare: Chanel La Mousse Cleanser Review

What is Le Lait and What does it Do?

Chanel Le Lait is an anti polution cleansing milk that is great as a first cleanse or great for removing makeup which is personally how I use it. I’m used to using cleansing balms, but they aren’t all wash off friendly, I feel like I spent too much additional time trying to wash them off due to the oils in them and because I typically have on lash extensions, it can be a frustrating experience.

It’s a gentle anti pollution cleansing milk that is super effective at removing the day or removing makeup including waterproof products. I personally use it for makeup removal, I love that it comes in packaging with a pump, it makes it more practical as far as the amount I desire to use and then I wipe it off with a Le Coton pad before I use my La Mousse cream to foam cleanser.

$$$ Price Range of Le Lait

When I purchased in January, it was priced at $55, I have a feeling it went up in price, but after looking for it on the Chanel website I no longer see it and can’t determine if that means it’s no longer in stock or if it’s a boutique only item now. I purchased both Le Lait and La Mousse in the Chanel Beauty boutique. So website, I can’t quite determine (Shop Le Coton and Le Lait Cleansing Milk Here).

Fragrance or Fragrance Free?

Le Lait has no fragrance and is a pleasure to use in my opinion. It doesn’t have an unpleasant smell and it wipes off easily whether or not you choose to use a Le Coton pad (shop here) or any other towel of your choice to wipe it off.

Longevity and Texture of Le Lait

I purchased Le Lait the same day I purchased La Mousse, so I’ve also had it for 2 months and because I don’t wear makeup everyday I don’t use it everyday. I do feel like I could use it daily if I wanted to, but because I purchased it with the intent of using it as a makeup remover, I don’t see the need to use it daily.

As far as texture it is a milky cream like texture, it grips my makeup really well when it comes time to take it off and I enjoy the fact that my skin doesn’t feel oily after.

Overall Thoughts of Chanel La Mousse Anti Pollution Face Wash

I would absolutely repurchase La Mousse over and over again, it will for sure be a staple in my skincare routine as far as cleansers are concerned. I typically lean toward gel cleaners since I have oily acne prone skin, but I really really do like how my skin feels and how hydrated, but most of all how clean my skin has been as a result of using the La Mousse foaming face wash.

What Luxury Skincare Products Are You Currently Loving?

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