How to Create the Best Girls Morning Routine in 2024

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Whether you have a set morning routine or need to create one, you’ll get everything you need to create your your best girls morning routine.

How to Create the Best Girls Morning Routine in 2024

Achieving The Best Girls Morning Routine

Understand Your Mornings

Creating a routine means understanding what has to happen and what you’re trying to achieve. When creating any routine, in this case your morning one I like to look at a few things.

  • Non-negotiables that must happen
  • What I would like to happen
  • Things that bring me joy that I would like to be able to do before starting my day

Once you have an idea of these categories, then you can start building out your elevated girls morning routine.

Non-negotiables for me as a SAHM look way different than someone who may have to commute. Making sure you have gas is a non-negotiable, if you stop for coffee, making sure you leave early enough to accommodate that. A non-negotiable for my best girls morning routine is getting myself ready in some capacity or form. I must get dressed.

Some things I would like to happen, I would love to do my makeup everyday and I still could, but most days end up not doing it and likewise things that bring me joy, having silence in the morning if possible before I start my work day, my drink of the day or a hearty breakfast pick me up after around 10:30 am.

Goals for the Day

Are you working towards something beyond your job or beyond being a mama? This blog is my thing so I want to make sure that I do something for my blog and business daily that helps me move along instead of stay stagnant. I break down the things that I need to get done for the week or the next week and chop away at them daily.

What are some of your goals for the day? For some it’s activity and workout before everything, if that’s you, how do you plan to achieve that goal every day?

Time Block When You Can

This is not a one size fits all suggestion. Timers and time blocks are great for accomplishing as much as you can undisturbed if you’re easily distracted.

If you’re like me and not a huge fan of setting timers, try to do things at or around the same time if applicable. This can also be done if you write things down in a digital or physical planner. As always though everything is subject to change.

Track Your Progress Using a Habit Tracker

Outside of it being a new year, a leap year at that, creating a best girls morning routine looks like keeping up with yourself and your successes. It’s a great way to check your consistency and see how much something did it take for you to feel, be and behave as your best self.

Another reason to track your progress, skincare and waiting for physical changes, gives you those hard dates to remember. Lastly tracking your progress is a great way to celebrate yourself in the end as well as ensure you actually get things done.

Actually Do Your Morning Routine and Celebrate Your Progress

In order to even know if you’re living in the overflow of your best girls morning routine, you have to actually do it. Another out for 2024 is saying things don’t work and quitting, when we haven’t given enough time to whatever we’re going after. We really have to break that instant gratification mindset.

Can things happen instantly? Of course, but there is a season to sow and a season to reap. Once you’ve done your routine consistently for any amount of days, especially if this your first time having a morning routine, celebrate the 15 day and 30 day mark for sure.

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