The Best of Luxury Lip Oils: Dior Lip Glow Oil

Dior lip glow oil is one of those luxury products. Always sold out, always sought after and I’m one of the people that continues to sell it out. Is it worth the hype? Does it even last long? Is it just because it’s Dior?

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I’m sure all of those questions are running through your mind and considering I have tried and will continue to try lip oils as they release, Dior lip glow oil is one cult favorite product that I’ll always come back to. Let’s get into the details of one of the most sought after lip oils.

Dior Lip Glow Oil

The Best of Luxury Lip Oils: Dior Lip Glow Oil
The Best of Luxury Lip Oils: Dior Lip Glow Oil

Price of Dior Lip Glow Oil

The Dior lip glow oil is price at $40. It can be purchased from Sephora or of course directly from the Dior website.

If you order directly from Dior you can get free engraving if you spend $125 total otherwise it looks like it’s $9.95 for engraving. Their other lip products range from $35 (refills) up to $49 and they also have gift sets where you get 2 full size lip products plus a mini for $80 which in the grand scheme isn’t really a deal since the items in that gift set are already for $40/ea.

Shade Range

There are 8 shades, they are not tinted in the sense of a pigmented color remaining on your lips, but there is a slight hue depending on which shade you choose. I’ve tried Universal, Mahogany and Rosewood. The remaining shades are: Pink, Coral, Berry, Raspberry, and Cherry.

I like them all for different reasons and for different seasons and I plan to try many more if they would remain stock. Mahogany had the most pigment, it’s one of their darkest shades, but overall they are relatively clear in comparison to other lip oils such as Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil.

Is Dior Lip Glow Oil Brown Girl Friendly?

I do believe these are brown girl friendly based on the range of shades. To my point in the previous section, since they aren’t as pigmented, they work well for all skin types. If you’re looking for a real strong color or something significant upon wear, this might not be for you at the considered price point. That shared since they are lightly tinted, pairing with a lip liner is optional, but not a requirement and again I feel like most shades look great on most people.

Longevity and Wear

One of the main reasons I actually really enjoy the Dior lip glow oil is because it stays on for a long time. I don’t have to reapply a ton and that’s a big factor for me for any lip balm, lip gloss or lip oil. I’m also referring to day to day wear, if you go out to eat or are drinking a ton of things (use a straw) but even those cases, the longevity is pretty solid for the price point.

Applicator and Texture

One thing I love about the Dior lip glow oil is the fact that it’s thick, but not sticky. It has a silky smooth texture that glides wonderfully on the lips. I love love love the fact that it has a large applicator, most lip oils don’t and the beautiful thing about that, is you get a good application in 1-2 swoops versus having to dip dip dip, apply, dip again and then apply once more to make sure you get that coverage.

As someone with large lips, it’s a really great and appreciated feature that keeps me going back.

Why Is Dior Lip Glow Oil So Popular?

Aside from the fact that it’s Dior, I truly believe it’s a little luxury that lasts a long time, is a great gift and is something that is potentially attainable by most people.

Additionally, for those who are familiar with luxury lip balms, Dior is actually one of the few brands who has mastered their formulas and really made not just 1, but several popular lip products. As someone who has tried Chanel lip balm, most luxury brands unfortunately have a really interesting formula and it feels like the product just sits on your lips and not in a good way.

Is It Worth The Hype?

Overall, I believe it is. The $40 price point may not be worth it to everyone, but as someone who has tried a ton of lip oils, lip balms, searched high and low to find the perfect products for myself at several price points, the Dior lip glow oil is one that has not disappointed. However, there are others contenders that are entering the market so you have plenty of options if the Dior lip glow oil isn’t for you.

Have you tried any lip oils that are out on the market right now? What are some brands you’re loving?

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