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Think of me as your confidante on your journey of aesthetic self-discovery while being a wife and mama. So many of us are trying to rediscover who we are on this side of life. What we like, what we want to look like, what we want our life to look like. Though people tend to say aesthetics aren’t real or necessary, it continues to be the most searched and sought after topic. Our lives won’t be or look the same, but together we can create your desired lifestyle aesthetic.

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About Jazmyn

Jazmyn is Editor in Chief of Daily Dose of Luxury. She is a wife, mama to one son and aesthetic lover at her core. She has been featured on Huff Post, The LA GirlXo NecoleBlack BrideBRIDESWedding Wire and she was apart of the first inaugural Pinterest Creator Residency cohort. Aesthetics is the core of her lifestyle and instead of avoiding it, she leans into it and you should too.

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