The Best of Lip Oils: Summer Fridays Lip Oil

Summer Fridays lip oil has entered the chat. The new release of yet another well thought out lip product is all the buzz and having tried all four shades, I have to say, they live up to the hype.

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I’m super blessed to have worked with Summer Fridays in the past and for the last 3 years I have been getting PR from them, so anytime there is a new release, I’m already looking forward to it. When they dropped their OG Lip Butter Balm in the OG gold metal style tube, it was pretty much up from there.

I’ve tried a lot of lip products and Summer Fridays never disappoints. As someone who is really in my lip oil era, I personally will be using these way more than the lip butter balm for now. Let’s get into the details below.

Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil

Price of Summer Fridays Lip Oil

Summer Fridays lip oil is on the more affordable end coming in at $26. Their lip butter balm is $24 so this is a good price point for them. They fall right in line among their competitors. For the packing and size/amount of product, this is a good price. You can purchase where supplies last at Sephora or directly on Summer Fridays website. It has been sold out several times over depending on what shade you’re looking for. Let’s get into what I know is just the beginning of their shade range.

Shade Range

As of right now the Summer Fridays lip oil comes in 4 shades:

The brand describes them as sheer tints and for the most part I agree with that sentiment. They could fall on the more sheer side depending on how you apply and if you choose to wear a lip liner or not. I on the other hand decided that I wasn’t going to wear lip liner with these because I wanted to see how much pigment I could pull out without assistance.

I’ve tried on all of the shades now and I like them all, truly and honestly. My thoughts on Blush Dreams can be found here and me swatching the remaining shades can be found here. I shared on Threads that I felt like most of the swatch videos I’ve watched, it seems like everyone else is using a little bit, but maybe I’m using a lot. I don’t know, but I like how I apply it for the full experience.

Brown Girl Friendly

These are definitely brown girl friendly and depending if you prefer a brighter lip oil or a darker option, you’re covered with all the shades. Great with a lip liner, but not a requirement as I skipped one for all 4 shades.

The Best of Lip Oils: Summer Fridays Lip Oil

Applicator and Texture of Summer Fridays Lip Oil

Summer Friday’s lip oil is easily a favorite of mine because these also come with a large applicator. There is nothing quite like being able to apply a good amount on that first application. It also just really enhances the silky texture and as someone else described, minty feeling on the lips. When I first tried Blush Dreams I couldn’t determine what the feeling was, but it is noticeable. It isn’t like a plumping feeling, it’s much more gentle, but it feels great.

The texture is wonderfully made and like I shared as far as the shades are concerned, I know they are going to be able to really expand this line and the shades surrounding it. They have a great formula when it comes to their lip products.


The Summer Fridays lip oil lasts me a long time. When it starts to wear away from either eating or drinking there is no weird film left behind on my lips; my lips don’t feel dry or chapped which can happen with lip oils, balms and glosses in my opinion, but again the way that Marianna and Lauren, being creators themselves have a great eye for texture and product development, it was no surprise that these would be as great as they are.

I’m personally wearing these more than regular lip balm right now, I’ve been wearing them almost daily since I got them. To brunch, to the Laker’s game, throughout my day while working from home, they are so good.

Why Is It So Popular Right After Launch?

When you make a product like lip butter balm it’s hard to think they wouldn’t nail the lip oil lane. The textures of both products are so smooth, so velvety, so pleasant to wear. The colors, the branding, the packaging, the way that Marianna and Lauren launch their lines, the launch parties, every single details goes into what makes them popular. Additionally, seeing them swatched made me excited. There are certain brands, no matter what they launch, people are going to want it or want to try it.

Is Summer Fridays Lip Oil Worth the Hype?

In my opinion absolutely yes. These are a great price point, I know this is just the beginning of the Summer Fridays lip oil catalogue and even if you decide not to get any of the first 4 shades, come spring, summer and next fall I’m sure they’ll drop something that you will love. The large applicator is easily a selling point for me, the texture, how they feel on the lips, the overall wear and pigmentation though they are marketed as sheer tints exceeded my own expectations. For sure worth the hype and worth getting your hands on at least one shade if not all 4.

Have you been able to try the Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil? Are you planning to try any of them? Report back and let us know your thoughts!

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