Your Guide to the Cult Favorite Brand Necessaire

Your guide to the cult favorite brand Necessaire has arrived. Necessaire is a skincare brand that focuses on clean ingredients and products that nourish your body and skin below the neck. Think skincare for your body. They have won numerous awards for their products including in 2023 and when I get into the products you’ll understand why.

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I’ve been using Necessaire since 2020 and I’ve never looked back. I had seen the brand prior to then; How could you miss the minimal yet luxe packaging, of all of their products. I started out with the shower gel and body lotion and have tried just about everything from their product line except their sex gel. 3 years in and I like to think I’m an expert at this point so consider this your guide to the cult favorite brand Necessaire.

Your Guide to the Cult Favorite Brand Necessaire

Your Guide to Necessaire

The easiest way for me to take you through this guide is by bundles/packages and then the things that role solo.

Body Essentials

The Body Essentials bundle comes with the body wash, body serum and body lotion full of ingredients that you would typically only use for your face.

The body serum and body lotion are fragrance free, but the body wash comes in three lightly scented options of Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Sandalwood. I have tried all three, they all smell good in their right. I’m currently using sandalwood, but usually bounce between the three depending on mood and season.

Full of vitamins, niacinamide hyaluronic acid and omegas, these are the things that make Necessaire the brand that it is.

The body serum, is a lightweight serum infused with 5 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and it wears and absorbs well on its own or if you’re like me and want that all day moisture, I mix it with the body lotion for all day wear.

The OG; the body lotion is a fragrance free vitamin packed moisturizer that is perfect if you have sensitive skin, perfect if you don’t and keeps you hydrated and moisturized all day.

One of the things that make Necessaire so perfect is the fact that it actually works. We tend to focus on fragrance and maybe some skin benefits when it comes to our body care, but we never consider if it actually works or not. Necessaire works. In the past, I had years of skin issues that led to staph infections and an obsession with being clean and having clean skin. After having dealt with all of that, nothing has been more consistent and made me more confident than Necessaire.

The Treatment Essentials

The Treatment Essentials comes with the body serum and the body retinol which released earlier this year.

The body retinol is a repair serum with 0.1% pure encapsulated retinol purposed to help repair and prevent crepey skin, lines, spots and marks. I use the serum regularly, but have recently included the retinol into my routine because I had a baby and while my stomach now more than 9 months postpartum has healed nicely and didn’t have and major changes, I had some crepeness above my navel.

I will admit I originally, I wasn’t consistent with the retinol, but in an effort to see how well it does just like the rest of their products, I’m using it faithfully and I’ll share how it goes.

Hair Essentials

The shampoo, conditioner and hair serum make up the hair essentials. I have used all of the products and right now my go to is the hair serum.

I started using the hair serum in October of 2022 and at the time I was trying to grow a little bald patch I had in the middle of my scalp from wearing a high ponytail too long and too much. I really had no idea how well it would work or if it would work at all, but Necessaire really does a great job making products for everyone.

It’s not oily, it absorbs well and doesn’t make my hair frizz or revert. I started using it again once I started experiencing postpartum hair loss on my edges and it has helped significantly.

The shampoo and conditioner are fine. I alternate shampoos and conditioners, but I always keep a bottle of each.

Body Acne Duo

The Body Acne Duo is new, it came out about a month or so ago and while I have not used it, people have expressed to me that their body acne went away just from using the body wash so I know this is top tier. You guys who is thinking through the ingredients of body care like this? No one. So top tier.

Anyway, it’s a 2-step process that comes with a body wash and a body solution. It has 2% salicylic acid which treats and prevents acne. No parabens, no silicones. I don’t know what else to tell you except if you’re experiencing body acne, you should absolutely consider this.

Body Oil

The Body Oil is definitely a must have for your luxury oils collection. Though I end up pouring it because I’m moving faster, I love the pipette. It’s a thick oil that absorbs really nicely, spreads well and also great to mix with the body oil. I typically do body oil and lotion in colder weather, and body serum and body lotion in warmer weather though it’s of course good all year round.

Neck Serum

The Neck Serum came out back in September 2022 and while I haven’t been consistent with it, if you feel like your neck is aged or want to give it some daily love, this is the treatment for you. It’s infused with 5 peptides that are clinically proven to trigger the creation of collagen.

A lot of their products are great for prevention if you don’t already experience these things, however in case you do experience them, definitely expect results.

Your Guide to the Cult Favorite Brand Necessaire

Hand Creme

The Hand Creme is another cult favorite hand lotion in the infamous tin tube that we love to love and love to hate so much. I’ve used the hand creme several times but for some reason, after a while, the tube would get a hole in a spot that obviously could not be prepared so it just became a bit of a hassle to use, however you can get a tube key from Amazon and that should help smooth it out and keep from having the same issue going forward.

Necessaire has great formulas and similar to the body lotion you should expect great from the hand creme as well.

Body Creme

Now this is one of the few products I haven’t tried yet. I still want to, the last time I planned to get it, it was sold out.

I live for a good jar of body creme or body butter and if Necessaire has any hand in making it, I know I need it. Once I do get a chance to try it I’ll report back on what I think.

Body Detox Bar and Body Exfoliant Bar

I have the Body Detox Bar and to be completely honest I have not used it yet. Bar soap is one of those things. I used to use it a ton back in the day, but stopped as I got older, however, the body detox bar is a treatment with 1.85% charcoal, niacinamide, and marula oil. It’s a detox treatment right at home. I really should stop playing and get to detoxing.

The Body Exfoliant bar is a 2% mild to moderate physical exfoliant. It has all of the things your skin needs you guys: 5 ceramides, plant oils chock full of vitamins A,C,E and F, omegas 6 and 9, 2 fatty acids. It helps release ingrown hairs and helps remove dry rough patches. Please understand when I say, nobody cares about your body the way Necessaire does.

The Deodorant

You know you’re an OG Necessaire user when you’ve been around for a formula switch. When I first started using Necessaire deodorant it was probably a few months after I had started using them and because it was a clay/creme type of deodorant I loved it and it worked so well for, especially for a natural deodorant.

I would use the Eucalyptus scent and I feel like it brightened my underarms though it wasn’t this insecurity or issue for me, but by default their products just do all the things. I really mean it when I say I can’t say it enough.

The switched the formula to a gel and it’s great, but in the summer I’m personally a bit too sweaty for it. Otherwise in the cooler months it’s definitely in my rotation of natural deodorants.

This wraps up your guide to the cult favorite brand Necessaire for now. I’ve covered everything but the sex gel, sunscreen and a new product that’s coming out very soon. I’ll update the post once it arrives and once I’ve had a chance to try it.

I hope this was helpful and gives you a better understanding of each product.

Are you a Necessaire connoisseur? If not you probably should be or you should gift it to someone who also should be.

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