Il Cielo: The Best Italian Restaurant in Beverly Hills

Il Cielo Beverly Hills is the latest restaurant I’m reviewing and if you enjoy pasta and a rich italian vibe, then Il Cielo is the spot for you.

I recently went for a girl friends birthday dinner and it’s in a little cut on Burton Way in Beverly Hills. I’ve definitely driven past it unknowingly, but I’m glad that my girl decided this was the spot she wanted to go to for her birthday.

Let’s get into all the reasons why you should eat at Il Cielo.

Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Il Cielo

Il Cielo Beverly Hills


There is street parking on Burton Way, but my girl friend and I were a tiny bit late and both had on heels so I wasn’t about to have us hiking down the street and we’re late. I swooped right up front to the valet and the restaurant is directly to the right, just visible from the outside, but mostly covered in greenery and ivy and if you’re not sitting on the wall that’s street side you don’t even notice valet at all.

Valet was $15 which honestly is about right for LA. Always keep a $20 on you just in case.

Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Il Cielo

Ambiance & Entrance to Il Cielo

Upon walking in we were fully immersed into this indoor/outdoor garden experience with vines and greenery, chandeliers and a dim and sexy mood. Considering Il Cielo is in Beverly Hills the vines and hedges feels like a staple. Now I’ve never been to Italy, but it makes me think that it’s goal is to make you feel like you’re at a little corner spot right outside on the streets of Italy and it’s cozy in that regard.

It reminded me a little bit of the Ivy in the sense of that quaint like exclusive whose inside vibe. The main dining room, where we sat, I would assume was the largest space unless there was a cut spot or another room somewhere else. It wasn’t crammed and never felt like we were on top of another table and that’s always a blessing.

It felt like the locals and/or elders frequent the spot, and not in a negative way, just based on the crowd when we went. Like it’s a stark difference between going to Catch LA or even Ysabel as far as overall vibe. It’s more tucked off, if you know you know

If you’re from LA I feel like you’ll probably understand what I mean, but in case you’re not, it’s a great date night or girls night spot.

Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Il Cielo


As far as drinks they had a plethora of wines and champagnes as well as your traditional cocktails. I had a spicy margarita and it was definitely spicy and strong, I only had one, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve done a lemon drop tour, but this was good enough to make me want to do a spicy margarita tour so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, per usual, my girlfriends and I all had different things. Wine, lemonade, mocktails and cocktails, one thing about us, we’re going to try what’s on the menu.

Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Il Cielo
Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Il Cielo


It’s an italian restaurant so naturally pasta, seafood, antipastos. We tried char-broiled octopus over poached potatoes with a spicy vinaigrette and wow that was so delicious. Ever since I’ve eaten raw octopus, sushi style, I’m not as scared when it comes to seeing the tentacles and suckers. I’m expanding my palette for things that I wouldn’t typically eat just based on look alone, had the Spaghetti Latini, a spicy spaghetti that was super good considering I don’t actually go for spaghetti noodles as much anymore.

3 of my girl friends had the Tagliolini Frutti Di Mare and it was robust, definitely worth the price, based on their responses and how much food it was, I would suggest that for anyone that wants a little bit of pasta but also wants some seafood.

The bread was good, soft, if it was a battle of bread, though it wasn’t complimentary, the bread from Paloma is top tier.

Price and Value at Il Cielo

$$$. Il Cielo is a high end restaurant. Similar to Ysabel the most inexpensive item on the menu, sides are around $12 to start. You can expect to spend anywhere from $20 – $50 on apps and entrees. We’re always a large group when we go, so you can always know our bill isn’t on the cheaper end. This might actually have been the most expensive restaurant we’ve eaten at where we have paid our own way. Our bill was more than $550, but certainly less than $800, so I’ll let you decide where you think we fell.

Overall Experience at Il Cielo

Overall, I think I can speak for the rest of us and say that we had a great time. Based on portion sizes, us ordering cocktails, appetizers, staying late and literally closing out the restaurant like we usually do, I would say it was worth the splurge and experience.

I love the indoor/outdoor dining experience that exist in LA. It’s like elevated dinner parties all over different parts of the city and we do it so well out here. I would go back and definitely order what my girl friends had.

I would give it a 8.5/10, and would certainly go back!

What’s your go to spot in Los Angeles for authentic Italian food?

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