The Best Fall Moisturizers

Fall moisturizers are preparing for battle. Not only is fall the most wonderful time of year leading up to all of the holidays, it is the time when we start switching moisturizers out so we can prioritize our skincare as the weather starts to shift.

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This is a tried and tested list and depending on what my skin is going through, I know I can count on any one of these to help repair my skin.

Let’s get into these top tier fall moisturizers.

The Best Fall Moisturizers

Best Fall Moisturizers

Jet Lag // Summer Fridays

This is an OG for me. I’ve been using Jet Lag since 2020, it was the first Summer Fridays product I tried, that and their OG vanilla butter balm. This is a great fall moisturizer because it’s a 3 in 1. You can use it as mask, moisturizer for your face or if you’re really in a pinch you can use it to moisturize your hands.

It doesn’t get much better than a moisturizer that does it all and comes in aesthetically pleasing packaging. The one thing I appreciate about Summer Fridays is not only are they exceptionally thoughtful with their entire product line, they think about us because they are one the only brands, that I know of, to sell a tube key to help get your product out of the packaging. Not a drop wasted, so thoughtful.

Rich Cushion Cream // Summer Fridays

Another one. Rich cushion cream is the newest moisturizer and it is this thick yet lightweight moisturizer that has been saving me the last couple of months. I over exfoliated the skin around my mouth and for weeks, my the skin was broken and just going through it. Once it was healed enough where I could use this, it made such a huge difference, it was light, absorbed quickly but had that moisture I desperately needed. That time alone let me know that this is one of the best fall moisturizers.

I don’t have eczema, but if you do it’s been accepted by the National Eczema Association. I try to stick to products that actually heal your skin and skin issues not just sit on the surface. Another well thought out product.

Cloud Dew Gel Creme // Summer Fridays

I remember when Cloud Dew launched, the Summer Fridays PR is always so well done. As an oily skin girl, I tend to lean toward gel cremes. They moisturize and absorb really well whenever I use them. Cloud Dew is another lightweight well thought out moisturizer from Summer Fridays. It’s heavier than Neutrogena Hydraboost and considerably thicker than Peter Thomas Roth Waterbank, but it’s way lighter and gets the job done.

Dewey Skin Creme // Tatcha

I finally caved on this last fall and it’s been worth the splurge. First of all, you don’t need a lot, it spreads well and it soaks right into your skin. I used to be so anti heavier creams because I have oily skin, but I lowkey need them the most.

This is my go to morning and evening in the fall and winter and something I tend to grab when I’m experiencing skin irritations or when I know that I need the ultimate hydration fast. Tatcha is worth the splurge when it comes to that. The moment it is rubbed in, the moment I feel that hydration.

The Best Fall Moisturizers

Honey Halo Cream // Farmacy

I didn’t use this when I first bought it, I definitely put it on the back burner. That was until I used it. Once I started using it I understood the hype and why it’s on this list of best fall moisturizers.

If you know anything about honey in general, you’ll know how good it is for you. Raw honey, pure honey. Honey is great for your skin and great for your insides, and this moisturizer leaves skin hydrated and supple, but not oily. It wears well under makeup and is a great moisturizer for day or night. I personally started using it at night and then transitioned to day once I saw how it made my skin feel and appear.

Le Lift Creme // Chanel

I chose the Chanel Lift Creme as a sample when I ordered the limited edition mirror from their recent colors collection and though their samples are small, I can tell a lot about them. It’s exactly how I fell for the Chanel La Mouse Anti-Pollution Facewash, very top tier!

Le Lift Creme is light weight and absorbed really nicely on my skin. It didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or lacking in hydration which is great considering it’s $170 for a full size. Not every luxury brand is made to make skincare or makeup so when it actually ends up being a hit, the splurge is always worth it to me. It’s perfect to add to your roundup of fall moisturizers, if you’re looking for something to splurge on or gift your favorite chanel beauty lover.

Double Toleraine Moisturizer // La Roche Posay

Repair and hydrate is what I think of when it comes to this moisturizer. If you’ve ever looked into skin cycling or wanted a moisturizer to help your skin recover on off days when using acids or stronger products, this is one of the best fall moisturizers and best moisturizers overall in my opinion. It definitely does what it’s supposed to do and more.

Hydroboost // Neutrogena

Hydroboost by Neutrogena is another OG classic. Hydroboost is the reason I love gel creme moisturizers. Now that I rotate moisturizers, it’s not always in my rotation, but when I feel like my skin is missing something and I don’t always want to use a toner in between, hydroboost just does it for me.

As much as I love having my go to moisturizers, there is always room for other products and based on seasons and weather alone, we should be elevating and evaluating our skincare regularly.

Let me know what some of your favorite fall moisturizers are.

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