5 Reasons Necessaire is So Popular

Wanna know why Necessaire is so popular? It is truly my favorite skincare and apparently it’s a lot of other people’s favorite as well. Having sensitive skin and having skin issues makes it hard to use just anything that is out. I started using Necessaire in the early fall of 2020 and I instantly realized how different and how much better my skin became as a result.

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I struggle with staph infections and skin sensitivities and while I love all of the stuff that smells good, I actually can’t use everything. Once I started using Necessaire, I noticed how healthy my skin became, how soft it became. My skin felt supple, hydrated and using all of their products in tandem in some way or form really adds to the experience. All of that said let’s get into the 5 reasons Necessaire is so popular and ultimately a cult favorite skincare brand.

5 Reasons Necessaire is So Popular

Necessaire Is So Popular because of their Packaging

The girls love aesthetics. We’ve seen the muted photos with Necessaire placed beautifully against marble backgrounds. We’ve seen the photos where the packing is sun-kissed during golden hour with the shadows of the parted blinds. The point is, the minimal, white packing, with luxurious yet modern font combinations makes people love it and want it propped up in their bathrooms and on their counter tops.

Necessaire is so popular because each product they present is beautiful and you can’t help but want it and want to showcase it. The aesthetic girls understand.

Effective Clean Ingredients

Pretty packaging is amazing but does it work? Necessaire is so popular because it actually does its job. When I first started using Necessaire, I was almost unsure how to share that it worked so well for skin conditions because I wasn’t sure if it was meant to. I just figured, wow it works really well for me. Someone that follows me had bought it and mentioned it cleared up her back acne so that was when I knew the ingredients were definitely exactly what our bodies need.

As you shop on the website, you can shop by your concerns. If you have dryness, eczema, KP, skin discoloration, aging and you are wanting to focus on barrier control. Necessaire is so popular because it actually treats skin conditions and that short list is only what they have listed. I’ve used the body serum to treat my sunburn on several occasions (10/10 would recommend). I mix the body oil and lotion for an all day hydration situation in cooler and warmer weather. The Body Exfoliant is really great as well, I’ve listed the ingredients below.

  • Bamboo Charcoal
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Lactic Acid 
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Volcanic Pumice
5 Reasons Necessaire is So Popular

Minimal Scents

I love a good scented body wash or body lotion, but light scents that embody spa moments is what makes Necessaire so popular. Boasting only 3 fragrances, you’re bound to love at least one of them. Most people start off with Eucalyptus, it’s fresh, it’s light, the scent is just strong enough. There is also Bergamot and Sandalwood or you can go totally fragrance free. The good thing is, the lack of fragrance doesn’t compromise how well everything works.

The body wash is a staple in my body care routine and it has lasted me so long! If you use scrub gloves, or a loofah, you don’t have to use a lot. Body care should be a time where you romance yourself; you deserve a good shower routine and or bath experience.

All of the products come with a fragrance free option, but similar to the exfoliant, it’s so nice to have your shower steam up with the fresh smell of Bergamot or Sandalwood.

Ingredients Include:

  • Vitamin B³
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega-6
  • Omega-9
5 Reasons Necessaire is So Popular

Necessaire is So Popular for their Body Care Routine Sets

Buy the set, you know you want to. It genuinely makes the most sense and it’s such a good bang for your buck. Everything from the Body Treatment to the Body Ritual set.

Necessaire is so popular because at the end of the day people who really use the product and see how their skin has transformed, look forward to that package coming and it’s the full re-up on all of your favorites. I wasn’t sure at the onset how I would be long term with Necessaire, but I truly love the product and just based on how it actually works for my skin there is no way I’m switching to anything else as a staple brand.

Necessaire just added a travel size/trial kit which is huge because I know when it comes to travel and other things, while I do bring my full size products, if I don’t have to, I would love that.

It’s been so important for me these days to actually pay attention to all that’s in my skincare and body care. Less is more for me. I should have started years ago, not that I had a horrible routine or anything, but it really makes a difference and when I think about housing and growing children and even what I’ll put on their skin, it’s nice to know there is a brand I can really trust to make clean products.

Refill, Travel and Subscription

Want a refill of your favorite without needing to buy a whole new bottle? Check. Travel sizes because we wouldn’t get caught throwing away full size products? Check. Subscription option so you don’t even have to think about it? Check. Necessaire is so popular because they make it easy to continue using your much needed skincare at all times.

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