Osea Malibu Review: Bestsellers and Must Try Products

Osea Malibu definitely lives up to the hype as a clean skincare brand. I easily fell for the Undaria Body Oil and Undaria Body Butter right after and they are truly staples of the brand. It makes sense why anyone would and could love both products the way they do.

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I truly love the holiday season because mini’s and holiday sets come out and it’s a great way to discover multiple branded products for prices that can’t be beat. It’s easy to hear, buy this and try that, but being able to discover what you love and having more than just the favorites of the creator like myself sharing, if there is any time to do it, it’s now.

This review is overdue, but if nothing else, I’ve had a good few months to really try and see how the products fair over time and I definitely know I can give you all an honest review now. That said let’s get into the Osea Malibu bestsellers and must try products.

Osea Malibu Best Sellers + My Favorites

It’s no secret that every brand has its best sellers. The products that continue to be purchased no matter what season or time of year prove that they were made to perfection.

When I first started using Osea Malibu, I was gifted a good variety of their best sellers and products and the product I instantly fell for was the Undaria Body Oil. It’s thick and hydrating, but absorbs quickly. The fragrance is light, but memorable and it’s hard not to want to use it everyday. I ran out of it so quickly I kept it on my counter though it was empty because I wanted to be reminded daily that I needed to replace it.

Likewise, the body butter which is thick and buttery, but also has that same light scent as the body oil. It doesn’t leave a residue and you don’t need a lot at all to get a good covering if that makes sense. Having both the body oil and the body butter makes the most sense because you can mix them for longer hydration, use them separately or use one for nighttime and use one for the daytime. Shop all of the options below and use my code JA10 to save extra on the deals already amazing deals for this holiday season.

Undaria Body Butter

72 hours of hydration and clinically proven to reduce the look of crepey skin

Osea Malibu Review: Bestsellers and Must Try Products

Undaria Body Oil

Clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and hello, how necessary for a pregnant woman, or anyone that matter as their skin stretches.

Osea Malibu Review: Bestsellers and Must Try Products

Hydrating Sea Serum

Anti aging moisture boost and I recently discovered I had been using hyaluronic acid wrong the whole time. Damp skin is the proper way to apply your hyaluronic acid as it needs water. My smile lines have been softened and smoothed tremendously.

Osea Malibu Review: Bestsellers and Must Try Products

Body Bestsellers Kits

The best of hydration in two products

Osea Malibu Review: Bestsellers and Must Try Products

Osea Malibu Holiday and Discovery Sets

Holiday and discovery sets are great for gifting or great for yourself when you’re trying to decide if you want to commit to a full size for a new brand. Not only is the Osea Malibu glass packaging aesthetically pleasing, you know your products are protected as other types of packaging can wear down over time and in turn affect the consistency of what is inside.

With Osea Malibu you don’t have to worry about that. I love a product that not only works, but also doubles as counter top eye candy or shelfie eye candy aka the things you want people to see when they come over. The smallest things can luxe up even the most regular degular space in my opinion. Anywho, if you’re finally looking to give Osea Malibu a try and you don’t want to commit to one thing or another, my suggestion is try a holiday set so you can get a glimpse into the brand. 

Sea Glow Starter Mini’s Set

Limited edition 6 piece set for face and body. Perfect for your holiday travels and staycations.

Best Sellers Mini’s Set

Limited edition set of all the best sellers in case you want to try for yourself and see what makes Osea Malibu the favorite that it is.

Jumbo Undaria Body Oil

In collaboration with Jade Hirtle, a light and space artist, who has had her artwork featured at Art Basel, the box alone makes this Jumbo size purchase extra special and totally unique to Osea Malibu.

Shop these limited edition bundles now through the holidays!

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