Your Guide to Luxury Fall Fragrances

Fall fragrances and fall style is top of mind right now and in an effort to totally rediscover my own style, I wanted to share some fall fragrances that I think will help you create beautiful memories this season.

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Most if not all of these are unisex options so let’s get into your guide to fall fragrances.

Your Guide to Fall Fragrances

Fall Fragrances

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Parfum

I recently was gifted by Ralph Lauren Fragrances Polo Red and Polo Blue as an ode to fall and the back to school season and I’ve always had a special love for Ralph Lauren fragrances. The very first memorable scent that I wore was Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette in middle school and the scent will forever be memorable.

Similar to other Ralph Lauren scents, Polo Red noted as a confident and intense fragrance. It is a spicy scent with notes of Orris, Absinthe and Cedarwood. Great for yourself or for your husband. If it feels too much on you Ralph Lauren fragrances are amazing room sprays as well.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Parfum

Similar to Polo Red, Polo Blue is also considered a intense yet sensual fragrance. Out of the two I was immediately more drawn to Polo Blue.

It boasts notes of mandarin, oak wood and vetiver. This truly is an intense but sensual scent which is what made me pick Polo Blue as a top fall fragrance option. The sensual side of it felt feminine enough for me and I immediately wanted to wear it. It also helps that my husband loved it on me and noticed it right away.

De Los Santos

If you know anything at all about me, it’s that I’m a Byredo fan. The concept of fragrances that are an ode to a specific memory and moment are super unique and De Los Santos is one of those.

De Los Santos is the perfect fall fragrance because it starts out spicy but settles down and warms up to this soft scent.

It has top notes of clary Sage and Mirabelle, middle notes of Orris and Ciste Oil and bottom notes of Musks and Palo Santo.

Another fragrance with Orris for the fall.

Mojave Ghost

For the not so spicy scent wearers, the first Byredo fragrance I bought and found perfect for year round wear is Mojave Ghost.

It’s the playful powdery scent that packs just enough punch for it to be unforgettable without being over the top.

It has top notes of Ambrette and Nesberry, middle notes of magnolia, sandalwood and violet and bottom notes of cedarwood, musks and vetiver. Anyone noticing a pattern of notes in the fragrances chosen thus far? It’s described as an ode to the soulful Mojave Desert and there is something about it that absolutely feels soulful but still feminine which is what makes it a perfect addition to your fall fragrances.

Your Guide to Fall Fragrances

Young Rose

Young Rose, also by Byredo, is my latest pick up. I was looking for something other than the most popular fragrances, something that felt like a Mojave Ghost type of scent but also stood on its own.

It has top notes of Ambrette seeds and Sichuan pepper, middle notes of Orris and Damascena rose oil, and bottom notes of musks.

I love the bite of the Sichuan pepper it really stands out to me and makes this fragrance not just another rose scent. This, like most Byredo fragrances, mixes well with SO MANY fragrances and that is why I really think it’s perfect for the fall.

By the Fireplace Maison Margiela

Is it even a complete collection if you don’t have fall fragrances that smell like the fireplace, firewood or cozy vibes during the holiday?

I bought By the Fireplace around the same time I got Mojave Ghost which was fall 2021 and it’s been a go to ever since.

It has top smoky notes of Gaiac wood, cashmeran, and clove oil, mid notes of roasted chestnuts and red berries oil and sensual yet sweet notes of vanilla to soften it up.

The smell is distinct, but well executed and not a lot of brands have perfected that firewood smell like Margiela. If you’re not a fan of wearing it during the day, it’s a perfect bedtime fragrance.

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

Tom Ford has plenty of fragrances that work well for fall but this isn’t one that most people reach for right away. Described as a woody Mediterranean escape I can’t help but think how I didn’t like this at first.

It boasts notes of aromatic sea air, evergreens and citrus with deeper notes of cypress and oaks. It was initially too spicy for me when I first got it in the heat of the summer, but now, it’s grown on me tremendously and I think of late summer early fall vacation for this one.

Bond No 9 Greenwich Village

Bond No 9 is truly one of a kind. Every single one of their fragrances is so unique, so memorable, so intricate in scent and off top this makes them worth the splurge.

Greenwich village has notes of Lychee, mandarin, peony, water lily, jasmine petals, peach musk, vanilla and oak moss to name a few. All of these notes that blend into the perfect scent that is Greenwich village makes this a perfect addition to your fall fragrances already in rotation.

Bond No 9 Nomad

Nomad is described as a *“sensual, statement-making oud, with modern fruity notes”* and it does not disappoint. I guess my fall fragrances all tend to be noted as sensual, but it’s because I love this time of year, it feels like it’s supposed to be cozy and cuddly and I love it.

It has notes of pear, quince, black currant, violet leaves, oud accord, rose, amber and vanilla.

Bond No 9 New York Nights

New York Nights has a special place in my heart. It is a core memory fragrance, the first Bond fragrance I smelled and it is absolutely edgy and romantic to me. A great unisex option. I received it early on in my creator journey while at an event at Bloomingdales and it’s been a fragrance that I have never forgotten. It’s great all year ‘round, but it’s spectacular in the fall and winter.

It has notes of Jasmine (flips hair), gardenia, carnation, patchiouli, sandalwood, marine accord, coffee and caramel.

Bond No 9 Scent of Peace

Scent of Peace, is a fragrance that is less sensual, but still had a woody note that makes it perfect for fall. I wasn’t really a fan of this at first wear, but it has since grown on me. It’s definitely more of a lighter fall option compared to others on this list and it’s described as a “sparkling fresh scent”.

It has notes of grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, cedarwood and musk.

There was a time when I stopped making fragrances a priority in my life, but there is something about having a signature scent, having a go to scent during certain seasons and really embracing what that is for you. As a mom now, I think of my own mom and her variety of fragrances, I used to be able to smell her when she would come pick me up from school.

No matter if you’re a seasoned perfume girlie or just starting out, now is the perfect time to find your ideal fragrance for fall.

What are you wearing this upcoming season?


  1. shay
    September 4, 2023 / 3:09 pm

    Love how detailed this list is. Can’t wait to try some of these options this fall!

    • Jazmyn
      September 6, 2023 / 12:04 pm

      Thanks so much for reading Shay! Let me know what you end up trying. There is a Le Labo fragrance that I’ll have to add to the list once I get it.

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