Ysabel West Hollywood the Luxury Restaurant on Fairfax

Tucked away in West Hollywood, Ysabel is an American restaurant well known for it’s experience and aesthetic.

It has this light air of exclusivity just passing by because you don’t really know where it is, or what it looks like based on the foliage and neon sign outside, but that neon sign and additional uplight is the thing that illuminates the middle of the block once it’s night time.

It’s a perfect place for a birthday celebration, date night so let’s get into it.

Ysabel West Hollywood the Luxury Restaurant on Fairfax
Ysabel West Hollywood

Ysabel West Hollywood


Valet or Street, we were planning on street, but were also fine with valet but I noticed they were valet’ing the cars on the street so at that point my husband and I agreed we might as well park ourselves on the street. There was a parking lot for cars but it didn’t seem like any cars were being pulled in there.

So a G-Wagon pulls up and I was like I bet you they’re gonna park the G-Wag in the parking lot, sure enough they hit a right and parked it in the lot on the same side as the restaurant.

We kept our street spot, it wasn’t a big deal but when we got to the front I said “I have a Mercedes too, would you guys park it in here?” and he said “yeah for $40” so I don’t know if there are 2 prices. Street valet and lot valet, but I obviously did not pay and kept my car on the street. The neighborhood is permitted though 7pm-7am so park at your own risk inside of the neighborhood, but there is plenty of street parking on Fairfax where Ysabel is.

Ysabel West Hollywood
Ysabel West Hollywood the Luxury Restaurant on Fairfax

Ambiance & Entrance at Ysabel West Hollywood

The aesthetic outside is really where it all begins. It’s an outdoor and indoor building with foliage that covers the entire side and it’s just a neon sign that says Ysabel West Hollywood. It gives a little bit of, IYKYK vibes. It reminds me a lot of Delilah, The Nice Guy and our other swanky restaurants that are nestled behind the huge walls and trees of LA/Hollywood.

You walk past the $40 lot valet parking and enter into this gorgeous hallway with uplighting that leads you directly inside. There is this marble staircase to your left of the entrance with pillows on multiple levels. It leads up to a table for a private dinner. There are gorgeous trees and greenery everywhere, but it’s also inside. It just feels like it’s outside and LA does a great job with that.

There is a lounge with these gorgeous velvet tufted booths and it just has this modern, yet old school energy they describe as mid-century modern. The music they played had us taken back to 8th grade, just wild old school jams that you, or I’ll say we did not expect to hear. It was great for that alone.

Ysabel is definitely my kind of carrying on as far as the interior. It is dimly lit, sexy, romantic, all of the vibes you’re looking for in Los Angeles.


Ysabel had quite the selection of signature drinks. I personally enjoyed what I had and I loved what my husband had. I like smokey drinks, spicy drinks or lemon drops, nothing in between but we all ordered something different.

All of their signature drinks were names and it ranged from a take on old fashions, to spicy margaritas. They do have drinks that are able to be made into mocktails which was nice.

I had what we’ll call a Mezcal Sheila. There was a drink named Beatrix and it was made with Mezcal, but the Sheila was spicy and ultimately packed that punch I wanted. Our server suggested I bring the mezcal over and it did not disappoint. It was delicious.

My husband had the Alexandra which was this deliciously rich black cherry style old fashion, also a hitter, definitely would recommend.

I’ll have to go back for brunch because they have a completely different drink menu with a whole bunch of different names.

Ysabel West Hollywood
Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Ysabel


Ysabel West Hollywood definitely had a great variety of things to choose from. I would recommend what we got plus a handful of the apps. We shared the Spicy Tuna Tartare, Brussel Sprouts and the Waygu Yakitori. I recommend it all especially the brussels. First of all they are deconstructed brussel sprouts; they are tossed and sauced in this delicious kimchi sauce and many of us could have eaten a whole bowl to ourselves. The great thing is you can order it as a side dish. It was even good in the morning the next day.

My husband and a few others ordered the Peach Burrata salad and it did not disappoint. The balsamic, the peaches, the sweet and savory with the bits of greens. My husband would never usually order anything like that, but he loved it and I did too. We did have a caesar for the table but I didn’t end up having any since the peach burrata salad was such a banger.

For dinner we chose a range of things from salmon, pasta, salad, fries and steak. I had the hand cut rigatoni which was super saucy and a bit spicy. I added protein, part of me was like “why didn’t they cut it down more” but it honestly was perfect because then I could mix in as I saw fit. I love rigatoni and though I try not to eat a lot of pasta when I eat out since I eat so much of it at home, it did not disappoint.

The great thing about having a group dinner at restaurants like these is by default you get to explore the menu because everyone is usually going to try something different.

Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Eat At: Ysabel

Price and Value of Ysabel West Hollywood

$$$ you can expect a higher price point at Ysabel, but a good amount of things are shareable. We were blessed to have our meal covered for us, but the lowest priced item on the menu is $10 french fries and the highest is $175 for the Tomahawk. So a range of prices in between depending on what you want. Our server did say the tomahawk is shareable so if you went that route it could be a good way for everyone to try.

For the amount of food we had, on our own and shared, it definitely felt like a great value.

This feels right around our average price point for restaurants like this. Location, exclusivity and things of that nature usually play a part, but I definitely felt like it was worth it and would absolutely go back to Ysabel.

Overall Experience at Ysabel

My overall experience was a positive one, we went on a Tuesday night at 8pm, it wasn’t crowded, we had a private area that wasn’t closed off, but ‘closed’ off enough where you knew it was a private dinner. The music was great, the food was great, our server was super attentive.

I can’t say I know what to expect on the weekends, but I imagine it’s bustling with people coming and going trying to be seen or see people. Since brunch is on weekends, when I go I’ll share what that experience is like, but Ysabel is definitely gorgeous at night, definitely a great date night spot, a girls night, just a great place to enjoy great food and a great atmosphere.

If you’re in LA or coming to visit LA, Ysabel West Hollywood is a spot I would definitely make reservations for.

I’m going to give it a 9.5/10 and I can’t wait to go back!

Have you been to Ysabel West Hollywood? Do you feel like it’s worth the hype?

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