Los Angeles Restaurants to Eat At: Fia Restaurant

Fia Restaurant is actually located in Santa Monica, but for the consistency of the series, it’s in Los Angeles. It’s been a minute since I’ve dined out, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been reconnected with girl friends I used to go to middle and high school with and what a better way to catch up then over food.

I’m not even going to hold you, lets get into my why I liked Fia, if I would go back and why you should try in my latest installment of Los Angeles Restaurants to Eat At: Fia Restaurant.

Los Angeles Restaurants to Eat At: Fia Restaurant
The Good Lemon Drop
Fia Restaurant
Bubbles and Red

Fia Restaurant Vibe and Ambiance

To start, there are two restaurants on one property. Fia Restaurant and Fia Steak. We went to Fia and while we thought we had reservations for Fia Steak, there are subtle differences in the food items and restaurant style. Price wise they are pretty aligned. The first thing I would say about Fia is it’s an experience. You start by walking down this narrow walk way, feels a bit like you’ve been pulled into Italy real quick, it feels tiny, but somehow it’s big enough to get through. You walk through a door and you’re all of a sudden inside of a what appears to be an outdoor garden setting. It’s sexy, laid back and warm, which is great because though it’s purposed to feel like you’re outside, you’re really in a clear tented set up that has high ceilings.

I love the feeling of outdoor dining with twinkle light or dining under bistro lights so I particularly liked the vibe from the moment we got there. It feels like you’re outside, but thank goodness it’s tented so it’s not cold at all or anything. I don’t know how it is in the day time and while I imagine it is beautiful, night time is really the experience.

I’m not sure how many restaurants do it, but I know a few in LA, since they won’t sit you until your party arrives, they offer you a seat at the bar basically. Catch does it and apparently Fia Restaurant does it, but it was even nice in that area as well. It was tucked away and though there was seating to dine on that side of the restaurant, it felt separate and unique.


Since I’m still not pregnant yet, I’ve resumed my Lemon Drop tour and Fia Restaurant was the perfect place to continue. Pre made drinks are fun, but I like what I like. My first lemon drop, that was made at the bar while we waited to be seated was perfect. Sugar was granulated enough that the sugar didn’t run down the stem making my fingers sticky. It’s really the little things. If the sugar is too fine, it just runs down the glass literally creating a sticky situation.

Anytime my first lemon drop is good, I usually order a second. I ordered a second, expecting the same perfection and it was just okay; I’m pretty sure the young lady that made my first one did not make my second one because she made sure it tasted it good. I can always tell when someone makes a weak lemon drop because the consistency is too clear. If I go back, I’m definitely going straight to the bar to order my drinks or maybe sending my drink back because we’re not settling. I will say, they made them with Belvedere and it was very smooth considering I don’t drink Belvedere like that at all.

Los Angeles Restaurants to Eat At: Fia Restaurant
Burrata, Poached Pear, Jamon Iberico

Courses We Experienced at Fia Restaurant

Fia Restaurant says it’s menu is coastal inspired cuisine. I think I could see that. The menu is broken down into courses/categories and you are served according to that course. After each course, all of or dishes and flatware were removed and replaced with new ones and I’m not gonna lie, I love that.

I already knew I was going to get something from the In the Raw section, I’m fish and sushi obsessed. We ordered Yellowtail / Tiger’s Milk / Radish / Fresno Chili which to me was divine. It was pickled and flavored so well, great slices of yellow tail, very fresh to the bite. I definitely could have done two orders of that. I really have a thing for well flavored raw fish and yellow tail is one of my favorites. It’s light, but holds flavor very well.

We also ordered the Spicy Salmon Tuna Tartare Cones with Avocado Mousse and Salmon Caviar. It was good, I liked it, but it’s not really worth the price for 2. We ordered an extra one because it was 3 of us and that was an extra $10 for a little tiny cone. Another bowl of Yellowtail would have been much better.

For our starters I ordered the caesar salad which was huge and definitely shareable. It had anchovies on it, which I know caesar dressing is made with, but to see them on there was a bit of a shocker for me at first, not even gonna front. Hear me out though, they were low-key delicious especially mixed with the salad. They are salty so totally adds to the salad, but I for sure wouldn’t feel a way if I never ate them again. We shared the Burrata with candied pecans, a poached pear and truly never have had a better pear. I love burrata more than I care to admit. Paired with the Jamon Iberico (fine ham) and the pear really created a sweet and smokey moment that was great as a starter. We also shared the Beet and Endive salad with Goat Cheese, Duck Prosciutto and Candied Pistachios. I didn’t eat much of that since I had my huge caesar, but it was a moment aesthetically.

Lastly we ordered the Lobster Capellini pasta and short rib. The Lobster Capellini was simple, but if I’m being honest, I can barely remember how it tastes. The short rib fell apart the way it was supposed to, the flavor was good, nothing wild to me, but still enjoyable.

That was a mouthful, but after considering it all, I would probably go to Fia Restaurant for very specific items, now that I’ve been.

Fia Restaurant
Yellow Tail, Tiger’s Milk, Radish, Fresno Chili


Price range is definitely $$$. Certain things are shareable. Depending on your taste or what you like, you may not want to share. I know that I really enjoyed their caesar salad. That was something that I knew I specifically wanted. I didn’t know it would be the size it was, but considering we were already coursing our way through multiple things I might have been able to live without it. For 3 people, 4 cocktails and about 2 things from 2-3 of the sections, our bill was upwards of $370. I mean, most restaurants that people do the most to attend would range in the same price.

Fia Restaurant to me, was worth it, certain things I wouldn’t get it, or I would probably have peeped game on photos, but I enjoyed it and love being wined and dined and served, all the things.


The great thing about Santa Monica is there is plenty of street parking and as long as you pay attention to the signs, you’re usually better off parking on the street. I was fully ready to valet because it was windy and cold and I’m all about convenience, but I ended up finding a spot on the street and it was totally fine and totally free. Can’t beat that. Plus I really don’t prefer to valet unless I absolutely have to. Fia restaurant, because there are two restaurants on property, they would and should have valet and for the type of restaurant it is vibe and experience wise, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I would go back, I personally love the night time vibe, so if I did go back it would most likely be for dinner.

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