3 Products to Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marks and tips to avoid them is always big when it comes to pregnancy. For some it’s genetics and you can’t avoid them; for others, you start out without them and by the end of your pregnancy all of that stretching leads to them. I used to be super insecure about my stretch marks when I was younger, so the thought of how to “avoid” them during pregnancy has always been top of mind as early as possible.

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I actually got rid of the stretch marks that I used to be insecure about by using one of the products listed below and I swear by it. Not only did it literally remove those stretch marks, it helped with a series of other scars I had as well. I’m always open to trying new things and actually will be sharing my experience with a new product soon, but for now these few products have really kept my bump hydrated and I love and ready for growth.

Let’s get into 3 products to prevent stretch marks.

3 Products to Prevent Stretch Marks

Products to Prevent Stretch Marks

Bio Oil

If I had to pick one product and one product only to use forever for scar removal and stretch mark removal, that ACTUALLY WORKS, it would be Bio Oil. I started using Bio Oil, the big bottle back in 2008-2010. I used to play soccer and run track when I was younger and as a result the growth of my leg muscles and body changes led to stretch marks on my inner thighs and sides of my booty. I used to be so insecure about it and looking back it’s laughable how uncomfortable it made me, but it’s just something I personally “didn’t like”.

In 2009, I had my first staph infection and it was internal, but they had to cut it out of my back and it left a gnarly scar that was super dark and it just brought back traumatic memories so I was like I’m ready to lighten that thing. My mom used to send the best care packages while I was away at school and Costco used to sell a 3 pack which by the way was an amazing deal so naturally she sent me one of the big bottles.

I started to use it on my back and other scars I acquired from curling my hair, but mostly after years of stubborn stretch marks on the sides of my butt, I was like let me see if this actually works. 3 months of use after every shower so 2x a time and my stretch marks were gone, lightened, faded, whatever you want to call it, but visibly changed. I remember how elated I felt, like not only does this stuff work, but 3 months of consistency essentially erased years of insecurity and it was like they were never there.

Prior to Bio Oil, I tried palmers, from their cocoa butter on down to their stretch mark products and nothing worked the way Bio Oil did. Some people swear by Palmers, but I swear by Bio Oil because the results were such a game changer. It was easily a no brainer before I even started to get huge. The wild thing is you don’t even need a lot, a little bit goes a long way. Go ahead and get you some Bio Oil, whether you’re pregnant, or postpartum, it’s better than anything else out there.

3 Products to Prevent Stretch Marks

Necessaire Body Serum

In what lifetime am I not using Necessaire? Not this lifetime. The fact that the Body Serum and all of their products are clean and full of vitamins, I love knowing how hydrated my skin is when using everything together. Let me clear and say the Body Serum isn’t created to or known for preventing stretch marks, but all of the other ways it helps improve skin conditions, why not include it and see how it does?

I use it every night before bed in tandem with the body lotion and it keeps my skin so soft and so smooth and I’m just grateful I have two bottles because in the summer I run through it. Additionally, I love it because it’s not oily. When I use body oils, maybe I get dressed too soon after, but my clothes usually get ruined and I don’t like that.

3 Products to Prevent Stretch Marks

Necessaire Body Exfoliator

In order to prep my belly and skin as a whole for the best absorption, using the Body Exfoliator is a must. This really does help with skin imperfections and I see it as another means of prevention for stretch marks, plus it just feels so dang good.

My favorite thing about this exfoliant is it’s gentle but still so effective and what a perfect product to use on my growing bump to keep my skin regenerated and smooth. Soft skin makes me feel confident and sexy and growing a human is already hard work so I’m making sure I do all of the extra little things to contribute to the experience and the ways in which I can at the very least make myself feel good.

What are your go to products for preventing stretch marks? Bonus points if you’re a mama, mama to be or postpartum.

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