50 Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy affirmations were already key to my mindset BEFORE I got pregnant. I originally wrote these pregnancy affirmations on March 16, 2021 and I share that because that is how far in advance I was exercising my faith. I mentioned in another post that I’m reading a book called Supernatural Childbirth (now re-reading it) and aside from it sharing tips on how to biblically prepare yourself and your mental for babies, it encourages shifting into the mindset BEFORE you get pregnant.

I’ve been very specific about what I want my pregnancy experience to be and how I want to feel, how much I’ll love it. To read more on that check out 11 Things I Prayed Before I Got Pregnant. Maybe you’ve already created your own, maybe you need an idea of where to start, you can always adjust and edit affirmations to what you see fit for your situation. That said lets get into the 50 pregnancy affirmations I created more than a year ago.

50 Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy Affirmations

  • My body is made for this
  • My body will do what it needs, to protect my baby
  • I am strong enough to do this
  • I have all the things I need to house my baby
  • I am supported by my doctors, staff, midwife, doula and spouse/partner (replace with Names if applicable)
  • My childhood trauma will not be my child’s trauma
  • I am generating generational wealth
  • My body knows how to nourish and grow my baby
  • I welcome the changes in my body
  • My baby feels my love
  • I have a greater purpose
  • I make the best decisions for me and my baby
  • I am capable of teaching my seed about emotional stability
  • My muscles will contract, it doesn’t have to hurt
  • My muscles are doing what they need to do
  • Labor and Birth does not hurt
  • I’m redeemed from any and all pain
  • I know labor will be fast and easy
  • I believe in my body
  • My baby and I are working together
  • Today is the most beautiful day of my pregnancy
  • Loving energy surrounds my womb
  • I grew this baby, I can birth this baby
  • I am not afraid of pregnancy
  • I am not afraid of child birth
  • There is no fear surrounding my pregnancy
  • I birth with ease
  • I am worthy of a beautiful birth
  • I am worthy of an enjoyable pregnancy
  • I am relaxed
  • My body and my baby know what to do
  • I quiet my mind and let my body give birth
  • My body and mind are ready to conceive a baby
  • I am built for birth
  • I enjoy the birth of my baby
  • My baby is the perfect size for my body
  • My body will give birth at the right moment
  • There is no tension in my body
  • My breathing is smooth and controlled
  • My baby and I are one
  • My pregnancy is personal
  • My pregnancy doesn’t look like anyone else’s
  • My womb is a lush jungle of warmth, love and nourishment
  • My reproductive organs work in perfect harmony to
  • I breathe deeply to release tension
  • I soften, I open, I’m moving my baby down
  • Women give birth every day, I can do this
  • I trust my body’s birthing process
  • I am a birth warrior
  • God prepared me for this
  • I look forward to my baby’s birth

I have to admit it’s super exciting and exhilarating to read these again, “I am a birth warrior” that fires me up! A lot of these fire me up, but it’s just so cool to think that these words can and will determine this journey.

So many of these pregnancy affirmations bring back so many memories and it’s so exciting to write things down before the blessing comes and then look back and reflect on it once the blessing arrives. When I first wrote these pregnancy affirmations, I was like “man, I wonder how long I’ll have to sit on these before I can share them”, but it just was what it was and that was what I had to go off of. I don’t regret writing them of course because now a year and some change later, faith serves to be a beautiful thing always.

God’s timing is always perfect and specific. That same time last year I made my Pregnancy Inserts and I’m looking forward to using them as things start to get closer.

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