How to Stay Encouraged When Desiring A New Job

Are you desiring a new job? What feels more intense than being in a place that you know is no longer serving you, but also feels like a trap? Applying and seeking something new and those doors not opening. Trust me I’ve been there, but naturally, having experienced that, I learned a lot in the process and while my lessons may be different than yours, there are some things that I feel are beneficial to your waiting experience.

It’s been years since I said I loved my job and really meant it. I probably haven’t felt this satisfied with a job since 2013 when I first became a personal assistant. Usually the place you go after being in a toxic work environment is life changing no matter if it’s not a perfect situation. You’re just fully aware that it’s better than where you were. Even if it’s a stepping stone to the next place it helps. Let’s get into 5 ways to stay encouraged when desiring a new job.

How to Stay Encouraged When Desiring A New Job

Be honest with your feelings

The main way I stayed encouraged when desiring a new job was being honest with God about my feelings. I journaled a lot, especially in the moments of overwhelm while at work. I often times feel like we forget that God can handle our anger and our being upset. It’s not always a complaint and it doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful, but if you’re going to go to anyone, why not go to Him?

I didn’t always feel the need to be vocal about it, which is where the journaling came in, but there were moments where I felt beyond overwhelmed and couldn’t handle just simply writing it down. So in those moments, I told Him truthfully. Sometimes I needed a good cry and to feel the emotions. It’s too easy to try to suppress it all, ALL the time. Maybe you share with your therapist, and while I’m a huge advocate for therapy it’s different going to God directly. The one person who knows all of your needs and can make sure they are met.

Set Goals and Get Clear on What You’re Desiring Going Forward

Be encouraged when desiring a new job by getting clear about what you want going forward. When it came to my own experience, remote work was a huge must, even hybrid work. Starting a family has always been extremely important to me and while working from home doesn’t mean you’re free, there are freedoms that come with it and I wasn’t willing to negotiate that.

Going into the office while others came and go or worked from home when they chose didn’t work for me and it wasn’t going to work for me moving forward. I knew that finding the right job would be key, but I was also open. Open to a career change, open to doing things differently, open to taking a pay cut for a moment as long as there were opportunities for growth and promotion.

Write it down and make it plain, be extra clear. The more clear you are, the easier it is to look for and eliminate what doesn’t fit your needs going forward when you’re searching. Stop being vague and pretending like you don’t know. Maybe you won’t check every single box off the list, but if you can check off most, you’ll be in a good position.

A great devotional that I encourage you to read, job search related or just desiring something else in your life related is called Transformed by Rick Warren on the Youversion Bible app. It will shift your perspective about setting goals and why they are more important that we think. As humans we set goals and make vision boards and all of that, but understanding from a biblical standpoint why we need to set goals goes beyond the surface and give you that push while you continue forward on your journey. It can be applied to so many areas and so many things in your life and I can guarantee it’s a good one!

Be Open While Desiring a New Job

Being open and encouraged when desiring a new job can look like a lot of things. My version of open when I was on my own search was being open to a completely different career. I’ve been a personal assistant or executive assistance most of my career, so for me, the desire to keep that going in my thirties as someone who wants a family, was no longer feasible for me. I NEEDED something else and I was open to going a completely different route for the sake of being able to be present for my family.

The person I was in the last year of being at my old job is certainly not who I wanted to continue as, but also it wasn’t going to be an environment that I knew I could be pregnant and grow a child in, so I was open to going a completely different route to set myself up for success. Thank God for the alignment and time served of that season of my life because after 5 years and 11 months I was released from there and able to move to where I’m at now with GOAT group. I always said, I would know when the time was right, not because of my own doing, but because it wouldn’t feel scary or feel out of place to go. It felt SO right when it was my time to go.

How to Stay Encouraged When Desiring A New Job

Don’t Stop Applying

The applying itself can feel discouraging, but in order for you stay encouraged while desiring a new job, you have to keep applying. Not applying to everything, but applying to the right things. Intentionality is so important when it comes to seeking out that new company or new position. It doesn’t mean limit yourself, it just means that you’re not applying to any and everything. That said, while applying, don’t be desperate.

Don’t Be Desperate When Desiring a New Job

Desperation leads to carelessness and carelessness can land you somewhere you don’t actually want to be. Applying to places that make you feel good, once you’ve completed your application process really help you stay encouraged when desiring a new job.

If I applied for a job and it felt rushed or like I didn’t really care if I got it, I knew that it was a waste of an application and my time and that it was more of a move of desperation than actual consideration. I think desiring to be out of a position and wanting it so badly can cause us to move in desperation, instead of intention. I know that feeling, and thankfully none of those doors were opened and thankfully I didn’t move in haste because who knows where I could have been or would have been had they opened prematurely.

Unless you must quit as an end all be all, which I also considered, let the process and let God work it out. Don’t get ahead of Him and you won’t get ahead of yourself. Keep your resume updated, create different versions for different types of positions if necessary. If you aren’t sure if you’re updating it in the most beneficial way, hire someone to do it for you. It will always be worth it.

Stay encouraged, your new season, new position and all that you are desiring is right around the corner.

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