25 Ways to Add Luxury into Your Daily Life

Looking for ways to add luxury into your daily life? It doesn’t have to be hard or out of your budget. Deciding what luxury is to you, is the first step to adding little luxuries into your day to day.

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We always equate the large purchases, trips and experiences to the sum total of our experiences and while we should and can absolutely enjoy them, what little luxuries will you add to your daily life, when you aren’t on a trip? When you aren’t splurging? Let’s get into the 25 ways to add luxury into your daily life.

25 Ways to Add Little Luxuries into your Daily Life

25 Ways to Add Luxury into your Daily Life

  • Keep a¬†Travel Size of Your Favorite Scent
  • Use Cuticle Oil
  • Upgrade Your Hand Lotion
  • Update Your Water Bottle
  • Buy Yourself A Nice Pen
  • Upgrade Your Hand Soap
  • Wear Perfume to Bed
  • Wear Luxury Pajamas
  • Stop rushing your skincare¬†and body care routine
  • Buy a nice pair of slippers
  • Upgrade your bras and replace your panties
  • Keep a quality lip balm on deck
  • Keep a quality lip gloss right behind it
  • Ice roll your face
  • Use a satin pillow case for one of your pillows if not multiple
  • Clean out your purse
  • Switch bags for the week
  • Replace old makeup brushes or wash your current stash
  • Add lemon and mint to your water
  • Switch to a natural deodorant
  • Use a toner
  • Burn the candle
  • Buy a low maintenance houseplant
  • Use your ‘nice dishes’
  • Use the wine glass for your juice, water, smoothie or iced coffee

What luxury is to you, may not be what luxury for is for me. It’s part of us wanting to be liked, but you don’t have to ask someone or seek approval for what you deem to be luxury.

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Do you use any of these tips to add luxury into your everyday lifestyle?

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