11 Things I Prayed Before I Got Pregnant

I prayed before I got pregnant. It was always going to be prayer first. I wasn’t subscribing to any of the negativity, the news, the media that seems to only point to the disparities of black women (not that they shouldn’t be brought to light), but the overconsumption and fear of that wasn’t even my starting point. About a year and a half in advance I started reading Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize, in faith, which was super encouraging and filled with plenty of scriptures to meditate on which I appreciate.

I won’t lie hearing and seeing all of my friends pregnant, while I was obviously excited for them, I definitely had moments of discouragement because I felt like the moment we had talked about so often no longer included me and I mean truthfully it didn’t. It just was what it was and I had to focus on and control what I could control. Looking back on it, similar to marriage and all of the other things in my life it was a great opportunity to stay in faith and continue to speak things that I wanted ahead of my own experience. I’ve seen what happens when I declare fully and confidently in faith something is going to happen in my life. It will take it’s time and arrive in it’s due season, but those things I’ve been firm with have always made their way to me and I love that for me and what I love even more is God is not a liar so the more life I spoke, the more life would be brought forth (literally). Let’s quickly get into 11 things I prayed over myself before I got pregnant.

11 Things I Prayed Before I Got Pregnant
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Things I Prayed Over Myself Before I Got Pregnant

  • My Experience Would Be Supernatural
  • My Experience Would Be One of a Kind
  • I Would Be the Exception
  • I Would Not Experience Morning Sickness
  • I Would Enjoy My Bump
  • I Would Work From Home
  • I Would Have a Home Birth/Natural Birth/Out of Hospital Birth, Safe Labor, Delivery and a Healthy Baby
  • I Would Experience More Comfort than Discomfort
  • I Would Encourage Another Woman Who is Trying
  • I Would be Supported
  • I Would be at Peace

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and this isn’t a detailed list of things you can pray for,  but in the age of social media there is so much noise in general, but specifically surrounding pregnancy. Speaking specific things over my life before I got pregnant was important because I had control over that. Additionally, I thought about all of the things that women shared, good and bad, and I had a choice to make. Be scared that I would have that experience or decide what my experience would be. Some people don’t enjoy being pregnant and that is a totally valid experience, but I personally didn’t want that to be my experience. When it came to things I prayed over myself before I got pregnant, I didn’t want to only think about “getting my body back” I wanted to fully enjoy and embrace the entire experience and that to me has always been just as important as desiring and praying for a healthy child and safe labor and delivery. 

I’m of the mind that people mean well, however, I am fully aware that some people don’t mean well and that’s on them. It was important for me to get a head start on speaking certain things before I got pregnant because I would already be confident in my mindset and confident in my desires and nothing that anyone could say would shake that confidence. I’m careful about what I share and exact details, but me wanting a natural non medicated birth, when I say that, I can practically see people cringe without making a face. While I know I don’t owe anyone a follow up or a rebuttal to their own thoughts of my birth plans, I always follow up with, “my mind is already made up and I’m happy with my decision.” The same way I behaved with my wedding, I let my family know in advance what I wasn’t going to do so when the time came there was no room for funny business.

Whatever you are desiring for your own pregnancy, if it’s simply just to conceive, speak that, set that vision up, pray about it, be honest with God about it. See it before it happens. I recently shared with someone, it can be hard to see yet another person announce their pregnancy especially when it’s something you want or have been trying for, but take it as proof that it can happen for you. While God ultimately decides the timing of our lives with all things, children and spouses included, it’s not always about the time frame in which we wait, it’s attitude we have while waiting. Imagine if I was a bitter girl during the time of my friends experience. I bet that God would have made me wait longer (I’ll share how long it took us in another post). These are real life things that have to be considered. How I waited, how I continued to believe before I got pregnant and how I continued to set the vision, see the vision, in faith, I know all of that played a direct role in what I’m experiencing now. Yes I am blessed that I haven’t experienced XYZ (insert what you want), but it’s not because I’m lucky, it’s because I already declared and prayed about and most of all believed what type of experience I would have.

This certainly doesn’t have to be your list of prayer points, but whatever you are desiring, believe it can and will be, before it is. Additionally, the best person to advocate for you and want the best for you is you. God knows the very desires of our hearts. He knew I wanted to be pregnant, but was it more important to be pregnant with my friends than it was for me to wait for His timing for me? Like I really could have been mad at him about that, but what would that do? Certainly not turn into conception.

Be encouraged and control what you can control. Speak first, write it down, however you need to get it out, and yes things are subject to change, there are a number of reasons why plans change and things change, but as of right now, my experience is just as I prayed for before I got pregnant and I will continue to lean into and focus on that.

I’m praying and in full agreement with those of you who are trying and the routes in which you may have to try without you even telling me. I want exactly what you want and I can’t wait to see it all come to pass.


  1. Mel
    June 15, 2022 / 3:55 pm

    Such a beautiful and motivating post!

    • Jazmyn
      June 15, 2022 / 5:50 pm

      Thank you so much for reading!! I appreciate it!

  2. Leslie
    June 16, 2022 / 8:38 am

    Amen Girl!!
    On board with you as we navigate the beauty of childbirth that God intended.

    • Jazmyn
      June 16, 2022 / 12:21 pm

      Thank you so much for reading Leslie! He is in full control and I love that for us :)!

  3. Tia Beasley
    June 17, 2022 / 7:37 am

    Aww. I loved reading that in its entirety. You’re always so encouraging, uplifting and advocating for women and sharing your experience to help women. I am so excited for this next chapter of motherhood for you. God’s timing is perfect, you have a story to tell and you waiting gives more story to tell. Love you ❤️

    • Jazmyn
      June 17, 2022 / 11:04 am

      Thank you soooo much for reading :)!!! It means so much and I definitely want to encourage and uplift, so many of us go through the same things and all it takes is one person to share to help ease that feeling of being alone. Loveeee you!!!

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