April Affirmations

April Affirmations. It’s still early in the year which means there is still room for growth. One of my goals and things to continue doing this month, but definitely this year is to continue to surrender. Often times, we as believers, live our lives thinking about what we can do for God, but honestly, God doesn’t need anything from us. He is already God. I want to surrender more, to his will and his plan. That isn’t to say I, you, we, shouldn’t have a plan, but I liken it to when I switched jobs.

During my interview process, I literally told them, I’m open. It feels weird to say “I don’t have a plan” because that isn’t fully the case, but I’m surrendered to whatever it is God has for me and I’m working really hard on remembering what’s of the world and what I can control as it relates to my walk with Christ. I’m very much a, plan plan plan person, but lately, the space of being surrendered has been just what I need it to be. Fruitful and rewarding.

I pray that these April affirmations help you surrender and expand in whatever area you personally feel led to. 

April Affirmations

April Affirmations

  • I’m leaning into what I desire for my dream life
  • I am letting God choose what is best for me
  • I will surrender my plans for the plans of the Lord
  • I am open to growth; I’m ready to move beyond my comfort zone
  • I am open to new connections and relationships
  • I am a master of my thoughts; I am paying attention to what I let in
  • I accept myself
  • I can have it all; I don’t have to choose
  • I am at peace with the person I used to be; I forgive myself
  • I am done settling
  • I am available to abundance, acknowledgement and all that comes with me being my best self
  • I am not afraid to ask for help 
  • I am not afraid to invest in myself; my growth depends on it
  • My mind is stronger than my emotions
  • I am blessed beyond belief even when it doesn’t look like it
  • I am not afraid to shine while walking in my purpose
  • I am not selfish because I choose myself
  • I am experiencing peace in my patience
  • I am not finding myself, I am renewing myself
  • My dreams have not expired; I can still start today
  • I am intentional with my actions and connections
  • I am creating new and different habits
  • I don’t need anyone’s validation

Additionally, with these affirmations, I hope you’re encouraged to relieve yourself of needing to explain yourself. Oftentimes, we share at our own leisure and it should always be such, but there is never an obligation to share or explain. Stand firm in your decisions, be bold in your choices, they are for you. I talked about this in my newsletter recently. Let God prune you, but also make sure you’re doing some pruning that you can control. I recently spent time pruning who I’m following, it’s still Spring and still time to do some cleaning!

Though the other months have already passed, affirmations aren’t limited to any one month and what may have resonated for someone else in March, February and January may resonate more with you now. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive content!

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