February Affirmations

February affirmations are here because just like that January is gone. In a time where mental health and really knowing yourself and loving yourself is always important, but seems more important than ever, I wanted this month to be more inward focused. It’s easy to just say you’re fine and that you know yourself, but do you really know and love yourself the way you ought to? I remember the exact moments in my life where I didn’t know, let alone understand how to see myself how God saw me. Once those things were made clear to me, my whole being changed.

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Wherever you are in this season of your life. You may be experiencing loss, you may be hoping for something; a partner, house, baby, marriage, new job, a change of scenery, a new group of friends, just something else. You may be hoping you can work at home a little longer and some of you may just be going with the flow. Whatever season this is for you and for you only, take what you need from these February affirmations and leave what you don’t. You’re still worthy regardless of what it looks like. You won’t be in this place forever.

February Affirmations
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19 February Affirmations

  • I’m supposed to be here even when I’m unsure why
  • I’m still worthy regardless of the season I’m in
  • I’m proud of myself
  • I’m embracing a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset
  • I can change course at any time
  • My worth isn’t determined by others noticing or seeing me
  • What I’m longing for isn’t delayed because of who I am
  • I’m proud of my own goals and desires, they align with my life
  • My experience is one of a kind and for me only
  • I love all of me
  • I’m worthy of what I desire, it is mine to experience
  • I add value to the world
  • I cannot be replaced
  • I am worthy of being loved, cherished and appreciated
  • I will always do my best
  • I am worthy of a great life
  • I am loved more than I ever thought possible
  • I accept myself unconditionally
  • Love surrounds me and everyone around me.

In the era of social media, this platform, that body type, we have to be conscious of what we let in. I always use this example, but remember, though we have our favorite artists and favorite songs, don’t let those lyrics start to make you feel like that’s your life. The same goes for social platforms, we all share what we want to and that’s the beauty of having your own rented space on a platform. Don’t let the things of the world and the habits and trends keep you from loving who you are and what you have going on.

These February affirmations are to remind you that no matter what you are loved and worthy of love. You deserve a good life, a good experience and all the things in between. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter I shared about being present and being here in my latest email that went out and that ties right into all of this. Subscribe below so you don’t miss out on exclusive content, sales and personal stuff!

What are some ways you are learning to consistently love on yourself?

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