Must Haves From The Baby Gap Sale

The Baby Gap sale has me all in my feels right now. For the most part our baby boy is still wearing a lot of onesies and two piece onesie sets, but he is quickly growing out of them which has me looking for quality neutrals. When it comes to outfits for our son, I want things that feel baby appropriate, aren’t too busy, and can be paired with other things he was already gifted.

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I’m very much a minimalist and prefer neutrals, but when it comes to babies, people buy what they feel is cute, not necessarily what you would prefer. That said, I took it upon myself to buy baby boy some new onesies and while I was initially going to shop online, going in store was much better for me.

If you’re shopping online, you have the option of 60% off sale items using the code SALE, 40% off of regular priced items using the code TREAT, and you can get an extra 10% off regular priced items by using the code ADDIT.


That shared lets get into the must haves from the Baby Gap sale.

Must Haves From The Baby Gap Sale
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Must Haves from Baby Gap


Less is more and since I’m at home, he’s at home onesies are the best while your little one is still small. What drew me to the onesies from the Baby Gap was the little bear that is embroidered on the left chest. It feels age appropriate and I love that it stands out amongst other brands. It also makes me think of an early introduction to what will be a Ralph Lauren Polo collection once he is a little bit older.

I personally grabbed a bunch of white and grey onesies, in store the black option was sold out, which I was little bummed out about because he looks so adorable in black, but such is life.

Two Piece Sets

Two piece sets are such an effortless way to dress as a human overall. Adult or baby it doesn’t matter who is wearing it. When it comes to little ones, I feel like if it has bottoms and a top to match or a sweater to go, then that’s literally one less thing to focus on.

Baby Gap has the cutest sets, my aunt got him a camouflage two piece set that has sweats and a matching hoodie and a lot of the onesies that I purchased actually come with matching bottoms, but I wasn’t ready to commit to the full look just yet because often times it’s easier to have him in just his onesie and not the bottoms.

Shorts and Jeans

I’m loving the line up for shorts that Baby Gap has. It can get hot in Los Angeles and nothing is better than those yummy baby legs and thighs so I plan to load up on shorts while it’s early and technically “out of season”. Still love the bear accent it really is so playful and fun for a little one.

When it comes to jeans for a small baby or infant, I love that they have the elastic waist but actually look like jeans. It elevates the look and makes your little ones look “put together”.


From bucket hats and sunglasses, to booties and stuffed bears, you can never go wrong with accessories that spice up your little ones outfit or bring them added comfort.

Our littles one and children in general grow so fast, so while I absolutely love so many things from the Baby Gap sale, I won’t be buying everything. Like I mentioned in a recent instagram post, I don’t need everything, just the right things. Additionally, quality always outweighs quantity when it’s all said and done.

I don’t know about you all, but the way things are going these days and the way kids are growing these days, it really makes sense to get everything on sale anyway.

What are your go to outfit choices for your little ones? Are you shopping the Baby Gap / Gap sale?

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