7 Ways to Prepare for Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s first Christmas or really any first holiday is so special when there is a new little one to share it with. I’m feeling super grateful for our little boy and I’m definitely grateful that his arrival was set and came prior to Christmas so we could have time to indulge in the sweet first moments.

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Blogmas continues and I wanted to share the ways we prepared for baby’s first Christmas. There is no right or wrong when preparing for this moment. The type of activities can all be contingent to your location, maybe you get snow, maybe you cut down your own tree, but living in LA where sometimes we hope it gets at least below 65, these are 7 ways to prepare for baby’s first Christmas.

7 Ways to Prepare for Baby's First Christmas
7 Ways to Prepare for Baby's First Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas

Start a Tradition

Starting a tradition, especially one that is new to you and your family is always a fun way to celebrate baby’s first Christmas. It could be something that is passed down from you or your partner’s family or it can be completely new or inspired by someone else’s family. For us the tradition will be having a color theme every year when it comes to decoration and wrapping paper. I know the people aren’t team Kardashian and they aren’t the standard when it comes to the holidays, but I love the idea of having all of our gifts be wrapped in one color paper with the matching ribbon or bows.

I love a good theme and an a good aesthetic and I definitely have ideas for the first few years with baby, but this first year I’m super excited for what we have planned and it’s very on brand. I also like the idea of each family member having their own themed paper so they know which gifts are theirs. One of my favorite football wives to follow does that and it’s super cute.

Some people put their tree up the moment it is November 1st or wait until the night of Thanksgiving, really the traditions are endless. Since our little guy came before 12/1 and we got our tree on Black Friday, it seems like that will be our tradition going forward in anticipation of his birthday and the holidays commencing.

All in all, our traditions will be memorable, but also minimal because I don’t want a ton of stuff.

Holiday Photo

Holiday Photos are in full effect and really are already in progress once it’s the end of October. I really want to have professional ones done and I’m sure we could swing it, but for certain photographers, they do have certain timelines and baby just wasn’t here early enough to do it in October obviously, so it didn’t make sense to schedule them without him.

Thankfully, a good camera and a clean background is all you need, so we’ll make it work on our own or get the family together in a themed look to make it happen. I’ve always looked forward to having a Christmas card with our family photo on it. I definitely cannot wait.

Make a Wishlist for Baby’s First Christmas

Make a wishlist and check it twice. In true minimalist fashion, just because we’re having a baby doesn’t mean we or he needs a ton of stuff. We’re not a family that buys toys excessively; I feel like people tend to think toys automatically equal joy for a baby or a child. Even when it comes to our friends, it’s books, mess free things that exercise their motor skills and noisy bangers isn’t always that kind of thing in my eyes.

I feel like parents should decide what kind of toys their child gets and maybe you’ll put that on your own wishlist, but as for me and my household, I want to keep it simple. A list is helpful, though people still get off track, to remind people “if you must, please choose from these things.”

Anywho, wishlist for others and a wishlist for your child that they can write on their own once they get older is a great way to indulge in baby’s first Christmas.

Decorate the Tree

I’ve grown up having trees of all sizes, faux and real and while I think a faux tree is a great way to not have to worry about going out every year to get one, we’ve decided on a real tree for baby’s first Christmas. The smell, the texture, picking one out, all of the things that make it feel like the holiday season are going to be in full effect.

Our little one came before December, so I wanted the tree to be up and ready and not make it a thing later into the month considering going out wasn’t going to be high on our list. The lights and all of the festive things felt good to bring baby home to and each year as your little ones grow they’ll remember the little things that took place during this special time of year. In our case double the special because he has a birthday and the holiday.

7 Ways to Prepare for Baby's First Christmas

Hang First Stocking or First Ornament for Baby’s First Christmas

In line with decorating the tree or just decorations in general, hanging a stocking or first ornament is a great way to celebrate baby’s first Christmas. I remember being a little girl and decorating my grandma’s tree and it always made the holiday special. Additionally, my childhood best friend, when we would decorate her tree she always had the coolest ornaments including her first ornament and all of those moments are special memories that I still hold on to.

Read Christmas Books

I love reading and reading to little ones no matter how early is such a good way to create little traditions that aren’t always rooted in gifting. To celebrate baby’s first Christmas you can get a custom name book that reads as if it was written directly for you little one. We will also be sharing the story of Jesus Christ and I feel like books are naturally a great way to not always need a screen present.

Holiday PJs

My husband and I, and I would go as far as saying our family, hasn’t done the matching pajamas thing. It is cute, but it usually ends up being the same variety of stuff each year. I think in the future, I want to do a theme/color and we all get to pick something that fits what we would want to look like on Christmas Morning.

Even if we don’t match having fun pajamas for baby’s first Christmas just feels right. I ordered some things early because whatever I’m looking and feeling like at least they’ll be cute for the pictures.

Whether you match or not, anything festive to enhance and add to the moment will make it that much more special.

What are some things you’ve done or planned to do to celebrate baby’s first Christmas?

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