7 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Stocking Stuffer gifts are great for things that the special ones in your life need. It’s easy to always want to give the big gifts, but what do people in our lives need that make great gift ideas for stocking stuffers?

Things like vitamins, lotions, hair care, house hold items and the like are great ways to gift someone the things that they’ll still get use out of, but don’t necessarily qualify for a big box or gift bag. I like to think that stocking stuffers are practical, but still fun.

That said let’s get into 7 stocking stuffer gift ideas.

7 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas
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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Baby and Kids

Baby’s depending on their stage and age, are good to receive a few things for stocking stuffers. Think teethers, pacifiers, sensory items like rattles or pretend car keys, things that cause them to be engaged. If you plan to travel a lot, you can get your little ones headphones for sports events or planes, sensory toys that have a suction so they can stick to airplane windows and the like.

For kids, stocking stuffer gift ideas can look the sports team you love or something related to their favorite player. Books, sports cards, mini versions or pocket size versions of their favorite toys, jerseys, socks, vitamins, things that they may need for their room, the options are endless.

For Him

Stocking stuffer gift ideas for the special man in your life to me always end up being things he needs. Sunglasses, card holder or custom money clip if you didn’t already get him one. His favorite socks or if you’re doing it big the car key to a new car for him. If he’s like my husband and doesn’t have a crazy skincare routine, but wants one, a travel size set of skincare for him to start him on his journey.

Gift cards to a favorite date night restaurant, coupon for a massage or a spa day, even something that can be for the both of you.

For Her

Stocking stuffers for the special lady in your life usually looks like the things she keeps in her purse. A Touchland hand sanitizer, the Chanel hand creme, travel or rollerball versions of her favorite scents, lip balm, a new compact mirror potentially from her favorite luxury brand if they make it. If she has been talking about new makeup brushes, this is a fun way to gift them because they will be unexpected as they hide in the stocking.

A gift card for her favorite coffee spot or lunch spot or even the new gold cup from Starbucks which I want and barely even patronize them.

For the Luxe Lover

The Luxe Lover stocking stuffers can be some of the same things from the For Her section above. If she isn’t into the Chanel hand creme which I’ve heard can be hard to open, Byredo, Necessaire and Aesop are great alternatives. You could add travel size versions of the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask, mini candle sets from Diptyque, or a mini lipstick trio from a brand she has been wanting to try such as Dior, NARS, or Pat McGrath.

Stocking Stuffer For the Tech Lover

What do we get the tech lover who probably has just about everything? If they recently picked up a new phone, you could get the a custom case from Maison De Sabre, new airpods, the small ones or the overhead ones. If they are neutral with their style and color palette you can drop in the new beats x KKW air buds, very sleek, but also unisex.

Air tags, computer or tablet accessories are great. Maybe you got them a new iPad already, but now they want the pencil to go with it. A perfect way to sneak that in last minute. If they haven’t gotten a new phone, but you’re gifting them one, definitely surprise them by putting it in their stocking, they’ll least expect it.

For the Travel Lover

We all have that one friend who stays on the go, local or international. Get them a new passport cover, something sturdy and maybe a little luxe like the Louis Vuitton one we all love. Gift them with a trip/surprise them with tickets for you to both go somewhere. If they are already planning to go somewhere, see if you can cover one of their experiences or meals in advance.

Have they been discussing wanting new luggage? While a suitcase isn’t exactly a stocking stuffer, a gift card or cash toward their desired luggage or duffle bag is a great way to let the traveler in your life know you want the best for them on their next vacation.

For the Foodie

Experiences and reservations are a foodies best friend. You can do a lot when it comes to stocking stuffers for the foodie in your life. I personally always love to receive gift cards to the restaurants I frequent, when applicable. If they have been wanting to try a certain restaurant, treat them to the experience of a tasting menu so they get a chance to try a little bit of everything. Tasting menu’s are great ways to experience all that a restaurant has to offer and it looks pretty boss when your waiter continues to bring out all of these plates of food including dessert.

Bring in a private chef, take them to a private cooking class or if they love to cook, gift them with a really nice apron and updated cookware which may not fit in the stocking, but you know you can break the gifts down and split up how you deliver it.

What are some of the best stocking stuffer gifts you have received?

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