17 Must Have Items For a Minimalist Registry

Creating a minimalist registry? I definitely consider myself a minimalist. When I thought of having kids, the thought of having all of this baby stuff in crazy colors and just really having stuff everywhere gave me major hoarder vibes. That’s an extreme I know, but when you intentionally keep things minimal, too much of anything can feel overwhelming.

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Understanding that I’m actually having a baby who will need different things for different phases, I added things that I’m open to having, things that baby will actually need and most of all things that fit our vibe as a family. That includes aesthetically for me. I want things that can be used for another baby, things that won’t feel outdated once their time has come, gone or continues to be used and I’m sticking to that.

Thankfully my aunt and mom gave me ideas on what baby will need, because even though I know plenty of people who have kids, how am I supposed to know? Our registry is just over 104 items and most of those things are diapers and wipes because clothes can be worked out, but keeping babies butt covered is truly an essential. That said, I figured it would be fun to share 17 things I had to have and if I had to clear out the rest of the registry, I would still feel complete with these 17 things.

That said let’s get into 17 must have items for a minimalist registry.
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17 Must Have Items For a Minimalist Registry

Gift Cards Are a Must for a Minimalist Registry

Some people think gift cards are a cop out, I say let me buy what I want. When it came to our wedding we asked for gift cards and cash and we just LITERALLY started using those gift cards and that cash. We knew there would be a process and a delay when it came to us spending the money and using the gift cards so we wanted to be able to do it on our time and the same is true with a minimalist registry.

There are gonna be things we don’t want people to buy, things we want to have a stash and a stockpile for and in my opinion gift cards or cash are the best option. Let people buy what they want. Also it’s easier to store gift cards then it is to try to find room for a bunch of things you didn’t actually ask for.

Babies grow and change so fast and while so much is cute and so much is fun to buy, we understand that some stuff won’t be necessary until a little bit down the road.

Diapers + Wipes

When it comes to diapers and wipes if nothing else, if not a single thing else just get diapers and wipes. I’ve added more to our registry than what we originally planned, but in real minimalist fashion, our registry would have only been diapers and wipes if it were up to us.

A minimalist registry, while not literally complete is pretty complete with diapers and wipes. I am picky and do want certain diapers so I have chosen a variety of 3 clean options. Coterie, Millie Moon and Honest. All brands come with wipes to compliment so that makes it easy.

Diaper Backpack

I used to dream of having a really fancy diaper bag, but now that I’m here, I want what’s easy and what won’t weigh me down. The perfect addition to a minimalist registry is a diaper backpack. It’s versatile for me and my husband, it comes with a changing pad and has enough space to fit all the things our little one will need without being too much.

Plus when it comes to the stroller and storage, it won’t take up the entire basket/bottom part and it can’t get too heavy if it’s not too big which is great for someone who prefers a minimal vibe.


ToteSavvy is a bag insert that has slots and storage compartments for diapers and the like that can be placed into any bag not just a diaper bag. Sometimes you may need to carry a smaller bag or just want to carry a purse instead of a diaper bag, but you obviously will still need things for your baby and I love that it will work the same as the diaper bag allowing you to have your essentials. This alone is perfect for a minimalist registry because not everyone even wants a diaper bag at all.

Stroller + Car Seat Are a Must for a Minimalist Registry

This was a big one, obviously babies need a carseat and stroller travel system. Before I was pregnant, I always said I was willing to splurge on a stroller that was lightweight, efficient, easy to handle and work with for the moments when I go out by myself. It’s been a non-negotiable this entire time. After reading many reviews and considering overall safety, aesthetics and longevity, I’ve decided to add the Nuna TRVL System and Nuna Pipa Lite Carseat to my registry.

The Nuna TRVL system is a one touch open and close situation which is perfect to add to a minimalist registry. Another reason I personally chose to add the Nuna is because it’s flame retardant and not just for the early stages of infancy. I’ve added the color Caviar which is basically black and I’m excited to see baby grow with it as well as use it for another baby in the future


There is only one crib that I’ve wanted and that is a clear acrylic crib, but it’s not a huge priority for me right now space wise, additionally a bassinet will work for as long as possible and then we can switch out. I dread the idea of having baby stuff everywhere even though I already love my little one so much, but in true minimal fashion, one or other and not both is what we’ve decided on.

Bassinet shopping was hard, a lot of the more inexpensive options looked it. They did not look sturdy or supportive. Likewise the splurge worthy options seemed to have mixed reviews. I ultimately chose the Halo Premiere Bassinet to add and I feel like it’s a great addition to a minimalist registry. It gets extremely close to the bed, can turn in a full 360 motion, and I won’t have to lean out of the bed to get baby based on how close they can get. If you’re looking for an option that isn’t a crib at to start, a bassinet is a great option.

Neutral Clothes for A Minimalist Registry

Color of clothes is subjective and totally up to you, but a good option if you’re not finding out the gender or don’t want to lean towards pink or blue is to choose gender neutral clothing options. When I think of creating the ideal minimalist registry, I think of ways to use things again should you decide to have another baby. Boy or girl, choosing things on the black, white, tan, grey or bone/nude spectrum is perfect for getting that use out of the things you buy.

Naturally some things will need to be replaced, but at the speed babies grow, less is more for the person who wants a more minimal capsule wardrobe. HM, Old Navy, Carters and Gap has some amazing options that work for both little girls or boys and some even come in packs of 3 or 5. Won’t take much to get to a whole wardrobe.

Baby Bullet

This is more of a personal desire for a minimalist registry. I make my dogs food very frequently and we have the Cuisinart, and all of the tools we need so I’ve been collecting an abundance of recipes to try with baby as they learn foods and the like. Additionally, I would never use the same device I use to make my dogs food even though it’s really human food just being cooked down, even the cleanest Cuisinart couldn’t make me cross use so in my opinion this plus the extra cups is a great way to keep minimal food items and store it effectively.

Hands Free Breast Pump + Manual Breast Pump

A minimalist registry has to have a hands free pump. I refuse to be tied down to an outlet with a big zip on extra piece of clothing to wear, I just already can’t deal or can’t be bothered. I went back and fourth between adding an electric hands free breast pump, I really wanted to see how a manual pump such as a Haakaa did on it’s own, but I’m low-key concerned that I will wish I had got an electric one so I’ve added both. I do know how a Haakaa works, but by itself, seems a bit daunting.

When it comes to being a minimalist being able to be on the go and do other things while pumping is a must.

Dock A Tot

A sleeper that an infant can be put into is a must have for a minimalist registry. It doesn’t have to be a Dock A Tot there are definitely much more affordable options, but as a minimalist there are things that are worth the splurge in my opinion and if you’re planning on having multiples, sometimes paying a little more for that one thing is worth it in the long run. Aesthetically there are handful of covers that can be used, but I personally really want the marble style, is that asking for too much?

Glass Bottles

Bottles can be tricky, we buy bottles that we think our baby will like and our baby ends up telling us what they prefer. I really pray that our little one does well with glass bottles because glass is just better, holds temperatures well and are just sturdier over the long run. I think of glass bottles like glass tupperware, it really does what it needs to do and glass styles eliminate all of the wild and wacky colors that bottles sometimes have. A minimalist registry is about having what you need and it being able to fit into your lifestyle.

Acrylic Nursery Storage for a Minimalist Registry

A perfect addition for a minimalist registry is acrylic nursery storage. Not everyone will have or has the space for a huge nursery, but acrylic storage can be used and stored in so many ways. There is a variety of sizes and options, some with two compartments in one. Additionally, depending on the phase of motherhood you’re in sometimes you just need a way to store the essentials and as they grow and as certain things are needed less you can switch things out. That is what I’m most looking forward to honestly. Pottery Barn Kids has these super nice ones that come in 3 base colors. When it comes to clothes storage, diapers and the necessities I can already see these being a staple for our little one.

Teethers + Binkies

Naturally, between wanting to put things in their mouths, including their hands and feet, and teeth coming in binkies and teethers are a must have for a minimalist registry.

There are a ton of pacifier styles as well as a ton of teether options so I’m choosing a few options for a few different stages. We’ve all see the wub a nubs aka the ones with the animal attached. Pacifiers have changed a lot since more brands make them I do plan to have a few different kinds and hopefully we can mutually settle on something from there.

You’re probably like, uhm what about a sling or a carrier, whose holding the baby all day? What about about a baby monitor? Swaddle? There are a million things, literally, that can be added to a registry but this is where gift cards come in to play. As a minimalist there will be items we feel are must have but others aren’t and gift cards are perfect for getting those last minute “I do want that or I do need that” items.

As someone who is a big believer in less is more, a minimalist registry with room to add things was overall a better fit for us and our current lifestyle.

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What’s a must have item you have added or plan to add to your registry?

**Registry requires you to ask me for our address if you’re led to make a purchase

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