15 Best Winter Nail Colors for 2022

When it comes to winter nail colors are you team dark, light, or sparkly festive? Whatever shade you decide, there is really no wrong that can be done. Light colors like blues, whites and greys, are really all year round colors. Likewise, dark shades, burgundy’s, emeralds and navy blues,  really make the winter season feel bold and rich.

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I’m not really into seasonal specific designs, so choosing the right color that goes with many things is what I really base my choices on. That said let’s get into 15 best winter nail colors for 2022.

15 Best Winter Nail Colors for 2022

Winter Nail Colors

Nail Colors from OPI

It’s no secret whether you’re using regular or the gel version, OPI is a top brand and definitely known for their collection of nail colors. One of my favorites and one that is basically a classic loved by many is Lincoln Park After Dark. It isn’t the only shade, but it is one that is so beautifully rich and deep, looks like black, but really it’s a deep deep purple that never gets old. Since Lincoln Park After Dark isn’t everyones cup of tea, I included 4 other shades that range from light to dark.

Nail Colors from Chanel

Who doesn’t want nail colors from Chanel? For the luxe lover or person who doesn’t get gel or more semi permanent nail styles, having luxe winter nail colors that are usually one of a kind is a great way to give luxurious gifts under $100.

Nail Colors from Essie

Essie is an OG brand for me now. The first color I ever used from Essie was ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ it was this pretty deep red that I loved, but since I’m not a huge red girl no matter the season, I quickly pivoted to the Pinks and fell for Fiji which is this milky baby pink color that is timeless in my opinion. Essie has since expanded and created wonderful seasonal shades including the ones listed which I think are perfect winter nail colors.

Do you prefer dark or festive nail colors during the winter season?

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