Christmas Tree Shopping 2022

Shopping for our Christmas tree has been something I’ve been wanting to do since the beginning of November. The fact that I wanted a live tree held up that process because most lots, unless you drive far out, aren’t open until the week before Thanksgiving or the week of.

That said, as much as I want to be a put my Christmas tree up on November 1st, my husband and I have decided our tradition will be Black Friday and having done it this year, it feels good and felt like the right timing.

This will be one of my shorter posts so lets get into Christmas tree shopping 2022.

Christmas Tree Shopping 2022
Christmas Tree Shopping 2022

Christmas Tree Shopping

Local / Black Owned Lots

Naturally when it comes to Christmas tree shopping there are lots that regularly pop up. Some lots that are pumpkin patches transition once November arrives and while I was open to making the drive to a non local tree lot, I was so glad that the local one in my neighborhood was finally open on Black Friday.

They admitted that they were late as far as getting set up this year, but I’m glad they were there when we went. While I don’t know if we were their first sale or not, I was just happy to finally get our tree. They had a variety of sizes and tree types and the tree prices included the base which made it easier for us. One less thing to buy. We went for a 5-6 footer that is beautifully two toned and compliments the space we have it in perfectly.

I actually have no idea what the name of their lot is, but if you live in LA and know where Simply Wholesome and Hilltop Slauson is, it’s right in the back of the parking lot.

Christmas Tree Shopping 2022

Theme and Aesthetic For Our Christmas Tree

I had already chosen our theme and aesthetic for our Christmas tree, we just needed the tree to put everything on. It’s no secret that we love black and because we weren’t planning for a flocked tree or anything, black always stands out beautifully with green and we “found that out” when we painted our house black in anticipation for our micro farm.

I purchased 3 things of all black, assorted texture ornaments, first from Amazon and then from Hobby Lobby and Hobby Lobby has everything. I planned for black paper and while at Hobby Lobby decided that their buffalo check paper in black and white with matching ribbon was going to be our wrapping theme. I’ve always enjoyed a theme with paper, it makes it easy to determine what gifts are from who and my friends know I love a good theme and aesthetic so it totally works itself out.


As far as additional decor and decorating around the home, because I do consider myself to be a minimalist, I try to reuse things I already have first instead of buying a bunch of things that are just seasonal. As our baby grows and gets older and we have more kids, I imagine I’ll add to our decor, but for now, because our theme and aesthetic is black, I incorporated black forever flowers that I have. I wrapped the buffalo check black and white ribbon around a black bottle of champagne and looked for candles with black vessels.

I wanted to add some deers, but they didn’t give me the vibe that I needed them so I’ll keep it simple and add as we grow. The good thing is because a lot of our stuff is already black and white or grey, we don’t need to do a lot to change things. I did consider adding some pillows and I still can make that happen with the pillows and pillow covers from our wedding instead of buying Christmas specific pillows.

When it comes to decorating, the Christmas tree and other things, I like practical decoration that can be used more than just for one holiday. Less things in storage and more things all year round. That’s my vibe; additionally, a lot of things aren’t black when it comes to the holiday, there is a lot of color, gold, white, silver, red and green, it’s just what the people want, so things have to really stand out for me to want them.

I have always been around and celebrated with unique ornaments, so that will be my thing going forward along with stockings as our family grows.

Most of all I’m glad that we got our Christmas tree; the smell of it, looking at it and sitting in front of it is everything to me and I can’t wait to enjoy this season with our little family sharing in all of the firsts. This time of year will always be extra special for me and for us and I will forever cherish it.

Are you a faux tree or a real tree kind of person? When do you usually put your tree up or go buy it?

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