It’s Personal: The Proposal

The Proposal; the biggest moment in my life. Outside of a few people who knew the plan and the few that I told right away, I haven’t really shared our proposal story.

Lets rewind 5 months earlier to July. At the end of June Mych said we were doing this “Couples Photoshoot” for a friend who was doing this photography book of a bunch of couples he knew. When he initially said that I was a bit confused, but then I thought it would be cute to have nice pictures taken professionally. I didn’t even for a minute think it was a proposal or could be because we had already talked about our engagement and he told me next year.

Fast forward to the week of July 7, 2017. The week of the proposal; that week was a bit all over the place. I had practice for a play I was in, regular meetings, things were just normal for me. Mych on the other hand was rushing around and saying he had to go drop stuff off and meet people before certain times and it wasn’t really unusual but he just seem more hurried than he normally is. I just assumed whatever it was it was really important. (It was he was picking up my ring unbeknownst to me).

Thursday July 6, 2017. I was feeling a little anxious about this photo shoot, I didn’t know what to expect, it was extremely hot, just a number of things. I text my friend Jazmyne and told her that I was feeling so weird, I told her about the photo shoot and then I asked her “what if it’s a proposal?”. This was really the only time that I had considered it, only because I felt extremely anxious. She kind of talked me down and was basically like “don’t hype yourself up in case it isn’t; that you way you won’t be disappointed.” I was thankful for that because I really didn’t want to be crushed by overthinking it.

Friday July 7, 2017. I have my outfit picked, Friday is usually slow at work, I wasn’t trippin. I wore a light blue mini skirt and black crop top with these dope black slides I have and I brought heels for the shoot. I had talked to my mom who mysteriously brought up the “photo shoot” and all I kept thinking was “when did I tell her?” Though I couldn’t remember the date I figured I told her; the reality was, I didn’t tell her but Mych had talked to her and my dad on Thursday night. Mych and I had talked most of the day, talked about where I would meet him and the photographer and then we would together walk over to the Rose Garden. We parked and met at our cars and the photographer was immediately like “Thanks for helping me with this project, it’s going to be cool.” If in that moment there was any feeling of this could be a proposal that definitely killed it and I was like okay, it’s not that, move on.

We get to the rose garden and aside from it being ridiculously hot, the smell of all of the flowers was just overwhelming and beautiful and I immediately began doing a few snap stories until we we were situated. The photographer did a couple of test shots and decided on an aisle that happened to be empty, lighting was good, it was good. Mychal had a backpack which didn’t seem too weird to me because he had work that night; he took a bottle of sparkling wine out it and gave it to me to “take pictures that I could use for my brand.” I would start and then he would join in.

I’m getting my little shots in and the photographer says “Check your boy’s pose”. Part of me heard him but it was hot, I was just trying to keep it together honestly. So he sortive said it again and I look to my left and there is Mychal down on one knee with the ring box open (I didn’t make him wait that long).

My emotions were all over the place, I was shocked, excited, overwhelmed, more shocked, super happy, unsure if this was really happening or not, I was all over the place. The feeling that I felt seeing him on one knee and seeing the ring is something that can only be experienced. There is no way to explain the feeling of it. It’s so interesting when I watch other proposals or proposal videos that feeling comes back and I’m just extremely excited to know that I was able to experience that feeling that another woman is experiencing. It’s so funny because most of the time women are like doubled over because the feeling is just so shocking. I didn’t even give him my hand right away, I was so shocked and excited that I actually just held my hands together. The pictures couldn’t have been better.

I always told myself that I would wait to share the news via social media when I got engaged because I wanted it to be my moment first; I wanted it to be our moment first. We waited about a week and some days to share and when I finally did, it felt good and it felt right. It was sweet to find out everyone that knew or had input on our proposal especially because I had no idea anyone else was plottin’ on me. I feel so extremely blessed that I had such a dreamy and perfect proposal. As a little girl I always wondered what it would like it, who it would be and it was everything I could have dreamed of. So extremely blessed and looking forward to forever with my husband to be; it was certainly worth the wait.

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