4 Reasons We Wanted A Long Engagement

Long Engagement?!! (In my Soulja Boy voice). Most people think it’s weird to wait a long or extended time period to get married and the number one question(s) we have gotten is “Why wait?” or… View Post

It’s Personal: Don’t Wear White to a Wedding

Disclaimer: My thoughts about this are solely my own and are contingent on NOT being asked to wear white. If your goal is an all white wedding, I’m here for it, but that is not… View Post

It’s Personal: Trying On Wedding Dresses

Trying on wedding dresses is a lot of what I expected it to be and a lot of other things too. A month after our proposal I went and tried on dresses because there were… View Post

It’s Personal: The Proposal

The Proposal; the biggest moment in my life. Outside of a few people who knew the plan and the few that I told right away, I haven’t really shared our proposal story. Lets rewind 5… View Post