How to Create A Christmas Aesthetic

Looking to create a Christmas Aesthetic? The arrival of our first baby makes me want to have everything perfect and aesthetically pleasing for his first holiday. I know he wont particularly remember how mom and dad made an effort to choose this theme or that wrapping paper, but that isn’t going to stop me from still doing it.

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I’ve grown up with my parents having a tree of all sizes, my grandma has always had a tree and the times she didn’t I can’t even remember. My husbands side of the family doesn’t celebrate as deep, no tree, no lights and that’s also been fine though I love the season and the holiday cheer. Since we’ve been together we have not gone out of our way to have a tree or put up lights, but starting new traditions with your own little family is sweet and I’m not skipping the season anymore.

That said, naturally, I’ve been planning to create a Christmas aesthetic for this moment for a while now. I love a good theme and I actually think an aesthetic makes it a lot easier to not go overboard with too much stuff since I am also really minimal. If you’re looking for tips to create a Christmas aesthetic, look no further, I’m here to show you how.

How to Create Your Christmas Aesthetic

How To Create a Christmas Aesthetic

Choose Your Color Scheme for Your Christmas Aesthetic

Anytime you create an aesthetic you need a color scheme or overarching color palette that you are going for. I share that here in my post 7 Ways to Turn Your Aesthetic into a Lifestyle. Maybe you’re having Christmas in your new home so you want to use the traditional colors of red, green and white. Maybe you’re more minimal and neutral and you don’t want too much color because it’s overwhelming so you choose emerald, black and white. Whatever your reason and whatever you desire, your color scheme will lead the way for creating your Christmas aesthetic.

While you’re locking down a color scheme, think about textures as well. Velvet, plaid, satin or even matte textures are great ways to incorporate that luxe feel to your Christmas aesthetic. This is where unique pieces come into play and really add that wow factor to what you’re hoping to create during this season.

Create A Mood Board

I’m a visual person and while I love creating an aesthetic in my mind, having photos to confirm what I’m actually going for makes things more real for me. Ya’ll know I’m a Pinterest girl and nothing will ever stop me from using the platform. Since people use it as a search engine especially for milestone events or seasonal occasions, creating a mood board is a perfect way to create your Christmas aesthetic.

Not only does creating a mood board help you visualize what you’re trying to create, it actually provides you with ideas you may not have originally had. My latest pins on this Pinterest Board will probably give you an idea of the aesthetic I’m going for this year. One thing that helped me while pinning these inspiration photos was being reminded that I have some things in my desired Christmas aesthetic from our wedding.

I have pillows and throw blankets that are the exact color palette I’m going for so that eliminates a good amount of what I feel I’ll need to buy. I always think it’s great to go for things that can be repurposed for the next season or next year. For example pillows that have covers, all you need to do is switch the covers for the next occasion or next season without always needing to get new pillows. Of course you’re welcome to get new ones, but if your vibe is more minimal and you’re wondering how you can get good use out of things long term, this is a good place to start.

Type of Decor

Speaking of pillows and throw blankets, you can create your Christmas aesthetic by deciding on the type of decor you want to have. Maybe it’s the tree itself for you, maybe you have a love for special ornaments or signs that share holiday messages. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or love cooking, you may want all of the dish towels and drying towels for the stove or sink.

If you have a love for twinkle lights you could use them throughout your home in fun ways and use that instead of your traditional interior lighting. Of course always practice safety as twinkle lights when plugged in for long periods of time can get hot, but there is no one size fits all to the type of decor it’s all up to you.

Some Christmas enthusiasts I follow love black nutcrackers or things that really reflect their culture and ethnicity as that’s equally important for creating their Christmas aesthetic. You get to decide. My advice is always do what feels authentic to you.

How to Create Your Christmas Aesthetic

Filler Decor

Filler decor is comprised of smaller things you can use to fill your space with that pulls your Christmas aesthetic together. Garlands, candles, stockings, or even updating your flatware for the holiday season can really add some flare to your space. We have a dog, a big curious dog who likes to put things in her mouth so when I think about certain things being at her level or accessible to her height level, I have to be mindful of the filler decor I use.

Repurposing ornaments and using that as decor off of the tree is a great way to fill space. You’re getting use without needing to necessarily buy a whole bunch of new things. I love keeping a bottle of champagne on the counter top and I have black forever flowers that I like to keep out as well, so things like that easily double as filler decor since they also happen to be apart of the aesthetic color palette I plan to use. Throw a ribbon around the bottle and now it’s Christmas ready. Speaking of ribbon and twine, tulle and the like, those are easy, animal friendly (mostly) and kid friendly ways to add that extra bit of decor without splurging.

Switching out your coffee table books to ones with covers that match your desired Christmas aesthetic or even wrapping them with a festive paper is an easy way to create dimension and get use out of the items that are already in use.

Where to Shop for Your Christmas Aesthetic

If you’re looking for specific colors like I was and you don’t want a mix of things, Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Target are great places to start. The cool thing about creating a Christmas aesthetic is that you’ll probably find one of kind things at a variety of stores you visit. TJ Maxx, Crate & Barrel, Ikea, there is no one perfect store to go to, though Hobby Lobby seems to be the place these days.

I feel like where you choose to go depends on what you’re looking for and the type of vibe and decor that the store already carries. Crate & Barrel, CB2 and Pottery Barn have a very specific aesthetic. Are you looking for acrylic pieces or one of a kind stockings? Those stores have a more modern take on traditional items like nutcrackers? You definitely want to hit up those stores. Target has some great pillows, throws and decor pieces in stores, but again if you’re looking for a certain color or your aesthetic is more specific, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for.

All in all you get to create your dream Christmas aesthetic and whatever you choose it will be fabulous. Similar to how you would go about discovering your fashion aesthetic, the idea is relatively the same. Your aesthetic does not have to be the same every year, that’s the beauty in seasonal experiences. If you’re looking to create a Pinterest worthy look in your home, lean into the full experience and don’t be shy about it.

Have you chosen your Christmas aesthetic for this season? Are you already decorating?

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