11 Luxurious Gifts Under $100

Looking for luxurious gifts under $100? Who isn’t? It’s no secret that we all desire a little bit of luxury in our lives, but oftentimes when we think of luxury we only think of the extra large purchases. The bags, the cars, the expensive shoes. The amazing thing about luxurious gifts is they can be just that without the hefty price tag. Luxury on a budget seems like an oxymoron sometimes right? It doesn’t have to be; luxury is what you make it and you don’t have to and shouldn’t go into debt trying to make luxury happen.

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As someone who loves her share of luxurious gifts, what I love even more is being able to find little luxuries that make me feel just as good as the bigger purchases do. Whether you’re shopping yourself, for stocking stuffers or for loved ones, below are 11 luxurious gifts under $100.

11 Luxurious Gifts Under $100

Luxurious Gifts Under $100

Luxury Hand Cremes

Hand cremes are a great luxurious gift under $100. No matter the season nobody likes having dry or chapped hands, I know I don’t. The chillier the weather the better the hand creme should be in my opinion. One thing about luxury hand cremes though is they often come in the metal style tubes which are for sure more chic, but depending on how much you use them the packaging can become severely worn down and while they work just fine when worn down, sometimes the hand creme can start coming out from different locations and make a mess.

Something to consider especially in colder climates; cold hands, even colder weather can make it harder to squeeze out. I recommend a tube key to effectively roll and get all of the product out without ruining the packaging too much, but a lot of brands don’t sell them and I imagine it’s because they don’t envision them being worth the inventory, but they are really helpful. Anywho, I’ve linked to some top tier hand cremes for you to checkout.

Skincare Accessories Make Great Luxurious Gifts

One of my favorite luxurious gifts under $100 is the Le Coton Pads by Chanel. A box of 100 is $20 and they are so thick and really a fun way to give the gift of luxury without splurging at all. Most of us use cotton pads to remove makeup, we see them at Target and Ulta, really anywhere, but how fun is it to use cotton pads adorned with the Chanel logo?

The thickness is really what sold me on these when I first used them and depending on how you use them, you can get away with using just one per session of use. Mine personally lasted for such a long time, so whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, these make for perfect luxurious gifts under $100.

Rollerball Perfumes

Rollerball and travel perfumes make great luxurious gifts under $100. It’s a great way to try a variety of perfumes and sometimes it’s just a great way to get what you want at a price that better fits your budget especially if you’re gifting it to someone. Additionally, if it’s a favorite scent you may not want to carry the $300 bottle around because lets be real, as great as luxury perfumes are, not all of them last all day which is totally normal.

Lip Glow Oils and Luxury Lip Glosses

Lip glow oils and luxury lip balms or glosses also make great luxurious gifts under $100. I recently bought the the Dior Lip Glow Oil in Mahogany, though I would try the others and I have to personally say it is so lovely and really lives up to the hype. It doesn’t dry my lips out, lasts all day and makes a great gift for the person who needs and prefers to keep their lips moisturized.

A Luxe Refillable Pen

Need great luxurious gifts under $100 for the writer in your life? Refillable pens that look nice and add to the overall experience of writing, planning, journaling or day to day work is a must get. I’ve been using the same pen for a few years now and because I’m a stickler about it, no you cannot borrow it, not even for a second. I bought my husband two of his own so that way we wouldn’t have to share because I enjoy and want to use my pen and my pen only.

There are a variety of pens available and no not all of them are refillable, but if you’re looking for a good everyday pen, it should be refillable. The pen that my husband and I love, one because we chose the gold version, but two because it’s so easy to refill is the Pentel Energel Alloy Retractable Pen. It comes in Silver, Pewter, Black, Pink and Red, but the gold really elevates it in my opinion.

I would definitely consider myself a pen connoisseur, but out of all of the pens I’ve used before and in between, this is one I prefer the most.

Planner Cover for A Custom Planner

If you’ve read my post 5 Ways a Custom Planner Elevated My Life you might be looking to begin your custom planner journey. While some planner covers can easily cost over $100 there are plenty that make great luxurious gifts under $100. The clear planner cover featured in my photos is under $15 so you’re really getting a steal. If you are hoping for something a little more sturdy or heavy duty, I would encourage checking out Cloth & Paper’s options as they too have clear covers and A6 size covers that fall just under $100.

Colored Wine Glasses

If you’re a hostess with the mostess or just enjoy drinking your wine, water, juice or iced coffee in beautifully colored glassware, colored wine glasses specifically from Estelle Colored Glasses make great luxurious gifts under $100. Someone is reading this like “yeah, but I saw the set of 6 you posted and they were more than $100” you don’t necessarily have to get a set of 6 to get the most glamorous glasses on everyones wishlist at the moment. Estelle thought of the under $100 crew when she made sets of two.

These glasses have been one of my most shopped items on LTK and it doesn’t surprise me no matter what set was chosen. You can choose from stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses and so much more.

Water Tumblr

Ya’ll better come get you one of these. A water tumbler, one that you actually love and will use makes for great luxurious gifts under $100. This is one you could get for the whole family and not just the luxury lover in your life. I recently purchase a Stanley water tumbler and while your water tumbler doesn’t have to be a Stanley, it’s been really great having it. It fits in all of my car cup holders including the door one. It gets cold and stays cold and the stop goes from the straw option to a sipper option. Variety is important.

Whether you choose cream, black or a fun color, 20 oz or larger, this makes for a perfect gift for the person wanting to up their water intake.

Custom Engraved Liquor Bottles or Bar Accessories

You don’t have to drink to gift someone a bottle of something nice that is customized with a sweet note or message for them. For my husbands 30th birthday one of his best friends got him an engraved bottle of La Marca Prosecco and it was so thoughtful. It was a great luxurious gift under $100 and definitely something I would consider gifting to someone in the future.

Anything customized with your name or something related always feels good because it’s a one of one.

Modish Decor Pillow Covers Are Great Luxurious Gifts

Home decor is a great way to add luxury into your life. Pillows, throws and interchangeable accessories like pillow covers or duvet covers make great luxurious gifts under $100. The great thing about covers,  is all you need is the base and you can change them out at any time without taking up additional storage. Seasonal covers in a variety of colors and textures are a great gift for the person looking to luxe up their couch, bedroom or outdoor patio. Black owned brand Modish Decor has pillows and covers for all your luxury home needs.


Candles set a mood and nothing is better than when our favorite perfumes and colognes come in candle versions. Not all candles are safe based on the type of wax and fragrance additives, but if you aren’t burning it often, candles make great luxurious gifts under $100. Sometimes a candle is great when the fragrance is more than you’re hoping to pay.

What are some of  your favorite luxurious gifts under $100 to receive or give?

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