11 Ways to Add Luxury into Your Home

Looking to add luxury into your home? It can be done in so many ways. Whether you make seasonal changes or more permanent changes, you should have fun with it and find ways to do it on your budget. For me it’s about the visual aspect and how it can be incorporated over the term.

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I usually search out what I’m looking for or the vibe I’m trying to achieve on Pinterest and take myself down a rabbit hole of multiple ways it can be achieved because one way isn’t always the way. I’m very careful about the pieces I choose, I look for timeless things, things that work for masculine and feminine vibes and things that allow a flow in a space.

I personally stay away from white pieces or pieces that can look dingy or dirty if not always cleaned and wiped down. It reminds me of having white nails but doing my makeup everyday, at some point my white nails will get stained and loose that luster. Choosing glass, marble, stone, concrete or black pieces does a lot in my opinion and can really elevate a space and add luxury into your home.

That said let’s get into 11 ways to add luxury into your home.

11 Ways to Add Luxury into Your Home

Ways to Add Luxury into Your Home


The easiest way to add luxury into your home is by incorporating candles. Wood wick, 3 wick, oversized or minis, I love looking for candles that not only fit the season we are in but have unique vessels because the vessel it’s held in really adds to the overall luxury experience.

I like a mix of high and low candles. High end ones you may not burn often or may not even need to burn often as their scent throws are usually stronger. Low end candles or candles you find marked down at Home Goods are great if you really take your time to scour the shelves and see what they have going on. My latest candle hunt, it took me 3 different Home Goods stores before I found candles that not only had the scents I was looking for, but had really nice vessels that worked for the upcoming season, but weren’t the typical seasonal colors.

Candles always make me feel good and make me feel like my space is well put together, so when in doubt, choose candles to add that touch of luxury into your home.

Unique Colored Glassware, Flatware and Dishes

Kids or not, it’s easy to always grab silverware for your flatware, but it’s so fun to choose something for the everyday that isn’t silver. Choose the gold or the black, even choose the gunmetal instead of the traditional silver for something that’s just slightly different than what you would typically go for.

I don’t know about you, but I love grabbing my black flatware, to go with my black plates and bowls, it’s a whole mood, and moment and it makes eating and the little things we take for granted that much luxe and elevated.

Choosing a ribbed glass over a smooth glass, choosing a colored glass over a clear glass, there are so many ways to add luxury into your home in a way that feels you. I’ve noticed, and maybe it’s a social media thing, but we love to roll our eyes at the aesthetic of someone’s life, but the truth is, you get to create your own and it makes you feel good.

Accessories Add Luxury into your Home

Home accessories are a perfect way to add luxury into your home. They are usually inexpensive and you don’t have to get everything. Glass straws, a designer coffee mug or specialty pieces really elevate the everyday.

Choosing coffee table books for your kitchen counter. Even if you’re not a self proclaimed chef or at the stove every day, little touches not only spark inspiration, but it elevates your counter top differently than a plant or an appliance may.

Likewise, fresh flowers and faux or real plants, easily makes the space feel more alive and ready to be used. The point is, you don’t have to do a lot to add luxury into your home, you just have to decide what direction you’re going to go.

Throw Blankets

Even the nicest couch and bed looks more luxe with a throw blanket. Throw blankets in a variety of textures is an easy way to add luxury to your home. When it’s warm they serve as solid decor, when it’s cold, you get to put them to use. Lighter styles, heavier styles, give your space that touch of luxury without clutter.

Coffee Table Books

It took my husband a minute to understand how nice coffee table books are. He didn’t originally get the vision, but once he got a few that spoke to him, he understood the vision and how they easily add luxury into your home. The one thing I love about coffee table books is they don’t always have to go on a coffee table. I have a mock tail book in my kitchen next to the sink and stove, a recipe book that’s resting under our more colorful bottles of champagne.

Storage Containers

Gone are the days of everything just being everywhere, from the fridge to under the sink, closet organization and more, storage containers of your preferred style are such a simple way to add luxury into your home. It doesn’t have to be Marie Kondo style or The Home Edit style, but finding something that works for keeping things of all kinds from being cluttered is an easy way to luxe up any space. There is something that feels good about clearly seeing where things are and everything having a place. That could also be the minimalist in me, but I personally love it and I’m taking my time will doing our own storage container organization.

Matchy Matchy Accessories That Add to Your Home Vibe

This one is more subjective, but for someone that loves a full look that comes all the way together, finding accessories that match what your home vibe or theme is will definitely add luxury into your home. For example, glass straws and candle vessels, if it’s fall or winter, I’m not going to pick orange or red and green. I’m looking for a whatever goes with my personal space. There is nothing wrong with choosing festive colors, but if you’re like me, I like to find other ways to express a holiday or season outside of the traditional.

Closet Build Outs Add Luxury into Your Home

If your closet is not built out or big enough to create a walk in type of style, getting your closet professionally done instantly adds luxury into your home. Even the smallest space can have a closet build out that completely changes the way the closet feels and looks. Additionally, it provides a level of organization that you may not have had just by having one hanging bar straight across. We personally had our closet built out by The Container Store and it was so worth it and really inexpensive, but depending on size and the type of fixtures you desire it can increase in price. Even as a minimalist having a place for everything is so helpful. A shelf for this and a rack for that, it makes a difference.

Patterned Floor Tile or Patterned Wallpaper

Prints and patterns can seem intimidating but they really do a lot to a space because it’s just something different. As much as I was punching the air when my husband chose marble tile for our bathroom shower in our back house, once it was installed and based on the size he chose, it actually worked out so well and made the bathroom look so large. To add onto that and to add an extra splash of luxury that was beyond just plain floor tile, I chose an abstract black and white patterned floor tile that also added to the length of the bathroom, but modernized it and made it feel so much more luxe. Everyone has a favorite space in their home or apartment and for me it’s definitely the bathroom. It’s just a zen vibe for me and the pattern and tile mix makes it so luxe. I feel like I’m in a hotel bathroom every time I go in there. It’s really the little things.

11 Ways to Add Luxury into your home

LED Mirrors

A luxury in itself, an LED mirror in any room of your house is helpful, but if you’re like me, having it in the bathroom is the ultimate way to add luxury into your home. As a creator, but also someone who again, likes having that hotel vibe in the bathroom, LED mirrors that change colors is helpful. I have a ring light, but honestly hate having to use it. It has to be plugged into something with a USB outlet and my devices, as most have evolved, don’t come with those things anymore and sure I could connect it to an old phone block, but that’s a lot of work. LED mirrors take that extra step out of stuff and make it easy for me to be able to have the lighting I need and want in the space I want without needing to bring all of my supplies and tools. It’s not a necessity and you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t have one, but if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or space with something, I guarantee you, this is what you need.

Unique Shower and Bathtub Fixtures

Also not a requirement, but again adding that hotel vibe to your life, one way that I knew I wanted to add luxury into our home was by having a rainfall water shower. As a black girl, to get straight to the point, it can seem intimidating because we’re not getting our hair wet everyday like that, but shockingly it’s been so much better than I thought and when it does come to washing my hair it’s so much better than just a standard shower head. Whether you choose a rainfall shower head, gold shower head or spout style faucet for your tub, the smallest thing can add luxury into your home. Additionally, while a tub fixture may depend on the type of tub you have, a shower head is super easy to update and upgrade and it’s so worth that upgrade.

What are some ways you have added luxury into your home?

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