5 Tips for Making Your First Luxury Purchase

Making your first luxury purchase is a huge deal. I remember my very own purchase. I’ve been blessed to have a good amount of things bought for me prior to my own purchase, but it was like yesterday when I eyed these aviator style, heavy, tortoise and gold framed Marc Jacobs sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack. They were $99 and I just knew they would be mine. I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch back then and made such little money (retail life) that the thought of $99 of my own money seemed wild. Anywho, I bought the glasses they came with a heavy duty case and I loved them and took such good care of them until I sat on them and broke them, like I’ve done all of my good glasses.

The tips that made me purchase are still tips I use today especially because a lot of the things I do tend to want are on the higher end side. If you’re anything like me, once you discover what luxury is to you, you can use and modify these tips as you see fit. I love when people make their first luxury purchase, it’s a different type of feeling and experience ESPECIALLY if you get it straight from the boutique. It’s the wrapping and unboxing experience for me. Anyway, let’s get into 5 tips for making your first luxury purchase.

5 Tips for Making Your First Luxury Purchase

Classic or Collectable Luxury Purchase

Your first luxury purchase isn’t limited to one type of thing. Maybe it’s a new computer, maybe it’s a new car or bag, but one thing I like to consider is “is this a classic or a collectable?”. The reason why is because certain things that are constantly in high demand meaning you may need to visit a few stores or even use a personal shopper to find the thing you’re looking for. Classic Chanel bags, Amina Muaddi’s certain styles of shoes are in very high demand so if you’re willing to wait a little bit or spend that extra time shopping for it then your first luxury purchase is sure to be a solid one.

Sometimes you do want the collectable to start because depending on what it is, if the value appreciates over time, the value of your collection is starting off on a good foot. Speaking of appreciation, during covid I purchased a YSL coffee mug from their Rive Drote collection which is lifestyle products and some affordable or smaller luxury items. At the time I purchased the mug it was $75, it has since gone up to $125. As much as I enjoy using that mug, I don’t know that I would have paid $125 for it, but to think the price on increased just that much in a year or two is exactly what makes luxury items so unique. Glad I made that luxury purchase before the price increase.

Amount of Wear

It’s not required that you wear your first luxury purchase daily, but if it’s your first purchase, considering the amount of wear you will get out of it, is helpful. I PERSONALLY purchase things, I know I want to wear. I’m not concerned if someone feels like “oh she wears those shoes a lot” or “oh she always carries that bag” if it’s wearable with a lot of things, you’re in a good position to get the most of your purchase. I use this method when it comes to shopping in general. The clothes I choose, the jackets (which are really the one things that don’t get all year wear), shoes everything is based on amount of wear I can get out of it and/or how many ways I scan style it; I talk about this in my blog post about creating a capsule wardrobe.

Luxury items based on the materials they are usually made with do stand the test of time if properly stored, repaired and cared for, so again it’s not a daily requirement, but if it’s your first luxury purchase, you’re most likely going to want to carry it, wear it or drive it. The consistent experience of whatever the item is should play a major role.

Set Your Budget or Make a Wishlist

Your budget is your own and it’s not a competition. $99 for a pair of sunglasses was a lot for me based on my college job back in the day, but that was as much as I was willing to spend then. You don’t have to go and get a Birkin or a car for your first luxury purchase. Media doesn’t and really shouldn’t influence the amount of money you spend because only you know your pockets and funds once the money is spent.

My first luxury purchases were based around accessories. Things I knew would get good wear, things that went with everything. If you’re giving yourself a budget of $500, research the things you’re considering and see what falls in line in that price range. So many brands have a lot of similar things or that look you’re going for and it can be in your budget. Don’t go broke trying to keep up with anyone, whenever I post something I buy, which is each of our decisions, you aren’t expected to share, but whenever I share something, all of my bills are paid first, period. I’m not flexing for ya’ll at all.

Lastly if your budget isn’t matching your desires don’t be discouraged, this is where making a wishlist comes in handy. We all had a starting point and even transitioning from my mom and at the time ex buying me a ton of stuff, that transition to my own purchases was hard. Making a wishlist, even outside of luxury items is just a great way to stay focused on what YOU actually not, not what you’re being influenced to buy. We all start somewhere and a budget and a wishlist is a great way to stay focused on your first luxury purchase.

5 Tips for Making Your First Luxury Purchase

New or Pre Loved

Speaking of budgets, one tip for making your first luxury purchase is to consider if you want it brand new or pre-loved. If it’s your first luxury purchase, the experience and the unboxing may be super important to you, but it may not be. Adding that, just because something is pre-loved doesn’t mean it won’t come boxed and wrapped nicely. Maybe it’s important for you to find items that are NWT (new with tags) or NWOT (new without tags). There are several ways to go about making your first luxury purchase.

When it comes to pre-loved unless it’s like a mug, lingerie, swimwear, or anything where bodily fluids would have a chance to be present, the pre-loved items are broken in which is nice because you don’t have to break them in. I remember when I saved for and bought my pre-loved Speedy 40. It was worn in, but the leather is still in great condition and I loved that it was worn and not super fresh. It basically had a solid life before me and I was just giving it a second one. There are several great sites to shop pre-loved and new with or without tag products and accessories. Do what works best for your budget.

Additionally, when it comes to pre-loved, I don’t mind the car I’m leasing to have a little bit of miles on it. I know the whole depreciation when you drive off of the lot thing, but a little depreciation and a few miles can really bring the price of what may be a normally more expensive purchase down significantly and I love that when it comes to a luxury purchase. I get all of the things that I want, for less. There is always a time and a place for new and a time and a place for pre-loved.

Don’t Listen to Naysayers

There is no right or wrong when making your first luxury purchase. Get what you want, get what you like. If you want something that’s from the latest trend or a timeless classic, it doesn’t matter. People may start to feel a way, but you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Your money, your version of luxury, your lifestyle.

You deserve something nice even if it’s not a physical thing.

What was your first luxury purchase?

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