7 Daily Habits to Help Boost Your Confidence

What are some of your most notable habits? Do they help boost your confidence? Make you feel better about yourself? Do you feel encouraged and excited to get after what you’re trying to build? There are so many things we do everyday while on auto pilot and we don’t even realize those things are making us feel the opposite of what we want to feel.

Confidence can be learned and developed and most times it’s in our every day habits that we can actually develop it more. Let’s get into 7 daily habits to help boost your confidence.

7 Daily Habits to Help Boost Your Confidence

Embrace Your Individuality

If you want to boost your confidence, you need to embrace and believe in the person that you are. It’s easy to see people’s highlight reels and thing you’re missing out or you’re not good enough, but the truth is you are. You’re so dope and because you’re trying to do something that is completely different than what you’re used to it can feel like you’re not being noticed or seen. The truth is you are and everything is aligning properly the way God has it planned and the right people are on their way to you. Embrace what makes you unique.

I used to feel bad that I liked or lived a certain lifestyle, but that’s what makes me me. It’s not anything that I or you need to change about it; that will boost your confidence.

Read and Re-read What God Says About You

Faith comes by hearing, hearing several times, hearing on repeat. 2015 was when my confidence really began to surge. I had went on my first missions trip and each of us had something to share when we were out there so, it was decided that I would do affirmations and I am statements with scriptures from the Bible. The constant studying and repeating of those affirmations really planted into my spirit and it changed everything for me. It says that you’re a chosen generation, a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9-10 NLT). It says we’ve been given peace (John 14:27); knowing that you have been given peace is a huge boost to your confidence and who you are. You don’t even have to engage with anything that is attempting to disturb your peace. You can move and engage more confidently when you know that.

Be Active and Get Your Energy Up

Being active and getting your heart rate up will always boost your confidence. You’re working out, working hard, completing a long walk, doing something that’s making you a better you. I’ve been working out for 6 weeks now, 5 days a week and I’m so proud of how strong I’ve become. It’s so easy to be inconsistent especially with fitness, but I love a consistency challenge so instead of my usual 3 days a week, we bumped it to 5 and it’s been great. A work out at the start of the day, or whatever time of day you can is always a benefit.

Drink Water

We need water. I recently switched water bottles and I think that may be what I “need to do” to drink more water. Knowing how much water I’ve had and getting those refills should be a boost to your confidence. It’s not easy for people to consistently consume water. We either don’t drink it at all or we don’t drink enough, but changing that habit and your mindset about it can easily make a confidence booster.

7 Daily Habits to Help Boost Your Confidence

Stand Up Straight, Chin Up

Posture is important. Standing up straight immediately boost your confidence. You lead and walk with more purpose, people might even step out of your way because something as simple as your walk causes them to feel the confidence you’re exuding.

Pre pandemic, I learned to love attending events alone. It taught me to be more confident and believe that I deserved to be everywhere I was ESPECIALLY as an early on influencer. At some point the more you walk that walk it starts to be true and you start to really know and understand who you are, what spaces you can be in and the like. No one can be confident for you, you have to do the work to get your mind and heart to a place of confidence.

Make Time to Do That Thing You’re Good At

Completing blog posts, newsletters, things for my brand and things that I’m good at makes me feel so good. Arranging my feed, organizing and using my eye for aesthetics is something I’m good at, I’m extremely confident in my ability and I know that could be the same for you. Whether you draw, write, vlog, blog, do makeup or anything else you’re good at, it will boost your confidence.

You don’t have to question your ability when it comes to that thing; you enjoy the time spent doing that thing and the more you do it, the better you become.

Stop Apologizing

Stop apologizing for regular things. I’ve talked about this before. The constant feeling of “I’ve done something wrong” when often times you haven’t isn’t giving you confidence. Setting boundaries, saying no because you’re on a budget, doing whatever you need to do in your day to day isn’t anything to be sorry for. It’s really that simple. I said I wasn’t giving any disclaimers in 2021, really ever again, and it’s time we stop feeling the need to explain and be sorry for things. It’s draining and it’s preventing you from leaning into that confidence you deserve to walk in. If you’re ready to be on the other side of doubt, click before more posts related to confidence.

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