3 Ways to Discover What Luxury Is To You

What luxury is to you, may not be what luxury for is for me. It’s part of us wanting to be liked, but you don’t have to ask someone or seek approval for what you deem to be luxurious.

Luxury | noun – a condition of great ease or great ease and comfort.

I often see questions like, “is this considered luxury to you?” a picture is usually included and sometimes it is a yes or no question, but if you like what you like, be it materials, experiences, dinners, etc., it doesn’t matter if the next person approves it or not. Read the definition again and let’s get into 3 ways to discover what luxury is to you.

3 Ways to Discover What Luxury Is To You

Your Most Frequent Purchases

By definition your most frequent purchases will say a lot about what luxury is to you. Do you often pay for your nails, hair or a cleaning lady? Do you frequently get massages or go to the spa? These are the things that you have made priority in your life, these are the things that provide comfort and ease to you in some way or some form. The great thing is, you have chosen for yourself what those things are and don’t need the nod of approval from anyone; you’ve chosen and that’s how you start developing what luxury is to you. Now if you don’t like what you’ve been purchasing then that’s a different story and you may need get clear on what you actually want. A helpful way to do that is by creating a luxury wish list; heck I need to update my own, my wants have definitely changed.

Pay Attention to The Things That Provide Comfort or Ease For YOU

You don’t get an award for struggling the most; struggles are a part of life and we don’t get to make them go away, but instead of focusing on that, make an effort to focus on the things that provide you comfort and ease. I can braid my own hair, but it may not be comfortable or easy for you to try to learn and therefore you prefer to get your hair braided by someone else. Maybe it’s your car or maybe it’s having car service; how do you feel when those things are occurring? If you feel like you are in your best head space, most positive and relaxed mindset, then do more of that.

These every day doings or desires are meant to help you discover what is luxurious to you. If you noticed in the headline I above, I said thing that provide comfort or ease FOR YOU. I say that because, it’s easy to look at other people and how they interpret luxury in their own lives and think that it has to look that way in order for it to be deemed luxurious and it doesn’t. Discovering what luxury is to you encourages you to stay in your lane. You don’t have to go get a luxury vehicle, or the most expensive bag, maybe it’s your coffee and lunch daily. Don’t try to imitate someone else’s version of luxury, discover your own.

The Type of Experiences You Gravitate Toward

Luxury to you is what you naturally gravitate toward and feel most aligned with. Attending events and having special VIP or planned out experience is something I enjoy a lot. I love being invited to events, I love being someone’s guest; everything is taking care of and you get to feel extra special.

Food and eating at certain restaurants are a big part of what luxury is for me and I would encourage you to find out what your thing is. Instead of trying to fit into a mold, or do what you think is socially acceptable as far as luxury is concerned, do what’s best for you.

Maybe it’s the brand of luxury car you prefer or maybe it’s the features you want. Some people want sunroofs, others may want the sport package. Discovering what luxury is to you means setting your own rules and definitions. It was never meant to be one size fits all.

Discovering what luxury is for you means not looking to or at anyone else’s definition or standard of it. Now that you know, go be confident in what that means for you. Build on it, commit to it and don’t let anyone try to redefine what it means to you.

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How have you been discovering  and learning what luxury means to you?

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