How I Found Out That I was Pregnant

Wanna know how I found out that I was pregnant?! Wait I’m pregnant. Part of me had a feeling during the week my period was supposed to come but of course I needed to make sure it didn’t show up first. Every women trying to conceive knows the two week wait.

The last 2-3 months of trying I told myself I would do less obsessing over the results and the two-week window as a whole and focusing on 24 hours at a time. That really helped me focus on what I could control in 24 hour increments, not only that but ultimately I had no other choice. Okay, let’s get into how I found out that I was pregnant.

How I Found Out That I was Pregnant

How I Found Out That I was Pregnant

We started actively  trying towards the end of the year in 2021. OUR plan and goals were to get pregnant by my birthday in November or by years end in December. Timing is everything right, because though it would have been great, that extra 3 months was a great buffer considering construction we had going on and other things that we’re going on. So now that I’m pregnant, I’m happy it wasn’t back then and ultimately God knew as well because it’s HIS plan.

How Long it Took Us

It took us 6 months of trying.

It took 6 months of trying before I found out I was pregnant. 6 months is longer than I expected and I know people have longer waits than that, but for what I was personally expecting it felt like FOREVER. I know I’m not the only woman who was trying or has tried and felt that way. People pop up pregnant and never say anything else and while they don’t have to, I literally was so annoyed with the mystery of it all which was such a frustration from the start. I plan to fully share as much as I can and feel led to share because I know somebody somewhere needs this information or just wants to know that someone else had the same or similar experience.

Not only did 6 months feel like forever, add on to it everyone had been regularly sharing their pregnancies and while I was SO happy for others, all of my friends included, it didn’t make it “easier”. Similar to what I shared in my post 11 Things I Prayed Before I got Pregnant, with a perspective shift, remembering my specific journey and remembering who I serve all of those things became just that, things and I had to just get over it and focus on what I could control.

Did We Have any Assistance or Help?

We didn’t have any help meaning I didn’t go through IVF or any type of fertility testing to assist. Please understand that if you need those things or if that is your journey there is nothing wrong with you and it’s just apart of your testimony. Another thing that can feel hard when you’re actively trying is feeling like everyone around you is either getting pregnant really easily, or has gotten pregnant really easily and for some that may be the case, but for most it’s not. The first time I went to the OB this year when I was feeling like it was taking a long time, and someone totally called me out remembering this. The OB I saw at the time was like “well I’ll see you at the end of the year unless you end up pregnant, then I’ll see you sooner or in 6 months.” I definitely remember declaring that I would see her sooner because it wasn’t going to take the rest of the year (power in the tongue okay!).

What I didn’t realize at the time, because I had just ended my ovulation cycle was that my egg had low-key been fertilized because a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

My biggest suggestion is get your wellness check ups so you know your overall health. If you have had irregular periods and other things going on, all of that can play a factor in the time it takes. You’ll learn what you need to during those early appointments. I do suggest using OPKs also known as Ovulation Predictor Kits. Since the window and time frame of being able to get pregnant is small, OPKs help eliminate the wonder and allow you to know when you’re peaking and when you’re not.

I started using OPKs about 3-4 months into trying because I was frustrated and ultimately never knew when my exact peak days were prior. So if nothing else OPKs are super simple and it’s super helpful for knowing. If you’re not actively trying then have fun and have a good time, but if you want to have a little more “control” over the situation, I 10/10 recommend.

The week I found out, I was exhausted all week. I had went out with friends, so I figured that was why I was so tired, but ya’ll I was sleeping while working, not even long periods, like little 3 minute cat naps which is insane, but I was so sleepy. My period was supposed to come that week, so 24 hours at a time, I paid attention to my body and what was happening. I use a tracking app too so if your period doesn’t start one day it just goes to the next day until you confirm it started. Well the next day came and I was like well I’ll wait until my husbands home and we’ll go get a test.

That evening, we went to Target, I got a box of tests, took the test and sure enough, I found out I was pregnant. I used the digital clear blue, I wanted to know immediately. I didn’t use the other one in the box though they suggest it because the darker the lines the stronger the level of HCG(that’s what I’ve heard). I just knew if it was my time, it was my time and I wasn’t about to doubt it for a second. I told my husband immediately, it was not cutesy and well thought out, not filmed, I didn’t even want to wait. I asked him if he wanted to see a surprise and surprise! It was a sweet moment for sure and I’m so glad that I get to finally be in this moment.

How Did I Tell Family & Friends When I Found Out I was Pregnant

I told one of my girl friends right away because I was seeing her the next day and had already been asking her what her symptoms were before she tested when she was pregnant and that was before I took a test. When I saw her the next day, there was no way I was gonna keep it a secret. Family knew that we were trying, but you know it wasn’t like a big announcement every time we saw them. At some point you’re trying and still trying until you’re not anymore.

I told some social media friends and new mamas around 4-5 weeks once I found out I was pregnant. They knew I was trying and I knew I could trust them and they’ve been in on the secret since. Of course now it’s public, and some people in general wait until the 12-week mark or until a heartbeat to tell people. Every mama has the right to share when they feel comfortable, but again, when it was my time, I knew it was because God decided and I didn’t feel the need to wait outside of our desire to have a photoshoot to announce. We had a strong heartbeat at 7 weeks so for me, just continued confirmation of God at work.

Additionally, I was low-key showing early, most people have a flat tummy and maybe I was just secretly fat in the stomach, but I was showing relatively early and still consider myself to be showing more than “normal” for the amount of weeks/months I am. I love it here though, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. This has truly been the best experience of my life thus far and it was certainly worth the wait.

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