How to Live An Aesthetic Life

How to live an aesthetic life is a popular search. As much as people say they don’t like curated feeds or overly curated images and lifestyles, I truly believe they just haven’t found their vibe and their aesthetic to live out. Your aesthetic doesn’t have to look overly curated, but it does need to have a consistent style for it to flow as such which in turn makes your aesthetic unique and what it’s supposed to be.

Let’s get into how to live an aesthetic life.

How to Live an Aesthetic Life

Think Big Picture to Live an Aesthetic Life

In order to live an aesthetic life you need to think big picture when it comes to your lifestyle. Your life as a whole, how and where does your aesthetic fit in. I started with my clothes, wearing things and colors that align with my desired aesthetic and in this case brand has allowed me to live an aesthetic life.

I think of style of shoes, colors and textures and things that best represent my aesthetic, but most of all represent my life. I think of what I want my home to be like, how I would decorate and redecorate. How I would pick matte black fixtures instead of a metal; all of those little details even if all of them aren’t currently the reality, are apart of the big picture lifestyle. Stop limiting your aesthetic just to social media or how you hope people portray you. Be what you hope to be in the best way you can, on your budget, in a way that points toward the direction you want to take your life. Those details end up being the blueprint for how you live an aesthetic life. There is a lot of power in the right now.

Visualize what your desired aesthetic lifestyle is. Don’t focus so much on the how just yet, just get clear on what it looks like. Chasing the how without a vision isn’t going to do anything but pull and push you all over the place.  How do you carry yourself, what kind of car do you drive (or want to drive), what style of clothes make you feel most confident? What is an activity you want to do consistently to contribute to how you live an aesthetic life?

Be Specific

The previous section ended on a perfect note, because questions like that help you get specific. Stop wanting what you think people, think you want, or even what they tell you is best for you. What do YOU want?

Let’s rewind a little bit. It sounds so pretty and so fun to think about how you could live your aesthetic life, but if you aren’t sure what you want confusion and comparison creeps in you can’t fully birth what it is you’re desiring. I like to answer self discovery questions; questions that aren’t limited to one time or season, but instead questions that you can constantly ask yourself when you’re feeling your unsure, stuck, insert whatever adjective you would like. If you’re feeling ready and confident in what you want, but want to bring it out aesthetically, spend some time answering the questions below.

  • What is my desired aesthetic?
  • What colors represent your desired aesthetic?
  • What does it look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What emotions should people experience when they encounter you and your aesthetic life?
  • Do I want this aesthetic for social media purposes only or am I making a lifestyle change?
  • How would it make you feel to create and maintain an aesthetic lifestyle? Don’t just say “good”, what else?!
How to Live an Aesthetic Life

Stick to Your Aesthetic Color Scheme

One way to live an aesthetic life is to stick to your aesthetic color palette. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever wear another color or style, but an aesthetic is a consistent form of art. When it comes to determining your aesthetic, I always suggest starting with your closet first. Your closet will tell you so much about yourself. What colors you often wear, what styles you gravitate toward, what hasn’t been worn, what you’re holding on to just because. All of those elements is a part of your aesthetic story and in order to live an aesthetic life you’re going to have to make some adjustments. This quick exercise will get you started on the right path right now.

  • What do you wear most? Move that to the front
  • What do you wear least? Pull it from your closet
  • What styles and silhouettes make you feel most confident? Keep
  • What styles and silhouettes make you question yourself? Pull it from your closet

Look at the items left in your closet and pay attention to the colors, styles, silhouettes and whatever else makes your clothing unique. These things that remain are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your desired lifestyle. You now have information that you can apply to all other areas of your life; you know, what to look for, what colors make you feel most confident. From your closet check out your living space. If you’re feeling like your space doesn’t create peace how can you make it more aesthetically pleasing with what you have now? Is it changing the curtains? Removing them all together. Maybe it’s decluttering, getting a new rug, painting the accent wall you’ve always wanted. You’ve be surprised at how colors you actually like and want to wear/be around provide you peace.

If you need more tips on how to live an aesthetic life, check out additional posts below.

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