3 Tips for Taking Aesthetic Photos

Aesthetic photos go beyond the preset or filter; those are just enhancements. Establishing an aesthetic from your lens, is what makes your photos unique and memorable as far as your brand is concerned. I create content from my lens in a way that encourages a lifestyle, I like closeups and details; I always want people to feel something when I take my photos. I like to share photos of other things outside of me and finding that unique way to do so as it relates to my brand is what really makes aesthetic photos what they are.

What has actually been pretty cool is seeing my husband grow to understand that look and style for me as well when he is behind the lens. I’m very particular, but we both understand that 1. I actually have an aesthetic and 2. that it can be learned and built upon. That said lets get into 3 tips for taking aesthetic photos.

Find Your Unique Photo Style in Order to Create Aesthetic Photos

What’s your unique photo style as it pertains to taking photos? Do you shoot in the same location often? Do you shoot inside often? Are you usually in front of greenery? Do you take more distanced photos or do you do close up detailed shots? There are a number of things that take your standard photos and turns them into aesthetic photos you have to decide what that thing is for you.

Some creators take photos always covering their face with their phone, or always in a mirror. My photos are outdoorsy and again encouraging a lifestyle, modified to what fits you of course, but the way in which I capture that is unique for my brand. That is what actually makes my aesthetic photos what they are, the consistent way I take my photos.

If you follow me, you know I love a good leg shot, food shot, shoe shot, I like to walk away from the camera, that is my unique photo style. Finding this out and really leaning into it will allow you to become more confident in yourself as you take photos, but also more confident in your content. One thing about me, I love my own content.

Play with Angles and Distance to Create Aesthetic Photos

Now that you have an idea of your unique photo style, it’s time to find fun ways to make it better. Play with angles and distance to bring variety to your content. I like close up details on bags and accessories, but I love a good distanced full body moment. Those different angles and positions in the camera help create unique aesthetic photos.

Have fun with your photos, it’s your art. You get to create a one of a kind aesthetic and create cool aesthetic photos around it all. While playing with angles and what not, try to make sure you keep a little bit of your color palette and/or a color from a nearby photo. This helps keep you in your aesthetic.

3 Tips for Taking Aesthetic Photos

Keep A Similar Color or Texture That Last Beyond Original Photo

My one thing is the sky. There is an element of light and blue sky in a lot of my photos which upgrades them to aesthetic photos because that is a consistent feature. Outside in front of my house or outside on the roof of a parking deck the sky remains the same, that one constant therefore remains the same in my photos. Now adding a preset and filter to that is what makes it pop.

Some people take photos against white back drops or sheets or their bright white kitchens, that is a way to form consistency as well as create aesthetic photos. It’s not that you have to only shoot in those same places, but doing enough content in the same or similar spot can help. I like nature and greenery so you’ll probably see a tree or bush somewhere in my photos; all of that is what helps drive feed organization and builds off of each photo.

In my aesthetics story highlight, I share how I choose what photo goes next. I use elements of a previous photo and use that to drive my feed. It makes me happy and I don’t mind spending the time doing it.

These are just my quick tips for creating more aesthetic photos. If you need more tips click below.

Are you struggling to create your dream aesthetic?

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