5 Practical Ways to Experience Luxury In Your Life

How do you experience luxury in your life? It’s no secret that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact I believe that if you find practical ways to incorporate it into your regular routine, you’ll begin to realize that it was an option all along. It doesn’t always have to be a grand occasion or situation; luxury is how you treat yourself and elevate your life every day.

Now is a perfect time to curate and consider ways to experience luxury in your life because we are a bit limited in our choices at the moment. You deserve to enjoy the experience of luxury and it is your’s to obtain. That said I’m sharing 5 practical ways to experience luxury in your life.

5 Practical Ways to Experience Luxury in Your Life

Experience Luxury with your Dinnerware, Flatware and Drinkware

Some may think it’s silly that I drink iced coffee and smoothies in a wine glass, others realize how it makes them feel. If you think about it, a wine glass is a specialty type of glass; you buy it separate from your other drinkware. I like to take that “special status” of the glass and put my everyday drinks in in. The most practical way to experience luxury in your life is by switching up what you’re using. Maybe you need a refresh, swap the silver out for some gold brushed flatware. Give the paper plates a break. I’m a huge paper plate user myself, but whenever we have certain meals or something I want to feel nicer, I always put it on an actual plate. It elevates the experience.

You don’t even have to go buy anything new, just once in a while, regardless of if you have to do dishes, eat on an actual plate. Truly the most practical way to experience luxury in your everyday life and you already have it at home.

Skincare and Bodycare

Another practical way to experience luxury in your everyday life is by selecting certain types of skincare products. I think this is probably one of the most familiar ways we add luxury into our everyday lives without even trying. Whether you are rocking with the aromatherapy lotion from Bath and Body Works or the Chanel hand creme, keeping a favorite in your purse or on your shelf instantly aids your ability to experience luxury in your everyday.

I’m very particular about the type of skincare I use. Face and body; for starters the products seeps into your skin, so whatever it is, I want it to be good enough to be absorbed into my skin. If I’m using it daily I especially want something luxurious. Again it doesn’t have to be expensive to prove it to be luxurious; I love baby oil over many other high end body oils, it’s something I’ve used for many years.

Experience Luxury with Good Pajamas

I never cared about pajamas when I was growing up or even in college really, but the first thing I did after my bridal shower was buy all new pajamas. Not only did I buy a bunch, I bought satin ones. I’ve grown into loving satin; it’s really a material that enhances and allows you to experience luxury in your life.

My pj game went from basic to elevated and whether I wear the full set or break it in pieces, it makes being at home for extended periods of time less frumpy. Whatever you choose to sleep in and I guess unless you’re a wild sleeper, consider refreshing your pajamas. Switch them out for the seasons and weather. You deserve to experience luxury sleepwear in your everyday routine. We’re at home right now, make it cute and luxurious.

4 Practical Ways to Experience Luxury in Your Life

Bedding and Blankets

I feel like bedding and blankets are one of the main ways to try to experience luxury except we were never home enough to REALLY enjoy it. Now that we are home for extended periods of time it only made sense for us to update and upgrade some of our bedding.

We’re not in our forever home currently, but for the time being I still wanted to experience luxury especially if I have more time to be at home. We recently switched out our blankets and used ones that we bought for our wedding and since we’ve made that switch both my husband and I have literally been sleeping so good. They are these gorgeous king size Kate Spade blankets that we got them at Home Goods back when we were wedding planning. Literally the easiest and most inexpensive way to experience luxury. Not only that we bought them with one intent and because of the color and one time use, we get to re-purpose them. A win win.

Experience Luxury with Plants and Flowers

Last, but certainly not least, the most practical way to improve your environment and experience luxury is with plants and flowers. I’ve seen and watched some of my favorite bloggers become MAJOR plant mamas. They were buying plants before, but now that we are at home, they took one thing that they loved, plants, and filled their homes with them. This is them experiencing luxury in a way that best fits their life. I’m THE WORST when it comes to taking care of plants, I’ve literally killed succulents and my latest victim is a bamboo.

My way to experience luxury is flowers. My husband made a smart move and bought be forever flowers for my bridal shower so that has been a constant source for me to experience luxury. They are in a clear acrylic case that can also be used for something else, it was our card box for our wedding and the flowers on top allows us to experience luxury. They STILL smell good, they still are gorgeous and black and it’s truly been the best purchase he’s made in my opinion. Now those are not inexpensive, so if you’re keeping them fresh, but want a good bargain, Trader Joe’s is the best.

I hope this post inspired you to look to experience luxury in your everyday life. You don’t have to have a bag or shoes or anything like that to experience the luxury that is right in your home. Even if you’re living with someone or sharing a space with someone, curate your space to feel luxurious. You deserve it.

What are some practical ways you infuse luxury into your everyday life?

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  1. July 21, 2020 / 4:41 pm

    Yesssss! So here for this post! I always have to have fresh flowers in my home, my dining set was carefully selected by me to feel luxurious & chic (so I always look forward to eating at my table), my pajamas and pillow cases are statin (it also makes me feel more feminine). I also love how you highlighted that these items do not have to be expensive!

    • Jazmyn
      August 18, 2020 / 9:19 am

      Thank you for reading Jackie! I love seeing your fresh flowers, the way you serve up your drinks in your gorgeous wine glasses, the dining set is everything. You got it going on for sure and you already know, totally doesn’t have to be expensive.

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