My 2021 Luxury Wish List

New year, new luxury wish list. I did not get anything that was technically on my list from 2020, but of course things change and something I have wanted I ended up getting. This year for my 2021 luxury wish list I want to get a couple of bags from black owned brands. My bag collection is not huge at all, I’m not sure if I’ve already told ya’ll, but my husband always says that I can have a shoe collection not a bag collection. However, the bags that I do have wear well and work well among a lot of outfits so I would like to keep that same energy. As someone with a minimal and capsuled wardrobe, anything I buy needs to be able to wear well / wear multiple ways.

The photos in this post are something that is on 2021 luxury wish list and I’ll share the story a little below about how I was blessed to use it for photos. Similar to my 2020 list, this is not meant to be a long post, but I have to make sure she is SEO proper. That said let’s get into my 2021 luxury wish list.

My 2021 Luxury Wish List

2021 Luxury Wish List

Okay so let’s talk about the Fendi Bucket Bag. So the bag pictured, along with other Fendi bucket bags are heavy on my Arm Candy Pinterest Board. So the bag pictured, is not even a quarter of the way down on  my arm candy board when my girl friend Keva Cooper of Leisure and Labels, a luxury consignment and gift brand asked if I could take photos with it. I came across Keva and her brand when I saw her maternity shoot with her son. It was outdoorsy, it was modern, fresh, she was just poppin’ and since then we’ve been connected. She’s a wife and she has all the insight about designer and luxury. I’ve purchased Tiffany Earrings from her, earrings I had been wanting for so long and she is just overall amazing when it comes to luxury goods, new or pre-loved. It’s great to have personal shoppers and people that can navigate the luxury space for you and it just feels nice knowing I have someone in my corner that can help me find the best deal on something I want.

Saying all of that to say, I had already said yes before I even know it was the Fendi bag because how fun is it to play with handbags; talk about visualizing and manifesting in real time. So I had already said yes and when she told me it was a Fendi bucket bag, THIS Fendi bucket bag, I was shook. It’s such a gorgeous bag and just to even have the ability to touch it for 2 weeks says a whole lot to me. God thinks he’s slick because not only is it on my Pinterest Board, but it’s on my digital vision board that I have on my phone. Anywho, never underestimate the power of visualizing and putting images of what you want before you. Naturally this bag is on my 2021 wish list, but now I want it even more. The good news for you, if you’re reading this is, the bag is available for sale. It’s below retail and if you want, you can have it.

I’m really looking forward to adding to my bag collection, I recently ordered a Brandon Blackwood bag and it just shipped so I can’t wait to share with ya’ll. Make sure you check out Leisure and Labels, to see what’s currently in and/or to source something you want. Again the Fendi can be yours if you want it.

Are there any specifics things on your luxury wish list? Have you been eyeing something for a while? Drop it the comments, it’s already yours!

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  1. Ellie nova
    February 20, 2021 / 6:52 am

    I’m in love with your Fendi bag.. ❤️

    • Jazmyn
      February 20, 2021 / 2:22 pm

      Thanks Ellie! I don’t technically own it (YET), but she is on my list and I can’t wait to make her mine permanently!

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