Luxe For Less Updates For A Chic Fall Wardrobe

One of the best things about the arrival of fall is the opportunity to experiment with new trends and try out some chic new looks. As temperatures start to drop, there is scope to unveil a host of seasonal outfits and cool ensembles. If you’re looking to create a chic capsule wardrobe without breaking the bank, here are some tips to achieve that luxe look for less.

Luxe For Less Updates For A Chic Fall Wardrobe

Building Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe is one of the best ways to stay eternally stylish on a budget. With the right foundations, you can create an array of stunning outfits simply by mixing and matching pieces, adding accessories and investing in a few key seasonal pieces.

Start your new collection with a selection of basics and essentials. Design your wardrobe based on your personal style, the way you like to dress and the types of occasions you need to cater to. If you have a smart dress code at work, for example, your wardrobe will look very different to somebody who lives in casual gear. For a workwear wardrobe, invest in high-quality staples, such as well-fitted cigarette pants, vests and camis, blouses, skirts, blazers and classic-cut dresses. Once you have the basis of your collection sorted, you can add personality and embrace seasonal trends with accessories and a couple of new purchases.

For casual wear, look for basics such as jeans, tees, plain jumpers and throw-on maxi and midi skirts and dresses. You can then create unique ensembles using carefully-selected details and seasonal pieces. Add a pair of chunky sole boots, a crossbody studded bag and some oversized, heavy-frame shades to skinny jeans and a boyfriend sweater or team a maxi skirt and a plain tee with biker boots and a leather jacket for a cool, luxe daytime look.

The beauty of having a capsule wardrobe is that you can refresh and revamp it as you go, investing in new pieces throughout the year to keep your outfits fresh and explore new trends.

Key Pieces For Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Fall is one of the most exciting times of year for fashion fans and it offers an opportunity to discover new styles and create a more diverse range of looks. This fall/winter, there are some fabulous trends to embrace and have fun with. If you’re looking for instant updates that won’t blow the budget, here are some key pieces to add to your closet.

Luxe For Less Updates For A Chic Fall Wardrobe

Leather (or faux leather) Jacket

The leather jacket is a staple that never goes out of fashion. Whether you prefer to buy leather goods, or you’re keen to stick to faux leather, there’s a vast array of products to choose from. This season, catwalks and social media feeds are packed with pictures of models, influencers and style gurus sporting biker jackets and casual chuck-on outerwear to complement skirts, dresses and trousers. One of the most popular trends for 2020 is mixing feminine and masculine pieces. If you love this look, you can achieve it very simply with a leather jacket. Toughen up a satin skirt or a floral print dress with a jacket and either a pair of sturdy boots or some cool sneakers.

Investing in a leather or faux leather jacket is a brilliant way to add an instant style update, but it’s also a fantastic idea for catering to the conditions and dressing for the entire day. With a jacket, you’ve got an extra layer if the temperature drops, and you can go from casual to smart in a matter of seconds if you’re going out for a drink or catching up with friends over dinner after work.


Sunglasses are a perennial high-flier in the fashion stakes, and most fashionistas wouldn’t even think about leaving the house without at least one pair of shades in their bag. As the seasons change, it’s a good idea to think about trying out new styles. In the spring and summer months, we tend to opt for lightweight frames and lighter colors. When it gets colder, swap aviator styles and small frames for heavy-duty shades and oversized frames in black, brown, camel or tortoiseshell. Gold details are popular in the fall and winter months, and they offset autumnal tones perfectly, as well as giving your look a touch of opulence. For inspiration, take a look at sites like and scroll through images in magazines and social feeds. Celebrities are usually au fait with the latest sunglasses trends, so keep an eye on what your favorite stars are wearing.

Voluminous Sleeves 

If you love to have fun with fashion, and you’re looking for playful pieces to add to your wardrobe, this is the trend for you. This fall, turn up the volume and embrace balloon and puff sleeves. You can go all-out with giant sleeves or padded shoulders or keep things a little more understated with more delicate ruffles. Think about the parts of your body that you’re keen to show off when buying tops with statement shoulders or sleeves. If you go big at the top, this can help to draw attention away from the hips if you’re conscious about your lower body. If you’re not hugely confident about your shoulders or arms, it’s best to team voluminous sleeves with printed or colored trousers or skirts.

Heavyweight Boots

Heavyweight boots are one of the most popular trends for this year. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, you can wear these versatile, chunky-sole boots with mom jeans, fitted jeans, dresses, skirts of all lengths and slim and baggy fit trousers. If you’re looking for boots you can wear day in, day out for the next few months and team with every item in your capsule wardrobe, opt for a pair of black ankle boots with a thick sole. To turn heads and brighten up basics, go for a colored boot or a print. Animal print is always a feature of fall and winter hot-lists, and colors like beige, burgundy, gray and bottle green work brilliantly at this time of year. You can choose from lace-up or slip on styles, ankle, calf or over the knee boots and a range of different materials.

A new season offers an opportunity to update and refresh your wardrobe and have fun with brand new trends and seasonal pieces. If you’re keen to revamp your closet without spending a fortune, take these tips on board to create a luxe fall capsule wardrobe for less.

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