4 Ways to Make Boutique Outfits Look Expensive

Everyone loves a good boutique; online or in person. Not all boutiques are created equal and if you’re like me it takes a bit of time before I commit to buying. Since I shop based on a look I’m trying to recreate or create in general, I think about the whole of the outfit. I’m always in the mindset of how can I take this inexpensive piece and elevate it to make it look like it cost more.

It’s never what brand or name you wear, always how you wear it and style it. There are few names that we stan’ of course, but ultimately how you style it is what makes it a wow factor moment. That said I’m sharing 4 ways to make boutique outfits look expensive.

4 ways to make boutique outfits look expensive

Accessorize with Outerwear

Depending on the style or what type of outfit it is, heavy outerwear is an easy way to make boutique outfits look expensive. I’ve been into 2 piece sets for as long as I can remember, but there was one period of my life where that was all I wore. Mixed and match tops with bottoms etc. It was the holiday season and we were going to a holiday party; I had this green two piece long sleeve skirt and crop top set from Forever21 and it really was so simple, but pairing it with a fur coat in the same exact color took the set from basic to holiday glam.

Another way to make boutique outfits look expensive with outerwear is by choosing something over sized. If I’m wearing a mini dress or fitted pant and a crewneck or tucked tee, I’m going to choose an over sized coat. It plays up on the mini or the fitted outfit by giving it dimension. This gives your figure room to stand out, but still gives you that classy moment because you’re leaving a some to the imagination. Coats add cost and are a sure way to make boutique outfits look expensive. Get your coat game up sis! I literally just ordered a faux fur coat from a brand that I’ve been eyeing since before 2020. I was hunting down the perfect fur for my Bachelorette in Colorado and wanted to buy from a brand called Apparis, but didn’t want to pay full price. Good things come to those who wait.

Wear A Luxury Shoe

This is my go to. The latest items that I’ve been buying from boutiques have been sets. Knit sets, knitwear, things that will transition through seasons. When I want to make my boutique outfits look expensive I put on a sexy pair of stilettos. I love an outfit that is usually meant for casual being turned into a luxe consideration simply by adding a heel to it. I don’t know what it is.

It’s the comfort of wearing a two piece set that isn’t fussy and being able to slay in a heel because I’m not focused on my outfit for me. Shoes make or break an outfit all the time; it’s okay if you had to run into the local fashion boutique to get something real quick, just turn it up a few notches so it doesn’t look like it. Choosing the right shoe is instant outfit elevation.

4 ways to make boutique outfits look expensive

Wear A Hat or Fun Accessory to make Boutique Outfits Look Expensive

I’ve been wearing my hats again lately and didn’t think I could because I have braids. Depending on the amount of braids I do, my hats don’t always fit, but since I’m not wearing a ponytail either I missed them. One way I love to spice up any outfit is by wearing a hat or using a fun accessory.

Wearing hats isn’t for everyone, I’m grateful that I have my daddy’s hat head because I love a good hat. There is a certain type of confidence that comes with wearing a hat, at least for me, but pairing it with a boutique outfit to make it look more expensive is such a fun hack. That hat works perfectly for the days where you aren’t feeling the heels. A good sandal or flat is just fine, but the hat takes your look up a notch. I’ll use the photos from this post for example. They would have been nice without the hat, but the hat makes them even better and it makes my outfit look more fancy. Am I picnicing? Am I at the park? Am I off to another country (probably not), but it elevated the look even in pictures.

Don’t have a had head? Okay what about fun jewelry, luxe arm candy. Anklets are super hot again so maybe it’s the blinged out anklet that you have that makes your boutique outfit look expensive.

Size Up

Unless there are specific notes from the boutique saying do not size up and unless you hate oversized things this is probably not for you. When something is a bit bigger it hangs different, for me that makes something look a bit more luxurious. I know some might say the opposite, if it fits you better it’s more luxe, but you have to think about the context of where you’re shopping.

Not all boutiques are custom making their articles. Some may, but a lot do not. So the sizing can always be tricky, let along if you’re ordering internationally. My tip for making a boutique outfit look more expensive and yummy is to size up. The Lola set I ordered from In The Style x Lorna Luxe that I’m pictured here in, is a 6 in the jumper and a 4 in the shorts. I probably could have sized down with the shorts, but I always think about extra room. The 6 is perfect in the jumper because the sleeves are a bit longer which I love, adds a bit of a luxe feel for me and then it just hangs nicely. I’m a 32g so extra room for the girls and just extra room for whatever, pairing it other ways is important to me.

If it’s too small it can look extra cheap AND give account for washing. Hand washing or using your actual machine. Sizing up gives a bit of flexibility should anything happen during cleaning.

All in all, whatever you buy is definitely what you make it. Elevating and making your boutique outfits look expensive isn’t hard at all, it’s all about being intentional. If expensive isn’t your look that’s okay to, but for those who want to elevate without breaking the bank, these tips never fail me.

4 ways to make boutique outfits look expensive

What are some of your fashion hacks for making boutique outfits look expensive?

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