5 Ways To Boost Your Mood

We could all use a mood boost. Still home, still doing what we do, but I know personally this whole time I’ve been finding new ways to enjoy what is now the everyday. I enjoy the simplicity of making my coffee or making an egg and avocado. I enjoy the early mornings when we walk our dog and the after 5 evenings when it all winds down. Those few things boost my mood, so I wanted to share 5 ways to boost your mood.

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Read a Devotional to Boost Your Mood

In order to properly start my day off I like to make sure I get my Word in. I’m so hard on myself and hate the moments that I miss a day, I can always tell too, but I give myself grace and know that I can always get into at any time.

Devotionals boost your mood; it’s really that simple. Being reminded of what God has for me, being reminded that I have the victory regardless of what my circumstance is. That is a mood booster that the world can’t give me. I know we often want to be seen by the world so bad, I’ve had my moments, but at the end of the day the claps and the fun die down and we end up back where we started, seeking affirmations and confirmation from the world instead of staying in tune with God.

The world and outside applause may boost your mood for a moment, for a season, but God and everything He wants for us is forever. I encourage you to start your day in a way that deliberately sets the tone for what you have planned and by default will boost your mood. If it isn’t a devotional, read a book or recite affirmations, something to intentionally put your day in a solid place.

Sit up straight and Take a Deep Breath

Sitting up straight, similar to walking with your shoulders back and head up is a sure way to boost your mood. Being slouched over or folded up doesn’t feel all that good. Something about readjusting your position that opens up your airways, makes you feel a bit more confident especially if you were feeling down prior to. It makes me think of a woman who is confident when she wears heels. The sway in her walk and the ground shaking that comes with each step is something you don’t forget. Sit up, boost your mood, boost your confidence, go walk and come back to your work space if you need to.

Can’t walk away or get up, when I’m really in a mood, the best thing to do is just take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath allows for a much needed pause in the midst of everything going on. It gives you space to just readjust to what is happening in the moment. It makes a difference and will boost your mood even if its just slightly.

Light A Candle to Boost Your Mood

I know ya’ll love candles; I see how hard ya’ll go at Home Goods and Bath and Body Works. I have deviated since my wedding as far as candle brand, but nothing boost my mood more than lighting  a candle. First thing in the morning, as soon as the sun sets and even right before bed. The flicker, the smell of the candle, the whole experience is sure to boost your mood.

Right before bed I like to light a candle and turn off the lights, its a more relaxed and less abrupt way of heading into sleep and though you may be thinking, why would you want to boost your mood right before bed, creating a peaceful and intentional environment is a routine and habit that is important to me. It adds to my home life and enhances my experience around rest. It’s something I look forward to. It actually helps me go to sleep much faster as well.

Have A Good Drink or Meal

I don’t know about ya’ll, but having my favorite Boba or Matcha drink, or having a great meal, is a sure way to boost my mood. It may be too deep for ya’ll, but I really thank God for the little things that we for sure take for granted. How blessed am I to have a great meal, to season it (if I cooked) the way I like, to be able to enjoy it with a glass of wine or a something nice to wash it down with. That energy alone can boost your mood.

It seems so simple and so little, but being grateful for even these everyday experiences provides a perspective shift. I had a crazy good turkey burger yesterday. How amazing that not only was it great, they had all of the toppings that I love, guess if my mood was boosted by that. It was. Stop treating every day things like they are nothing, lean into it, find ways and reasons to let it boost your mood.

If you keep treating the everyday like its mundane and boring it will be.

Do Your Skincare Routine

Clean and fresh skin, a face mask and your go to serum should definitely boost your mood. Dull skin is such a mood killer. Taking a moment to indulge in your full routine, to actually let your products penetrate your skin. Don’t have time for your whole routine, a quick wash and a face mask is the next best thing. I don’t know about you all but my face has had it’s share of moments during this time.

Lately the craze has been facial steamers and the more I see it, the more I feel like I need it. Hydrated skin ready to conquer another day in the house, it will boost your mood.

I hope this post encourages you to lean into the things that you do daily, the things that have the potential to boost your mood if you just change the way in which you acknowledge them. Let your everyday become the best thing you have going on. You deserve it.

What are some things you do to boost your mood?


    • Jazmyn
      August 8, 2020 / 9:34 am

      Thanks for reading Gina! It’s so true, nothing is better than feeling fresh faced and ready to do the next thing.

  1. August 16, 2020 / 11:10 pm

    This looks great. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Jazmyn
      August 17, 2020 / 11:46 am

      Thank you for reading Robbin!

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