4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Closer to Your Dreams

It’s no secret, that all of us want to get closer to our dreams. We want certain things, but don’t realize that we are still responsible for taking action and doing what we can to get there as well. Aside from the fact that I started my blog in 2017, my life began to change right before that.

My mentor and co-founder Erika de la Cruz found me on Instagram and invited me to her Boss Babe Boot Camp and that weekend along with God and everything that I had been wanting and seeking started to unfold. If I had declined that invitation 3 years ago, I know I wouldn’t be as close to my dreams as I am. I’m not sure what I would be up to; something definitely, but not as much as I am simply by way of connection. That weekend helped jump start dreams that I always had. That said I’m sharing 4 guaranteed ways to get closer to your dreams.

4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Closer to Your Dreams

Invest In Yourself

Wanna get closer to your dreams? It’s gonna cost you something. If you aren’t willing and/or don’t desire to invest in yourself in some way, shape or form, YOU will prevent yourself from getting closer to what it is you actually desire.

Investing in yourself doesn’t always look like a $1,000 dollar course or 3 Day Retreat (though those things are included). Investing in yourself and your dreams is as simple as buying a book related to your industry, seeking out events or individuals that are doing something similar and share value that you can use. Investing in yourself looks like trying something you haven’t done before; invest that time to grow and improve a skill that will serve you in the long run.

Investing in yourself is TAKING ACTION. Quotes and networking brunches are cool, but there is a second part to the transaction as it relates to getting closer to your dreams. You have to decide that the book you bought is worth it because there is something you will get to help you go to the next level. You have to decide that the course you enrolled in is going to work for you because you are going to put in the work.

There should be a level of expectancy that helps build that return.

Create New Habits + Routines to Reach Your Dreams

In order for you to start operating from a place of confidence and see a return on your investment, you have to start doing things that you aren’t used to. I know it’s so easy to do what’s comfortable, but comfortable has you somewhere that you don’t necessarily enjoy being. Read that one more time.

Creating new habits and routines that are related to your dreams and your overall dream lifestyle help you see past your circumstance. It gives you new meaning and new things to focus on instead of all of the things that you feel keep you stuck. Creating new habits and routines allow you to show yourself that another option is available and if you just give it a try consistently you can get closer to your dreams.

Discipline is my word for 2020 so I had to really change up how I do things in order to keep my word and create these new habits. I don’t usually drink enough water, but clear skin is a result of drinking water regularly, so I created a new habit where I need to drink water every single day. My current habit is 2 of my 40 oz Hydroflasks, it can be more depending on what I’m eating or doing that day, but I’ve successfully drank water every day for 21 days straight and now it doesn’t bother me to do so.

Think about some of the things you want to do or need to do in order to get closer to your dreams; what new habits can you build around that? Each level of your life that you need to reach and will come across is going to require something different from you.

“The discipline of fasting breaks you out of the world’s routine” – Jentezen Franklin

Fasting isn’t limited to food, but putting off and shedding the old way in which you’ve done something will literally put you on track to being closer to your dreams. Besides, how will you know if this will help if you don’t try it.

4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Closer to Your Dreams

Learn / Try Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Learning will never get old, never get stale, no matter what phase you’re in. Always be a learner, the moment you think you know it all is the moment that you keep yourself small. Our minds cannot comprehend all that there is to know and learn, but if you seek out information and seek to learn, you’ll find yourself so much closer to your dreams. One scripture I always lean on when I don’t feel like spending time learning is Hosea 4:6 NKJV “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…” That really put things into perspective for me because 1. I don’t want to perish over something that I have a choice to get understanding about and 2. I don’t want to lack knowledge.

An easy way to stay in the know about your industry or anything you want to learn more about is to set Google Alerts. That sends a curated list of articles/links directly to your inbox which is a way to have the research come to you. Work smarter not harder. Google any and everything.

Attend Events to get Closer to Your Dreams

What’s your excuse for not meeting new people? There aren’t events in your area? Have you searched Eventbrite? Are you subscribed to any lists or connected to people that host major events in your area? If you’re not you need to find out who and where those people are.

My favorite way of getting closer to my dreams in what feels like a quick 24 hours is attending events. You literally never know who you’re going to meet that may have exactly what you need. That face to face, real life social connection is very important to your well being and to whatever you have going on. Don’t underestimate the power of events, EVEN IF IT MEANS GOING ALONE.

Going to events alone is a habit that I created last year because I wanted to meet people and not feel like I needed a crutch or someone to lead me. Of course I love attending events with my girl friends and/or running into others in the space, but going alone has taught me how to believe in myself and what I’m working on. It gave me confidence and the ability to realize I belong in this room even if and when no one is there to cheer for me.

4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Closer to Your Dreams

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What are some things you’ve done and/or are doing to get you closer to your dreams?

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