LYTE UP LA Exclusive Workout Hosted by BODYARMOR

Life will show up for you when you show up for yourself; just as I was getting back on my workouts in preparation for my wedding, I was invited to LYTE Up LA hosted by for an exclusive invite-only workout with celebrity trainer Don-A-Matrix. Don-A-Matrix has trained everyone from professional athletes to the Kardashians so I could not pass up an opportunity to be trained by him. I also wanted to experience his signature “Don-A-Matrix Training Method” which I will tell you about a little later.

We were so graciously hosted and sponsored by BODYARMOR Sports Drink; they provided us with healthy snacks and hydration options which was perfect for me because I won’t lie I have not been drinking my water all that much and since the plan is to continue with my workouts, I needed some actual replenishment. Their LYTE sports drinks are full of electrolytes, potassium, coconut water and all the vitamins and nutrients that I’ve been needing and I really really like the flavors I was able to try. Lets get into how it all went down.


I was invited to LYTE Up LA earlier in the week and had the opportunity to choose between two sessions, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM. In an effort to continuing creating my dream life, I figured 2:00 PM was the perfect opportunity to work a half day, get a great workout in and then head home for girls night. We were hosted at HNYPT-LA (Honey Pot LA), which was perfect for me since I already work downtown and I had been wanting to see the space in person for a while so it all worked out.


I arrived just before 2:00 PM, parking was smooth, I actually had 4 hour parking that was already paid in full when I pulled up to the meter; basically no issues in the middle of a Wednesday which was nice. Upon walking in there was a few people from the first session outside, I was greeted warmly by a gentleman named Malcolm aka Mac when I walked up. Definitely made me feel like I was in for the experience of my life. 

HNYPT was gorgeous inside, white walls, concrete floors, brick, exposed beams, fixtures and a skylight; a chic warehouse vibe that definitely added to the workout. There was a neon sign that said LYTE IT UP which was great for the gram, but a good motivator for us while we worked out.



I won’t lie, I was a little nervous about this workout, but I was ready for the challenge and could not wait to experience it. We were given resistance bands for our workout and that actually put me at ease because I had already been using resistance bands for my own workouts. Let me start by saying, if I thought I was doing something with my resistance bands, I have been doing nothing compared to what I got myself into with Don. He has what he calls his signature “Don-A-Matrix Training Method” and it will take you out if you’re not ready or at least committed to push through. 


We started with a warm up and then went straight into our 4 quarters of workouts. We had a live DJ (DJ Don Juan) which really helped get the energy up; it ALMOST distracts you from the fact that you’re working out with such high intensity. I knew once the warm up was over that I would probably feel some kind of way as I got through each session. We used our resistance bands to do different workouts that targeted our entire body which was something I noticed immediately after the workout was over.  We did everything from shoulders, legs, back, thighs, EVERYthing.


Quarters 1 and 2 were individual workout outs in the sense of us standing in our spots and following along with our resistance bands; that was where we focused on arms, shoulders and thighs. Quarters 3 and 4 and for our session, OVERTIME were partner workouts where we focused on arms and back. Don’s high energy, coupled with the base and bump of your favorite artists truly makes the experience. I’m very proud of myself for pushing through even though my temptation to quit was at an all time high. 


Since I’ve recommitted to my work outs, what I put in my body has become something I’m paying more attention to. I’m quite the snacker so it’s important for me to find healthy options instead of gravitating toward my junky and unhealthy options. The options provided by BODYARMOR were exactly what I needed. 

Workout Hosted by BODYARMOR

We had the options of BODYARMOR Water and BODYARMOR LYTE drinks; they are only 20 calories, low sugar, stacked with all of the goodies needed to replenish your body during and after a workout. For snacks there was a very fresh yogurt and granola station with pear and apple slices, orange slices, and assorted fruits. There were these awesome granola square’s, similar to a kind bar, but these looked homemade. 

Workout Hosted by BODYARMOR

As far as the flavors of BODYARMOR LYTE, I have to say I’m impressed. For starters they all contain coconut water and if you know me, coconut water is the hardest thing for me to drink, plain and/or mixed with other juices. All of the drinks I’ve tried with coconut water taste awful, so I was really happy to be able to enjoy the flavors offered.  

My favorite flavor is for sure the Peach Mango followed by the Berry Punch and when I say these drinks are SO GOOD, I really mean it. I had 2 over the course of the workout and I know for a fact that the ingredients really helped replenish me and help me keep going.

Workout Hosted by BODYARMOR
Workout Hosted by BODYARMOR



LYTE Up LA was an experience for the books, between all of the goodies and delicious sports drink from BODYARMOR to actually getting to workout with Don himself; not sure I could have asked for a better time. The Don-A-Matrix Training Method is no joke. That was a workout I didn’t know I needed or even wanted to do more of, but the truth is, if I’m not feeling the way I felt after that workout, I’m not going hard enough and that was the push I needed as I prep for my wedding next year.

BODYARMOR outdid themselves with the snacks, drinks, experience and the goodie bags. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity and I look forward to using this momentum to keep working on my wedding body.

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