4 Ways to Balance Your Relationship and Social Media

The balance of social media. If you’re in a relationship and your brand or what you do is primarily based around social media you must be finding some kind of balance right? Social media is its own rabbit hole of things. You start in one place and if you’re not careful you have scoured half of Instagram, found out new information and decided you are going to start a new project. This post is inspired by an article (linked at the end) that was a basically a husband’s complaint about how much his wife spent on social media. He wanted to know if his complaint was warranted and/or if he was being unreasonable for even complaining about such a thing.

As someone who is in a committed relationship, I have to make sure that I’m finding my own balance on social media. I can admit I have my moments where I’m in a deep dive, but I try to stick to what I’m doing so I don’t fall into a spiral of excessive scrolling. Today I’m sharing 4 ways to balance your relationship and social media.

4 Ways to Balance Your Relationship and Social Media

Have A Purpose for Social Media Use

Is social media using you or are you using it? I’ve discussed this before in a post; at one point social media was using me. All I did was scroll scroll scroll, spend time on The Shaderoom reading a bunch of bull that was not serving me in anyway. I was building my first brand at that time and was so insecure that I was consumed with comparison and all of the other things that come with social media if you don’t have an actual purpose for it.

It wasn’t until I decided that I was going to have a purpose for my use that everything changed. It went from FOMO and a survival mentality to how can I provide actual value for my audience and really get people to buy into me and what I have to offer. Having a purpose for social media changes how you use it. I actually feel like having a purpose on social media encourages you to take a break or take time off or seek out this balance.

That purpose has turned into opportunity and my fiance can see the results and fruits of the purpose of my social media use which helps him have a better understanding. That understanding turns into giving me the time and freedom I need to make things happen.

Schedule Things As a Couple Without Devices

Binging on Netflix shows, taking our dog for walks or to the dog park, date night or just finding something to do that doesn’t require our phone is really helpful. If your significant other feels like you don’t carve out any time for them specifically then that can lead to friction in your relationship. Your person just wants to know that your relationship is solid without your phone and without social media. 

I personally try and am fortunate enough to be able to get A LOT of things done at work. If I get a lot done at work, when I come home, my use is limited or not needed at all. I really try to unwind for the day and as of late if you’ve been following me this is why I’ve reduced my posting a bit. I worked really hard to get to this point where I don’t NEED to post everyday (major key when you provide actual value). My goal was to create enough value (for now) that my brand will continue to run on it’s own or when I’m not as active or really need to take time off from social media.

If you can schedule your nails, lashes and hair appointments, you can schedule some down time with your person without your electronics.

4 Ways to Balance Your Relationship and Social Media

Find A Way to Involve Your Significant Other

If you want your significant other to support you and be involved with what you’re doing on social media, you have to find a way to include them. 
For us it started off with “hey babe, can you take my pictures” and has turned into “dang my man took some dope photos” or “baby everyone is asking who takes my pictures” or “look how many likes and comments this got, this was all you”. He now jokes that he is going to invoice me for every picture he takes and the goal is to grow to the point where I can pay my man for being my man, photographer and business partner.

Maybe he picks out your clothes or helps style you for your content creation, there is always a way to get your partner involved.

I’m sure you have heard of the term “Instagram Husband” but listen, these fellas understand how important it is to help and support their girl because depending on what level she is at, the income, products, etc., benefits the household as a whole. It becomes more fun and more of a team effort when your person gets to be apart of your journey to growth and success.


It is super important to discuss your boundaries with your partner; you both should discuss what’s comfortable, what isn’t comfortable, what makes you uncomfortable and how you can go about that moving forward with your continued social use. 

The thing about the guy in the article is, he did do that and his wife still wasn’t trying to hear him. That is and could be problematic. Even as the person who uses social media, I’m usually aware of when I’ve been on my phone for an extended period of time. My fiance for sure will call me out if he needs to. 

If you’re a creative and spend a lot of your time online, how do you balance you relationship with your social media? I want to know; drop your answers in the comments!

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