It’s Personal: Reverse Bucket List

Stopping to take a look around at how far I have come instead of thinking about how much I have left to do is extremely rare for me. I’m always look to the future and always looking at what is coming next so I can be prepared. The problem with that though is that I don’t take time to reflect on ALL of the amazing things I’ve done. This list isn’t dedicated to my whole life but there are a lot of things that I didn’t expect to have accomplished by or before 27. In no particular order here are 27 things that made it to the list.

1. Traveled to Africa

2. Visited 3 countries in Africa

3. Traveled to Brazil (during the Olympics)

4. Got engaged

5. Visited a new place in the US (Indianapolis)

6. Completed over 15 journals

7. Soft Launched Paper & Poise

8. Started my Lifestyle Blog

9. Became a founding member of Passion to Paycheck Event (Seriously the second one is going to be amazing!)

10. Became a certified Event Stylist

11. Traveled to Jamaica

12. Took the Metro Link

13. Got my BMW (I’ll have to share that testimony one day)

14. Got Saved

15. Got filled with the Holy Spirit

16. Lived in North Carolina

17. Launched Gold Labl (RIP)

18. Served at church for at least 2 years

19. Learned (and continuing) to learn ASL

20. Bought dishes and flatware from Casa de Perrin

21. Started Boxing

22. Received more than 5 passport stamps

23. Visited a new place in the US (Colorado)

24. Became a piece of art

25. 24 hr road trip to Arizona

26. Became friends with God centered individuals

27. Caught the bouquet

While making this list, I couldn’t help but smile and reflect on all of the cool things I’ve done. Often times we focus too much of our attention on the next person and what they are accomplishing causing us to forget to clap for ourselves. Make sure you take a little time today to stop what you’re doing and think about all of the things that you have done up until this very point in your life; reflect on it. Celebrate yourself and encourage yourself. Stay tuned for my Free #MoreLife Celebration Worksheet.

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