Events: One Year – Brand Library Exhibit

It’s been so nice to be at an event and not be working. I feel like I’m never really out of event mode as far as noticing things but to be able to show up somewhere stay for how long I decide and leave is like a breath of fresh air. A goal of mine has been to go to more museums and art shows to expand my knowledge in other areas and this grand opening was perfect.

I attended the opening night of the group exhibit One Year: The Art of Politics in America at the Brand Library in Glendale and it was definitely a lot more eye opening than I expected. My friend Kohshin Finley was one of the 21 artists showcasing and as one of the “muses” for the series he created I had to go see myself, in art form, on display. The exhibit covers heavy political topics that shape the way most of us have grown up including but not limited to, culture, race, gender, immigration and more. Each artists shares their truth, their way and starts a conversation that most people aren’t willing to have or don’t know how to start.

Earlier this year Kohsh reached out and basically asked me to be a part of his series and I can’t even lie I was excited. I had been watching him produce these powerful paintings and in my mind I kept thinking how cool it would be to be a part of it and it ended up working out. Long story short I had a photo shoot and from there he chose the picture that best depicted what he wanted and I became a oil and mixed media piece of art.

The whole experience was surreal but in a humbling way. While there I was watching people go up to him and talk to him and I’m sure ask him questions and you can tell it was with hesitancy, but also with a yearning to learn more and understand why. I watched people walk up to each individual painting and just stare and that to me is powerful knowing that something in this work of art is hopefully changing someone’s way of thinking. It’s dope to know that our faces are helping to open people up and talk about things that people are generally afraid to address and acknowledge. The other exhibits were just as powerful and telling; it was a moving experience.

If you’re in the LA/Glendale area I highly recommend you go check it out. It runs from November 18th, 2017 – January 12, 2018 and is definitely worth the drive. The Brand Library is also beautiful in general so go just to do something different. The exhibit will move you and give you a new perspective to leave with.

Lastly go to Kohsh’s website HERE and see what else he is working on, support him, support what he does, support the arts. If you would like something done whether it is photography, painting, branding, graphic design he can do it all. Reach out to him directly on his website and let him know what you need.

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