11 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

What are some of your most notable habits? Do they help boost your confidence? Make you feel better about yourself? Do you feel encouraged and excited to get after what you’re trying to build? What you have to manage? There are so many things we do everyday while on auto pilot and we don’t even realize those things are making us feel the opposite of what we want actually desire and hope to feel.

Confidence can be learned and developed and most times it’s in our every day habits that we can actually develop it more. Let’s get into 11 proven strategies to boost your confidence.

11 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence by Embracing Your Individuality

If you want to boost your confidence, you need to embrace and believe in the person that you actually are. In a time where sameness is so common, a lot of us have forgotten to embrace what it means to be set a part, and different. So much sameness and we wonder why we feel unfulfilled, unsure about ourselves, unsure of what we want out of this one life we’re given. I really want to be a Youtube girl so bad, but honestly my gift is writing. It doesn’t mean that video can’t be learned, but instead of trying to push what only I want, I’m leaning into the gift that I was given and stewarding that. My blog has really afforded so many opportunities and I love that my individual lane has led me there.

To this day, one of my favorite things about having my blog is having my space to share my experiences. My day to day will never be the same as your day to day, but instead of each of us hoping for what the next person has, learning to enjoy and love what your journey looks like can boost your confidence. It’s okay for your path to look different, it’s supposed to. It was always going to. What can you find to love about it?

Read and Meditate on What God Says About You

Faith comes by hearing, hearing several times, hearing on repeat. 2015 was when my confidence really began to surge. I went on my first missions trip and each of us had something to share when we were out there, so it was decided that I would do affirmations and I am statements with scriptures from the Bible. The constant studying and repeating of those affirmations really planted into my spirit and it changed everything for me. It says that you’re a chosen generation, a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9-10 NLT). It says we’ve been given peace (John 14:27); knowing that you have been given peace is a huge boost to your confidence and who you are. You don’t even have to engage with anything that is attempting to disturb what you have going on. You can move and engage more confidently when you know that.

I know the exact shift in my life when my confidence went from not fully developed to wow look at how God has made me better and made me see myself for the better. Put your focus on the things that are of good report, true, noble, praiseworthy… (Philippians 4:8). A lot of what we search for externally is so much closer to us than we know.

Be Active and Get Your Energy Up

Being active and getting your heart rate up will always boost your confidence. You’re working out, working hard, completing a long walk, doing something that’s making you a better you. You might even break a little sweat, which always makes us feel like we worked hard, right? Though it gets dark early, we still get our family walk in and get moving even if it’s just for a few miles.

A lot of us are in the working from home era and while I still love it for us, we have to remember to not get sedentary and to do things that help us stay active. No one has ever regretted being active.

11 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Drink Water

We need water. However you have to go about getting it, get it. Ya’ll know I’m a Mountain Valley Spring water girl, but if I’m out I will definitely drink anything. Water makes me feel super good and boosts my confidence because I know I’m hydrating. Additionally, my skin benefits from it, everything is just well flushed and well rinsed when you’re drinking your water.

It’s not easy for people to consistently consume water. We either don’t drink it at all or we don’t drink enough, changing that habit and your mindset about it can easily make a confidence booster. Maybe you’re like me and need something cute like ice cubes or a fancy glass.

Maybe it’s the type of water bottle you prefer or your infused options. Whatever you prefer, do it and do it up only how you know how.

Boost Your Confidence by Acknowledging Your Current Season

Oftentimes our lack of confidence, whether about our situation, season or circumstance comes from the fact that we don’t want to acknowledge or accept that it currently is, what it is, even though it won’t be that way forever.

Maybe you want to pay off debt, but not addressing it feels easier than buckling down with your budget and really putting more money toward that card or student loan or whatever you’re paying off. I’ve found that acknowledging the season you’re in boost your confidence because now that thing is no longer looming over you. You have a plan in place, you know the experience is temporary, you know there is an “other side” to your current season and sometimes just being truthful about what that is, can give you the confidence to get it handled.

Pretending it isn’t happening isn’t allowing you to fully be you and as a result you can’t walk in your true confidence.

Make Time and Space for What You Enjoy

Writing blog posts, newsletters, spending time with my family and friends, enjoying experiences even if the traffic is crazy to get to them really boost my confidence and makes me feel so good. Right now I’m in my mom and stay at home wife season and though I still work, it has been so fun to watch our son grow and get into things.

I enjoy going out with my girls, eating good food, getting my nails done, going on ice cream dates, there is always time for work and all of the things we do to make it, but making time for the things I enjoy especially while being a mom has boosted my confidence significantly.

Stop Apologizing

Stop apologizing for regular things. I’ve talked about this before. The constant feeling of “I’ve done something wrong” when often times you haven’t isn’t giving you confidence. Setting boundaries, saying no because you’re on a budget, doing whatever you need to do in your day to day isn’t anything to be sorry for. It’s really that simple.

We say sorry for the smallest things and that isn’t to say don’t apologize when you’re in the wrong, but stop being sorry for nothing. Constantly being in the mindset that you’re sorry for something or causing issues with people just by existing is not creating a space where you can boost your confidence. It actually can lead to you being overly critical of yourself and feeling like your not good enough.

Make Time and Space for Something Challenging

I don’t know about you, but yes doing the things I enjoy are easy, fun, comfortable. Making time and space to do something challenging is where the fruit also is. Doing something that you haven’t, learning a new skill, perfecting that craft.

Something as simple as learning how to do your own hair, nails, eye lashes and everything else can boost your confidence in an instant. It’s not only about looks, maybe you’re wanting to try your hand at calligraphy or handwriting, whatever it is, it’s just as much help for your confidence as it is when doing something you’re comfortable with.

11 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Set Goals Based on Your Real Life

Not based on how it will look on social media. Similar to my point about embracing your individuality instead of falling into sameness above, I’m convinced that some of us don’t have goals that actually reflect what we really want out of life. Instead of we share goals that sound a certain way and present a certain way.

A great example is the 9-5 versus entrepreneur conversations. Not having a 9-5 isn’t in everyone’s playbook; likewise the same can be said about being an entrepreneur. What is the goal that YOU actually want as it relates to what God has called you to? What does that look like for your life? For some people it’s never giving up their 9-5 for another it’s jumping all in to the full time life. Don’t set goals based on what you think people will or won’t clap for, that will never boost your confidence.

Always check in and see what is best for you because only God knows and only you know.

Boost Your Confidence by Showing Up For Yourself

How often do we show up and do for others? Our friends, spouses, kids, work. It’s a given right, we’re just kind of expected to fall in line, but for some reason when it comes to ourselves specifically, we often times forget to show up.

Showing up for you, not only boosts your confidence, but you re-enforce your ability to keep your word to yourself. The more you keep your word to yourself, the easier it is to set boundaries for yourself, advocate for yourself, and do what you need to do so that you can show up for others.

Dress How You Want to be Addressed

Lastly, dress how you want to be addressed. It’s that simple. Even though it sucks and can come off as an ick for some, dressing the part will always boost your confidence. You can be confident in whatever you decide gives you that boost and no you don’t have to be ‘on’ everyday, but there is a lot of extra backing when you dress the part.

My style will always be minimal, high and low pieces. I haven’t bought anything in a minute because I’m working on wearing what I have, but really leaning into my style in 2024. I’ll be done breastfeeding then, in Jesus name, so I have some style ideas and ways that I want to show up as a mom that is more than a year into the game now. My graduation cap said you can never be overdressed or overeducated. Definitely a great quote and in my least favorite style moments, it’s simply because whatever I chose in that moment did not make me feel confident.

Share your tips for a confidence boost in the comments below!

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